10 Ways To Have A Great Pregnancy

I know there are a few pregnant mama’s out there (congrats!) so I wanted to repost my top 10 ways to have a good pregnancy. This was originally posted in December when I was 7 months pregnant!

1. Listen To Your Body. 
You can interpret this however you want. No one knows yourself better than you do. If it’s telling you something- listen!
2. Pamper Yourself 
( I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t follow this, although I wish I would!)   Your body is doing an amazing thing; growing your child. Take time to yourself to get a massage, get your nails done, get a new hair cut, or whatever else you enjoy. You deserve it!
3. Connect With  Your Baby
Not only will this help your pregnancy feel more “real” but it will help create the start of a special bond. Write letters to your baby, sing to him, read to him- find something that works for you.
4. Exercise
I know this might seem like that last thing you want to do  when you’re exhausted, sore, and feeling huge but taking just 30 minutes a day to get some exercise will really increase your energy level and make you feel better. It’s a natural mood booster!
5. Don’t Worry ( Too Much)
Take it from me, worrying doesn’t help anything. There are millions of things to worry about when you’re pregnant but it doesn’t do any good.  Be smart, listen to your body and do what you feel is right. That’s all you can do.
6. Wear Comfortable Clothes
Find clothes that make you feel good and are comfortable. I wear many of the same clothes over and over again and I don’t care. They’re comfortable and they make me feel good and that’s really all I care about!
7. Don’t Take Everyone’s Advice
 This goes back to listening to your body  and don’t worry too much. People will always be there to tell you their opinions about how your should be doing something. You might get comments from family and friends (and strangers too!) about what is right, what is wrong, what is healthy or unhealthy, how you should give birth, how you should raise your kids, ect but you have to learn to ignore some (most) of it. You’ll go crazy if you don’t!
8. Relax
Do yoga, get a massage, take a warm bath, read a good book, write, do what you find relaxing. Shut the door and get some much need relaxation.
9.  Take Pictures
You think you don’t want to remember what you look like or how big your stomach has got, but what if , 5 years down the road, you do?! Just because you take a picture doesn’t mean you have to enlarge it and put it in a gold studded  frame in your living room. Take many pictures of your growing belly and other pregnancy related things that are going on during this time and put them away for later when you wonder, ” gosh, how big did I get?!”

10. Enjoy It!
You have the privilege and the blessing of carrying your sweet child. It is a long 9 months but it’s also so very very  short. Enjoy this time and this miracle of a blessing.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “10 Ways To Have A Great Pregnancy

  1. Great tips! I need to relax more. I have a high risk pregnancy because I tend to go into preterm labor. And at 6 mos along now I am already getting the symptoms of preterm labor, so I really need to relax more. Exercising is out of the question at this time in my pregnancy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. My sister-in-law was pregnant at the same time I was (our babies are 7 weeks apart) and she never had any ailments during her pregnancy. I had every negative symptom known to man, er, woman. She complained about everything from the time she announced it. She even complained about not being able to breathe when she was around ten weeks along. Me? I had EVERY excuse to complain, but didn’t have a reason to. It never crossed my mind in the months that I hunched in the bathroom floor that my baby wasn’t worth it. She complained about every movement the baby made, and I marveled in mine. I enjoyed my pregnancy because I chose to, and it won’t hurt my feelings a bit when I’m pregnant again.

  3. Such great tips! I have read/heard time and time again how important exercise can be during pregnancy (as long as you don’t have complications). I have made a goal to walk 2+ miles three or more times a week. So far I have been doing pretty well reaching this goal and I feel so, so much better when I do!
    I marvel at every movement as well! I have been very blessed to have pretty much no ailments so far, and I am so aware of how rare that can be. I love feeling her kick…I shrug off aches and pains or walk to feel better, and I take breaks to just think about this baby and what she will be like/look like.

  4. I’d add: take notes from others on what you like and don’t like. I basically researched my way through the pregnancy so I felt really confident when the first was born. Good thing, as I have had no time to study since!

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