Ask the Moms: Baby Monitors

Does anyone have any good suggestions or recommendations  for a type or brand of baby monitor? We don’t have one yet- I’m not to concerned about it- but I would like to get one for reasonably priced. Is video necessary or just a nice added feature? Or maybe you were fine with just audio? I’d love your thoughts! 

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11 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Baby Monitors

  1. I hate mine! I want to write the company and complain. It is Summer brand, but is just the monitor. We bought it at Sears! It has stopped working in the middle of the night 6 times and my baby was so upset! And so was I. I don’t even know how long he had been crying! Good luck! I don’t recommend those ones!

  2. wow, thanks for sharing that! I’ll make sure and stay away from that brand. Sorry your had such a bad experience! I would definitely write to the company- maybe they will give you a credit or something to apologize??!

  3. Someone gave me one from Babies R Us, a Safety’s First. I think it was around $30. We didn’t use it much because we co-slept but it was nice when visiting my parents because the kids would sleep in an upstairs bedroom.In my opinion, it’s a “nice to have” item.

  4. I used the Fisher-Price Lights and Sounds monitor. I don’t know that it’s available anymore, but it was a great one. I only needed it when the baby was down for a nap and I was doing work in another part of the house or talking with a neighbor in the cul-de-sac.The only real suggestion I would give is to get a monitor that no one in your immediate vicinity also has. Though they all have different channels, I found myself being awaken in the middle of the night by my neighbor’s baby, when mine was in bed next to me! (The monitor was left on for the 3 year-old at the time.) Eventually, we just gave up using it since the kids all ended up in our bed anyway. :p

  5. My sister uses a video monitor and she absolutely swears by it.It’s great when Cadence (my niece) is “testing” my sister to see if she will come in if she cries hard enough. Amanda (my sister) can just switch on the monitor and see whether or not she’s genuinely upset or just wanting attention.That said, I was a nanny for two years and we just and your regular old baby monitor. I’ll have to check on the brand. In any case, it worked great for me – but then again he wasn’t as high maintenance as my niece. haha.

  6. Ya’ll would be so proud.. I got a video monitor today! I went with a video monitor, but now that I’m looking at the box I realize it doesn’t make sound… only lights up when the baby is making sound?! So, I’m not sure about that, but I can always return it. 😉

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