Exercise with Baby

Looking to burn a few calories but can’t make it to the gym? There are many exercises you can do with your child, indoor or outdoor and at virtually any age. 

Squats/Lunges. No weights at home? No problem. Your child makes a great weight, and conveniently will grow as your muscles get stronger. Strap the child to your chest with a carrier and you’ve got a great set of ” weights!” Or, you could safely hold your baby in front of you and do standing squats.  
Play Tag. I have done this so many times with toddlers and younger kids and I’m always panting for breath by the end. It’s funny how kids can run and run and we can hardly keep up with them! Go to a park with a big field and chase them, or have them chase you for a great workout. 
Yoga. Another exercise that provides great parent-child interaction and bonding. 

Walking.  Probably the easiest and most common form of exercise that can be done with your baby. This provides you with fresh air and exercise, two things I love. Push the stroller up a hill for an added workout, or carry him in a front pack. You can also do a few extra laps at the mall or grocery store to burn a few extra calories! 
Push Ups.  Lay the baby down on the floor and do push ups over him. Be careful in  making sure you are strong enough to hold yourself up before you try this. 
Modified Chest Lift. By standing up or even laying down on the floor, hold your baby out and in front of you and slowly lift him up and down. He will love looking at your face and your biceps and shoulders will feel the burn! 
Climb on the Playground.  Monkey bars anyone? There is a great full body workout here. 
What are you favorite exercises to do with your kids? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

One thought on “Exercise with Baby

  1. I exercise with my girls and love it. It is a way to reach my goals and play with too. I have both of the Parents exercise videos and one from Infantastic called Dance Baby Dance. I love the picture of the baby in the carrier. I walk and hike with Ivy on my back now that she is heavier. They also like to just watch me do other exercises like Taebo. 🙂 Gurumukh Khalsa has a great yoga DVD for postnatal yoga. Good post!

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