Poop & Pacifiers

No, those things don’t really have anything in common. At least I hope not. 

I’ve already lost a pacifier. Two in fact. How is possible that I could lose a pacifier in just a few days? I blame it on the dog. So, now we have just one pacifier. If you know how I feel about pacifiers, (check it out, here, here, and here to re-cap. YES I talk about pacifiers a lot.) you’ll see that this is just another reason why I dislike these things. But get this, my baby found his thumb in the middle of the night. I wake up to him sucking on his thumb/fingers/hand. He’s still working on how it all works, hence the huge amount of saliva that comes out of his mouth. It’s pretty dang cute. But now I’m like, get that hand out of your mouth! It looks ridiculous! Are your hands clean?!
Kidding. Totally Kidding. 
It might not be a good idea to hold a naked baby on your lap for a few minutes while your husband gets the bath water ready. He (the baby, not the husband)  might pee on you. It also might not be the best idea to hold your clean baby in a clean warm towel while your husband runs to find the camera.  He (the baby, not the husband) might poop in it, resulting in your hand feeling all warm and tingly, realizing your son just pooped through the towel, on your hand, and is now sitting in his own poop. Bath time round two. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Poop & Pacifiers

  1. Actually, poop and pacifiers have quite a bit in common around here. We’ve lost two of them as well, but we know what happened to them. They both went for a swim in the potty, so they both ended up in the trash can. Sure we might could have sanitized them, but I would have always wondered if they might should have boiled a minute longer.

  2. de jevu! I’m pretty sure I’ve done all of that..well the poop, not the pacifiers..no pacifiers here…but poop accidents and double baths yet…and after 4 babies I still did things like that…where does our brain go?



  3. lol. that’s funny. when our oldest was a newborn i was changing her diaper and my hubby asked if she had pooped yet. i said not today. in that second she pooped. projectile poop all over the table and us. GROSS!! but funny. because my husband totally geeked out about it. lol.

  4. I’m not kidding, I’ve probably bought at LEAST 20 pacifiers since Peanut has been born. And I STILL have trouble finding one when I need one.

    Sorry about the poop. Won’t be the last time, promise. 🙂

  5. I finally got sick of always searching for the “right” pacifier that I finally stopped buying them. My daughter sucks on her 2 fingers when she is teething, but that is about it.

    I also despise pacifiers and (sorry to anyone who is offended by this) parents who let their 2 year olds still use them. They cause so many language delays- it makes me want to blog about it!!

  6. too funny! I have personally never been pooped upon (knocking on wood) but my husband has several times by our girls… I secretly instructed them to… We have not had pacifier issues because the girls have refused them, though my oldest daughter (23 months) has found my youngest daughter’s (6 months) paci and has been testing it out just for fun…

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