Meet Samantha

My name is Samantha and I’m so glad you’re here. Not long ago, I was almost 200 pounds and feeling miserable. I ate sugar all day long and couldn’t find any time or reason to exercise. I was tired all the time, discouraged and sad about how I looked and felt. I felt lost and stuck inside my own body.

I have truly “been there!” Now as a certified personal trainer and Womens health coach it is my passion to help others along this journey.

Personal Training

Ready to feel amazing, get into a routine and reach your goals? With my personal experience and over 10 years training women, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through strength training, customized workouts & health coaching. I would be honored to help you!

Why Work with Samantha?

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Deep Breath

Just take a deep breath my friend. I know the weight of the world is weighing on you right now. I know you feel the pressure from your co – workers and other family members. I know you feel the expectations of your partner. I know you feel the desire of your kids. I knowContinue reading “Deep Breath”