Ask the moms: How do you shop with your kids?

You’ve gotta help a sista out here. 

How on earth do you go shopping or run errands with your little one? Clearly, I’m doing something incredibly wrong. 
If I keep him in the infant car seat and carry it into the store (if I’m just buying a few things) it gets way to heavy and awkward to hold. 
His car seat doesn’t fit inside the cart if I need to go grocery shopping. Well, it fits but than allows no room to put groceries. 
If I put him in the stroller then I have no place to put the groceries. I only do this if I am grabbing a couple things and I can just hold them or put them on the front of the stroller until I check out. 
If I put him in a sling, it gets in the way sometimes and it takes me just as long to get him out of the car seat, into the sling, and back in the car seat that it takes me to shop!
Is there some secret to this? How do you do it? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

16 thoughts on “Ask the moms: How do you shop with your kids?

  1. I just have to giggle a bit… I take all 4 of mine to the grocery store, and the little two are babies. It’s really easy when you get the swing of it.Here’s what I do for my little baby. I have a sling that I made, but it’s identical to a Moby Wrap. I put that on before I go anywhere. Then when I get to the store, I tuck him into it. Try a wrap, and try using it before you go anywhere so you get really comfortable with it. The wrap is the only sling I’ve ever been able to use with my babies – everything else was bulky and got in the way.Otherwise, what I used to do was sit my 13 month old in the seat of the cart, then the carseat fit perfectly horizontally across the cart. It sounds precarious to describe but was very sturdy.

  2. It’s hard mama and if you plan on having too it gets harder as one runs off while you are juggling the other in your arms. What kind of sling are you using? Ring slings or Maya wraps were always too cumbersome for me and awkward. I love my mei-tai carrier like those found at or It is hands free all the way and doesn’t get in my way. As they get older you just switch them to the back. That is the only advice I have that might be helpful.

  3. I agree, it takes practice. I liked the Maya wrap when my babies were small. Now, I use a Mei Tai. I also consolidate errands so we aren’t in and out of the car so much. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro!

  4. I agree, you will get better with pratice, I promise I had to giggle a bit too…I have 4 kids and babysit my two nephews, so anytime I want to go anywhere, I have all 6 kids with me…6 kids ages 8 and under.I put my 18 month old in my mei tai (babyhawk) any time I go to the grocery store, stroller for the 2 year old and the other four hang on to my hands or cart, or just help out with shopping.I found that when they are teeny tiny newborns, I loved my Moby wrap or Kalea Baby sling. I would just slip the sling on when I got out of the car and slip the baby in it…easy peasy. Just give it time hun!

  5. what kind of car seat do you have? Mine had a slit in the back that would snap in and out of the base, and I would use that same slit to secure it on the shopping cart. but i know not all of them work that way. the sling is nice but i had a LOT better luck with a baby bjorn (sp?). it was MUCH easier for me to get on and off.

  6. I put my baby carrier car seat in the shopping cart where the kid would sit. A wrap is really helpful too for those stores without carts.A snap-n-go or a Graco equivalent is really nice for mall trips. The baby bucket fits right into it.

  7. I used to walk to the shops with my baby in the sling. I put the shopping in a rucksack. Sometimes I took the stroller and put the shopping in a basket in the stroller. But I was lucky to live close to the shops and market.

  8. My toddler goes in the back carrier and my preschooler goes in the shopping cart. they are pretty good ages! I also get some groceries delivered so I have to make less trips, and try to shop early in the morning when everyone is calm and lineups are short.

  9. You really need to try a Moby wrap! I made mine as well, but it’s the same thing. For small infants, nothings better. The sling is great for around the house, but you need the use of both of your arms for shopping. It really IS a huge adjustment – I can’t even imagine shopping with multiple children, I feel like I’m just getting the hang of it after a year!Now that Peanut is older, I use my Mei Tai a lot! Sometimes she likes sitting in the cart, but usually, she wants to be on my hip. 🙂

  10. I tried the front carrier and it was wonderful! Not only did he like it, but it was sooo nice to shop with two hands! Next is to figure out how my Moby wrap works…

  11. I know some moms told you to put the baby on the top of the shopping cart but it’s not safe! It can cause the cart to tip over! If I have to go shopping by myself i put landyn’s seat in the big part if he’s sleeping otherwise i throw him in my Moby wrap or ring sling. They take awhile to get the hang of. Most of the time Ryan and I shop together and we each push a cart. It’s easier that way! A lot of moms i know use their grocery shopping time for themselves and leave the baby home with daddy (I usually never leave Landyn so it’s not a problem) Honestly you will get the hang of it, give yourself some time!

  12. I just arrive home from a trip out with my 4 little ones. My sling is a life-saver. With practice it can be very easy. I can pop baby out of the carseat and into the sling within 30 seconds! (I wear the sling between stops while I’m driving so I don’t have to put it on at each place.) My baby is 6 months so I can wear him on my hip, but when I need both hands I put him front facing (with his legs crossed or when he is sleeping, he tucks down in the cradle position…

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