Ask the Moms: What Are Your Kid’s Bedtime Routines?

Does your family do anything special before bed? What’s your routine? 

I think routine is really important for children. Have it be the morning routine to get out the door for school, or right before bed, I believe it gives them a sense of familiarity and comfort and they know what’s coming next. 
We’re slowly getting on a routine over here. I feed him, we give him a bath, read to him or play with him for 30 minutes or so, I feed him again, my husband or I will rock him for 5- 10 minutes and then put him down. If he doesn’t fall asleep in our arms, he always falls asleep in less than 10 minutes once we put him down. He also falls asleep with his music on and a fan going. 
It works for us! What does your family do? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

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8 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: What Are Your Kid’s Bedtime Routines?

  1. I agree 100%! Nathan has had a bed time routine since he was about 6 weeks old. Bath, p.j.’s, milk, sleep! His bedtime is consistantly between 7 and 730pm but with the time change and longer days, we pushed it back to 8pm.

  2. He falls asleep on his own? We still aren’t “there” yet. 🙂 Our routine is similar, we do bath, books, nurse, sleep. If she doesn’t fall asleep at the breast, she usually falls asleep cuddled next to me in our bed…then I transfer her to her crib, where she sleeps until her first wake-up (usually 1 or 2am) when she joins us in bed for the rest of the night.

  3. Molly, Yeah- he falls asleep on his own. He will lay there for a bit and just look around and slowly dose off. ( MOST nights) We just got lucky I think! 🙂

  4. Our evenings are usually like this:

    Dinner time
    play time
    shower with Daddy (it’s so cute)
    lotion, diaper and jammies
    reading books

    She has a cool mist humidifier in her room to drown out all the other noises. We have one in our room too, it works to drown out our upstairs neighbors’ heavy footsteps!

  5. Betsy: 3 books, talk about the day, brush teeth, potty, prayer, sleep -takes about 15-20 minutes

    Bella: bottle and then Denny puts her down/prays for her

    Good to see you the other day. Yep..our nurse isn’t the sharpest!

  6. Routines are a great thing to have.

    pick up things around the house
    Set out clothes for the next day (for our son that is in school)
    bedtime snack
    potty time
    bed by 8:00…
    the baby sometimes goes down earlier

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