6 Simple Ways To Save Money

1. Shop at Goodwill. Honestly, I don’t really like Goodwill so I don’t know why I’m suggesting that you shop there, but I’m just so pumped about my recent purchase that I feel like I can’t tell you not to shop there. (  got two baby books that I wanted for $3 each, normally $20-$25 each at a Bookstore!) This place has good days and bad days. Some days you can walk in there and find killer deals, other times it’s just pure junk- but try it out before hitting other stores. 
2.  Combine coupons with Sales. It just makes sense and makes checking out at the register so much more fun. If you use a coupon on something ( most likely we’re talking grocery store stuff here) in combination with a current sale- you’ll save more money than you probably realize. 
2. Use the Library. This is my problem. I love books and I love to buy them.  I often forget that we have a very nice library here in my town full of free books that I can check out at my leisure! Take my advice and use you’re library more often- this is a sure way to save money especially if you love books! 
4. Shop at Thrift Stores.  Back to the Goodwill thing- stuff is just cheaper if its used. Baby Clothes, baby products, furniture, books, everything- you get the picture. 
5. Don’t Eat Out. Or at least keep it to a minimum. Is it really worth it to spend $12.50 on that burger and fries with a coke?
6. Buy in Bulk. Toilet paper, soup, paper, dog food, whatever it is- it’s almost always cheaper in the long run to buy bulk. 
I know it’s only 6 things, but hopefully it’s been a nice little refresher! 🙂 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “6 Simple Ways To Save Money

  1. To avoid eating out, buy frozen meals. For $4-6 you have a meal, which might be more than if you made it from scratch, but cheaper than eating out! My favorite are Bertolli bagged pasta. You’ll have put a few in your freezer for those newborn days.

  2. Do you have a walgreens near you? I always shop there and they have a monthly rebate booklet where some items are completely free with rebate. It was a great way to get free shampoo, cold medicine, toothpaste, etc when it only cost a stamp. Now it's even better as they will let you submit your rebate online! I typically get about $10 – $15 of free products each month from Walgreen's. It's awesome!Also, my library has free movies (both dvd & vhs) so we use them for that in addition to books. And don't forget http://www.freecycle.org for both free giving and receiving. I wound up donating a bunch of baby items on there when we were done and I've gotten a few freebies for my kids as well (dress up, craft supplies). I'm all for saving money but I don't think we can ever fully give up eating out. We go to restaurants about 3 times a week, but we order water instead of soda or tea and that saves a little bit of $ too.

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