Pacifier Talk.

 I know your all just dying to know what’s going on with my pacifier issues.  After all, what other mother do you know writes twenty-seven blog post about a freaking pacifier??! 

Guilty. Let me give you the run down. 
There are a few reasons why I hate pacifier’s: 
  • They look ridiculous
  • If your kid depends on it, you have to make sure it’s with you at all times. One in the diaper bag, the car, stroller, crib, etc. 
  • It’s plastic/silicone/latex/whatever and I’d prefer my baby to not suck on such things. (BPA free.. I know.) 
  • Wash it, rinse it off, oh it fell on the floor again, sanitize!
And the only reason why I like pacifier’s: 
  • It makes him happy and helps him fall asleep. (Sometimes.) 
I know babies have a natural need and desire to suck and I realize that it’s easier to take a pacifier away than a thumb. (Although I might argue with this one a little bit…) However,  I like the idea of thumb’s because a baby can decide when he or she want’s their thumb and it’s always attached to them. This would come in handy, in say, the middle of the night perhaps?!
So, I decided that I would give him on for naps and bed time if he needs it. And really, he only wants/needs it very little. He sucks for a few minutes maybe, spits it out and than falls asleep. Or he takes it, spits it out, and then begins to violently shove his fist into his mouth in hopes that his thumb will pop out and find its way perfectly laid inside his mouth tasting delicious as ever. 
So there you have it. That was easy. 
While I’m in such a fantastic pacifier talking mood, let’s take a look and some healthy pacifier facts. Generally, you should always choose BPA free pacifiers and avoid latex. You can find a complete list of BPA free pacifiers here.  Use one piece pacifiers to avoid chocking.  Oh, and in case you were considering it, never dip the pacifier in honey. Really, try to avoid that one if you can. 
I’d like to introduce you to my side of sarcasm.  There it was. I’m shocked that someone would even CONSIDER or THINK about putting honey on a pacifier. Yet obviously someone did because websites find the need to bring it up. 
I like this pacifier- Naturesutten Pacifier. It contains an all natural organic rubber. It’s BPA free, contains no pieces, no cracks or crevices, and no artificial colors. It does have a round nipple however, and I’m not sure if most babies like that. 
I haven’t found a store near me that carries any of the pacifier’s that I like. I think you have to order the “super good” one’s on line if you want them. For now I’m just using a BPA free advent one. If I decide to continue my journey along pacifier lane then I’ll make the step to ordering the “good” one. 
Frankly, I’m pretty sick of talking about pacifiers, thinking about pacifiers, looking at pacifiers and even using that horrible word- pacifier. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “Pacifier Talk.

  1. The biggest pain in the butt about pacifiers is definitely not having one – or being able to find one – when you REALLY need one. I can’t even tell you how many times my hubby and I go searching for her pacificer in our bed, in the dark, under the covers at 2am in the morning. Anyway…

    While we’re talking about pacifiers (hey, you started it!), can I just tell you how much I hate all the cutesy names that people give them? It makes me crazy!

    Okay, I’m done now. 🙂

  2. I totally understand why you STRONGLY dislike them! I hate all of the inconveniences of them also, but I love them when she is upset or trying to go to sleep. Now she finds it in the middle of the night and puts herself back to sleep, so that is wonderful. The beginning was the worst though because it kept falling out and I had to keep putting it back, like 100 times a night! We are passed that now…Thank the Lord!

  3. My neice was so attached to her pacifiers, when my sister finally decided to take them away (which she did because she caught the kid putting the WHOLE thing in her mouth at 1!) my neice started to stash them under her mattress on the wall side of her crib. Yeah… 1 years old! Needless to stay, she’s a spitfire now, too!

  4. Neither of my girls have taken them, as much as I’ve tried. I love the idea of the Natursutten (they come in both the round tip and orthodontic- supposedly the round tip is more liked by breastfed babies) and have considered carrying them in my store. BUT they only last for 5 weeks (discard at that time) and they cost almost $9 each. So, for now, thumbs and fingers work fine, and they are free.

  5. I understand where you are coming from but I gave into pacifiers with my son. I have been on both sides of the argument. My daughter favored her index and middle finger and they are both the same poison. With my daughter, once she started walking, I had to CONSTANTLY wash her hands and keep sani-wipes in my pockets because she touched EVERYTHING. It also took me 2 years to officially break her off of her finger habit. So my point is that they benefit you for a while until you are almost selling your soul to the devil to get them to stop using it.

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