Ask the Moms: What’s your favorite age?

It’s friday, which means (the weekend is here!!) it’s time for ” ask the Mom’s.” (I thought “mom” was more fitting than “readers,” considering the majority of my readers ARE mothers!) 

I’m curious to know, what is, or has been your favorite age or stage in your child’s life? Infancy, the toddler stage, age five? And why? 
For me, it’s right now, 5 weeks. That’s because he slept well last night and has been having a great day today. Ask me in a couple days and my answer will surely change. 🙂 
So, have it! What’s the “best” age?!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: What’s your favorite age?

  1. For me the best age is whatever she is right now. I loved the infant stage and watching her grow into a toddler and learn new things. Now that she is walking and starting to say some words I am amazed every day. She is always learning something new and surprising me, every moment of every day!!

  2. A favorite age?? hmmmmm I love each age for different reasons…..So I am not going to pick an age……he he he …..Sorry I’m bending the rules a bit :0)I like it best when they can crawl, walk, laugh, play, babble, really interact with you…..Ahhhhh…..Heaven on earth :0)

  3. ALL OF THEM! Really. Each age brings new trials, new triumphs and new lessons. All are hard work, all are filled with joy…btw, thanks for visiting my blog =)

  4. I really love early infancy. It is a beautiful time. There is nothing like holding a tiny sleeping bundle. I love breastfeeding a new baby. Also between one and 18 months is a nice time because they begin doing so many cute things. Their little personalities start to really shine as they learn to express themselves. I have 2 girls. My oldest is now 3 (a very hard age for us) and my youngest will be one at the end of the month (newly walking and lots of fun).

  5. It must be right now. My daughter is 13 months, explores, self-entertains, is expressive, and is about the cutest thing ever. I am rarely frustrated with her. So this must be my favorite age.

    Just saw your blog’s new look. Nice!

  6. I love age 4. The imagination seems to really take off at 4 for my kids. I also loved age 7 when my oldest was there. I love the baby phase, too. And, I love age 1 because there’s so many new things to discover, so much laughter and sweetness. My kids are currently 1, 4 and 9. 🙂

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