Pacifier attempt- Not Happening.

Lucas has been crying practically all day today. What do you want to do? Bounce? Walk? Play? Read? Sleep? ( NOPE.) Stand? Sing? Drive? Eat? What is it sweet boy??!

Of course the minute dad walks in the door and holds him he’s as happy as a clam. But dad has to work.

It’s almost 7pm. It’s almost 7. Just four more hours. Just 3 more hours…

I did not know what to do. I couldn’t get him happy no matter what I tried. So, I gave in. I grabbed that piece of plastic out of the drawer and gave it to him. If want to read how I feel about pacifiers- look here.

He was in pacifier heaven. He loved it. It calmed him down immediately and he was asleep within two minutes. SCORE! He looked absolutely ridiculous with it in his mouth. Just plain silly.

So I put him down in his crib to nap.

Two minutes later he woke up. His pacifier fell out. I walk in and put the paci back in his mouth, he falls asleep.

Pacifier falls out. Put back in mouth. Fall asleep.

Repeat. Repeat.


This is not going to work. Goodbye pacifier, it was nice to meet you, but you’re not welcome here anymore.

I know pacifiers are recommended for reducing SIDS. I know babies like to suck. BUT I HATE THEM.

He is sitting in his bouncy chair right now. Happy and working on finding his thumb. 🙂

I’ll keep you updated. There’s no telling what’ll happen tomorrow!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

12 thoughts on “Pacifier attempt- Not Happening.

  1. Every kid is different in terms of what works for them to calm down. I still get a feeling of dread when I remember BB’s bout with colic. Hopefully you won’t have to go through that!

  2. That’s what I was thinking Judy! I actually gave him a mini cold bath in the bathroom sink and he loved it!! If I only would have tried that about 6 hours sooner…. 😉

  3. Sometimes you never figure out what was wrong. It really IS frustrating. When Peanut was little, my exercise ball saved our lives (along with the pacifier!). We would take turns sitting and bouncing with her…it was one of the only things that worked.

  4. I’ve never liked pacifiers, either. But, with all 3 of my boys I had a day where nothing would soothe them and I tried it. Not a single one of them liked it. They always popped it right back out again. LOL My two youngest liked the sound of the vacuum. So, I would put them in the maya wrap and vacuum the house. 🙂

  5. What about nursing? Some days they just need mama milkies all day long. Growth spurts, teething later, what have you.

    You don’t need a paci, just two milky boobies and an attentive mama who is there when your boy needs him.

  6. I am an attentive mama and I’m here when he needs me. However, I can only nurse for so long and when he wants to suck and not nurse, that’s when it becomes a problem.

  7. I have the same issues with pacifiers…..Olivia gets so fussy seems to want one , but two seconds later, she manages to project the suckimagadget(that’s what my dad calls it) across the room! Go figure!!!

  8. Hope there is some relief from the crying for you! Both my boys LOVED their pacifiers from Day 1. I had absolutely no problem breastfeeding or nipple confusion. I didn’t think I would use them either but they work for us and my sanity. Took Tyler’s away shortly after his first birthday with no problem.

  9. Hi, do you hate pici’s because they look funny? Newborns are born the an insatiable need to suck. It’s natural. Remember you can always take the paci away but you cant take a thumb away.

  10. I look forward to following your journey with figurng out how to meet you little one’s’s hard to know what to do sometimes.

  11. Have you tried babywearing? Since you can’t nurse constantly, babywearing is a close second. Our DD would cry and cry until I put her in the sling, then she’d just sleep.

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