What’s in your kid’s Cereal?

The other day my husband brought home a box of Lucky Charms and a carton of milk. I told him “that’s not a very good way to start your day.” He knows that, but he had some sort of weird kid craving apparently. This video shows how this cereal came to be and how it’s so horrible for you, as if you didn’t know already.  It’s full of artificial food             coloring, artificial flavors, loads of sugar, no fiber to matter, and so on. 
But on to kids who eat “kid” cereal’s, not my husband. 
Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast do better in school, have fewer discipline problems, and have better behavior compared to those kids who don’t eat breakfast. Cereal is a common favorite among many kids and it’s a fast and easy choice for parent’s as well. 
But did you know, some cereals are full of sugar? Up to 50%!   Some have so much sugar in them that you might as well hand your kid a donut and be done with it. (Or hand your husband a donut, either one.) 
Kelloggs Honey Smacks contains more than 50% sugar. 15 grams of sugar to be exact which is more sugar than a Dunkin’ donut. Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, and Cap’n Crunch all have 12 grams of sugar with only 1 gram of fiber. 
The nutritional value in these cereals? I’d say your best bet is the milk! 
Keep in mind that when I say 12 grams of sugar- I’m talking about 12 grams of sugar in one serving size. One serving size for most cereals is one cup, some are even less. My guess is that most older kids have around two cups, but who’s measuring? 
In Dr. Sears 12 Tips on Choosing and Preparing Healthy Cereals for Your Family, he believes that more than 7 grams of sugar per one ounce serving is too much and that there should be at least one gram of protein per serving.  Look at the nutritional label and you can easily see what cereals fit into this category and which do not. 
I think one of the biggest things about these cereals is that the box is so appealing to kids because of the colors and characters it displays. Sure, they like the taste of sugar too, but it’s the box that reals them in. What would happen if you bought the healthy cereal, poured it into another container and threw away the box without your kids ever seeing it? Would they even know that it wasn’t a “kids” cereal? Pick something whole grain, add in some fruit, milk or yogurt and you’ve got yourself a great breakfast for you and the kids! 
Oh, and I have to be honest with ya’ll. After watching that Lucky Charms video, I got a craving and had myself a handful. Or two. Please don’t tell anyone. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “What’s in your kid’s Cereal?

  1. Good for you, no. But oh so yummy on occasion. I fight with the health thing too. In my house, we are trying to get a handle on this before our babe is old enough to see what we are eating. We have always been relatively healthy, which helps, but everyone indulges every once in a while, don’t they?I hope I can keep my little one from eating convenient snacks later on. It’s going to hard because they are so, well, convenient….

  2. I have the occasional bowl of Trix with my husband in the evening. Probably not the best late night snack but it is nostalgic! I put together “baby trail mix” with whole grain crackers, dried apples, multi-grain cheerios, nilla wafers and a handful of Trix.The reason I put those “convenient foods?” Because life isn’t all work and no play. You have to teach your children moderation, or they won’t know how to control themselves and I think that lesson starts now when they are too small to make their own decisions.

  3. We have a “no chocolate or coloured breakfast cereal in the house”. We do allow honey nut cherrios occasionally. I’ll be passing this along to my mother in law who is a health food freak yet somehow thinks a box with the word cereal is ok..she’s a paradox but easily swayed.I don’t like when you can taste the colour of the cereal…blechps..like the new template!Breeze

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