What’s The Deal With Pacifiers?

People think I’m crazy, but I had made a decision before my babies were born that I wouldn’t offer them pacifiers.  These people will think I’m even crazier because I think ( maybe, possibly) I’m about to change my mind. (*gasp!*) 
But I won’t take this lightly. 

I pretty much hate pacifiers. Like, really hate them. ( I know, I know- once they make my fussy baby happy I’ll say I adore them.)  Just look at how ridiculous these cute little babies look with those big ugly pieces of plastic on their face! 


My sweet boy found his thumb on his first day of life, and I was quite pleased. I figured he would be a “thumb sucker,” a self soother, and how great is that!?  Well, he is struggling to find his thumb lately and it makes him very angry. I think he wants something to suck on. 
My little guy is probably to young right now to even offer him one- but I’ll tell ya- today when he was fussy with a clean diaper, a full tummy, a not too hot or too cold temperature, I was so tempted to pull that piece of plastic out of the hiding spot in his nursery and offer it to him. Because I didn’t know WHAT ELSE to do! So I fed him again ( and I don’t think he was actually hungry, I think he just wanted something to suck on) and he fell asleep. 
I know- you’re probably thinking, What’s wrong with a pacifier?! If it makes him happy, just give it to him! And you’re probably right. Nothing is wrong with them, besides the fact that I hate them and I don’t want to have to depend on them to make my kid happy when he is crying uncontrollably. 
I have spent far too long writing this post about pacifiers and I still can’t get out exactly what I’m thinking, but hopefully you get my gist. 
So wise mama’s, should I stick to my will and stay clear of the binky or should I just get over it? Tell me what worked for your children! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

13 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With Pacifiers?

  1. Well the WHO has come out against them but I can’t tell you what the reasons are..I think a variety of things..interference with nursing, PLASTIC being suck on, dental issues…someone else will have to enlighten you on that since I have no babies.I was never anti-pacifier because I”m a never say never type of person however I stuck to very occasional use and with 4 children neither ever were pacifier babies.It’s not black and white. Moderate use is likely ok and likely all you need in your situation. If you use it it won’t be the first time on your parenting journey that you’ll eat your words but you know that. lolWow..my butt’s sore from all that fence-sitting..lolBreeze

  2. what i tell new moms is that early on it really can cause nipple confusion so to avoid it until you have a good feeding routine down and slowly begin to introduce it. im not really against pacifiers but just think they can be used occasionally, if baby wants to suck and isn’t hungry why not

  3. I’m neither for or against them, although I do think they look silly. My older daughter really needed a paci to sleep (and still does at almost 2 1/2). My 3 month old wants nothing to do with it. I wouldn’t introduce one unless a nursing relationship was firmly established and the baby seemed really want to suck. You’ll know if it’s right for your baby or not!

  4. Try http://www.gumdroppacifiers.com.They never interfered with nursing, aren’t made of plastic and don’t have any “pieces.” I never thought I’d give one to my daughter, but we ended up with one in the hospital because she couldn’t calm down during her car seat stress test. (Preemie go through it to be sure they can keep their vitals stable while in the carseat for long periods of time. Or, one hour.)It’s totally cute, they have different colors and they are inexpensive as well. I think it rather helped with her latching because you can see inside their mouths while they are sucking on it, and I could be sure she was latched on to it properly and not getting confused about how to nurse.Good luck! I know that at the twelfth hour of your newborn sucking on your boob you are ready to put anything in their mouth to satisfy the suck!

  5. Both of my girls refused pacifiers. That was fine by me. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my days trying to find lost pacis or helping them put them back in their mouths. My oldest daughter sucks her thumb and found it a 3 months. She is 3 now and still sucks her thumb. My youngest daughter is 10 months and sucks the first 2 fingers of her left hand. She started doing that pretty much right away. I consider myself lucky. Now, ask me again if my oldest still sucks her thumb at age 5 or beyond and I might sing a different song. 🙂

  6. I for whatever reason chose not to go the pacifier route. Happy with my decision, although…. realize that that are times your boob will become a pacifier when they are teething or whatever.. which also kind of has sucked at times :). I honestly don’t think that it is a huge decision.. so don’t worry regardless of what you decided :). They probably won’t still have it in kindergarden (although I do know several 3 year olds who still suck on them).

  7. I have a one year old and he used to take a pacifier. I didn’t think anything was wrong with it. Until one day I walked into the room to find my baby ashen in color, with vomit pouring out the sides of his mouth. It seems my silly 10 month old place the whole binky in his mouth and it was lodged in his throat. I really thought for a moment that I was going to lose him. I could not get that binky out! PANIC! Luckily I got it out and he began breathing again. But there will never ever ever be another pacifier in this house or in the mouth of any baby of mine. Stick with your gut on this. Just say no to the binky!

  8. Okay I’m starting to get really worried since MckMama hasn’t updated…. I’ve been checking every 5 minutes or so too! I’m glad to know you are also. I was beginning to feel like a worried freak until you commented that you were checking so much also.

  9. The AAP recommends them for SIDS prevention. Mine took it and likes to suck when she is sleepy but that is the only time she uses it. I have heard of other moms who limit paci use to crib and car. I don’t like to see babies that have them in all the time. But I think it is all about moderation. I do know that many sleep training books use sucking as part of the soothing and teaching to self-soothe. Some babies need to suck in order to soothe and it sounds like yours does. I say suck it up and try it out. He is so little now that you don’t have to worry so much about creating bad habits… unless you are worried about nipple confusion. Just find out what works best for you and him.

  10. I am a NICU nurse and mother to two boys. My oldest (who is now 4) refused a pacifier and I wished he wouldn’t have. He was colicky and used me as a pacifier. I breastfed both my children for a year and do not believe in nipple confusion or pacifiers interfering with feeding. From a nurse point of view, babies calm themselves by sucking on things. Whether that be a pacifier, thumb, or your breast. My second child LOVED his pacifier and we took it away at one year because at 12 months of age they begin developing an emotional attachment to it. We slowly weaned him to only using it for nap time and bed time and then took it away cold turkey when he turned 1. He did fine! I think you have to do what is best for you. My husband was scared for life by a friend of ours who allowed their child to have a pacifier until he was 5! So he was against them at first, but it made life a lot more peaceful the second time around. I think the biggest thing is if you do use one decide if you care if they have it when their older or not and if you do care, just take it away before they become attached and you should be fine!

  11. HA! I said EXACTLY the same thing and didn’t even have any on hand when my daughter was born. After a week of ME being her pacificer literally ALL NIGHT LONG, I decided pacifiers were sent from above. 🙂

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