Ask the Mom’s: Two Questions!

Okay, I know yesterday was Friday and I missed “Ask the Moms” but, well, I just got busy! 

You’ll forgive me won’t you? 
I actually have two questions this week. 
1. What do you do during your alone time? Your break time? Do you get a break? Is it scheduled or just happens whenever? How do you make time for yourself? Do you take a bath, go for a walk, read, write, sing, dance, go shopping, pay bills… what do you do? 
2. Do you have anything specific you want me to write about? Or any questions you want to ask me about my life or anything?! I want my readers to know me, so ask away if you’ve got somethin’ to say! I’ll answer all the questions in a different post… 
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

14 thoughts on “Ask the Mom’s: Two Questions!

  1. 1. It’s kind of hit or miss. I usually get my alone time when my little one is napping and I usually blog or do chores.

    2. Hmmmm, what do I want to know about you? Did you work before you had Lucas? If so, what did you do?

    Oh, and what’s your favorite football team? I noticed the “football cheering” part of your profile…

  2. My alone time is spent Grocery Shopping…. I am a SAHM so alone time is few and far between.. There is something about grocery shopping without a 7 year old and 3 year old putting things in the cart, shoving, running down the aisle… I don’t always get out without my entourage but when I do it is GREAT!

    What one peice of advice would you give to a First time mom about Labour and Delivery?Anything you wish someone would have told you?

  3. 1. My alone time is when I am at work. I work at a call center, so inbetween calls I research topics for my birth blog.

    2. If you could tell pregnant woman one thing about labor, what would that one thing be?

  4. My alone time happens whenever Kaius manages a nap, but that’s fairly rare. Instead, I’ve learned to just do everything with him in my lap or in a sling, or on the boob 🙂

    I’d really like to start running again, but with no alone time, I’m on the search for a jogging stroller so the little guy can come with.

  5. 1) Usually pilates, blogging, or other internet activities. I also use that time to work in the kitchen ~ and really enjoy most of it!

    2) I’d enjoy hearing your take on vaccines.

  6. Time alone? What’s that? Just kidding…sort of. I’m a single, work at home mom, so usually I end up working. And, of course blogging is high on my alone time priority list. In my dream world, I’d go get manicures and massages.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better. I’m with Mindy on hearing your take on vaccines.

  7. My “break time” is when my kids are napping… But there are many days I am so tired, I end up napping too, thus NOT accomplishing anything!lol
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  8. My alone time happens after bedtime usually. My really alone time. That’s when I do internet stuff like blogging and visiting forums. Lately, I’ve been working on a novel and planning a trip to research a second one.
    During my free bits of the day I check emails and exercise.

    About diet… What do you think is a healthy one? We have come to the conclusion that we are fans of the traditional way of eating. I’d be interested in what someone of your background has to say on the topic.

  9. 1. Reading your blog, of course.

    2. How ’bout baby sign language? I taught my niece when she was a baby (incredible!!!) and now I’m working with Matty. I took sign language in high school and I’ve been passionate about it ever since.

  10. 1. If I’m feeling productive, my alone time is blogging and/or writing articles. If not, it’s a book or and this is rare, a nap.

    2. I am always curious as to how other mom’s manage to keep their house in decent order.

  11. 1. My alone time is mostly late at night catching up on the blogs. I also enjoy my commute to and from work since that’s the alone time I get to catch up on some great music.

    2. Since I am new to your blog, I don’t know if you have covered this or not, but there is a lot of controversy on circumsising baby boys for non-religious reasons and whether or not there is any medical evidence to support the practice. Your thoughts?

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