I need talk about reality television for a moment.

Today isn’t an informative or educational day of posting, but more of a ” fun” day. Sometimes we all need those days don’t we?!  I figured with my cute pictures of my boys, that today would also be a great day to let you know a few random things I’m thinking about currently so you can get an inside look of what really goes on in my brain. Let’s all take a break from our motherhood moments and talk reality television. If you don’t watch television then I guess you won’t understand any of this. 

– Shawn Johnson won Dancing With The Stars Last Night. I think she’s great, and cute, and sweet, but honestly I think the other’s were BETTER dancers. She also ALREADY won a gold metal or silver or something amazing at the OLYMPICS and I only think it’s fair that everyone wins something at least once in their life.  Having said that, maybe it doesn’t matter. If I could go on DWTS and come out with a body like Melissa’s, I’d take 3rd place any day. 

-Do you ever watch The Doctor’s?  It’s not a very good show, so spare yourself the time. One of the “doctors” said yesterday that you can eat anything you want as long as you brush your teeth afterwards. ( In referring to taking care of/damaging your teeth.) I’m not a doctor, but that is so not true.  That’s like saying you can eat whatever you want and it won’t affect your health or waist line as long as you walk a mile afterwards. Whatever. 

– Are you watching American Idol tonight? I hope Kris wins. I’l agree with anyone who says that Adam is talented, because he is.  But for goodness sakes, what is up with the screaming and the tongue sticking out business? Is that really necessary? Kris is just so darn adorable- how can  you say no to that face? 

-Okay, what about The Bachelorette? Do you watch that? After the Bachelor fiascle last season, I swore I was never going to watch these stupid shows ever again. But somehow, I always come crawling back to them every. single. time. and I hate it. I hate how people get hurt and the relationships never, ever (except that one time) last. But the drama.. oh, it gets me every time. 
Who agrees that Ellen is better than Oprah?
I really don’t watch that much TV, I swear. I just looks like I do. But I don’t, really. Just sometimes after my baby goes to bed when there are too many good reality shows to pick between that I have to flip back and forth to catch them all. mmhhhm.  
Thanks for letting me get that out. I feel much better now. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

13 thoughts on “I need talk about reality television for a moment.

  1. does it really matter if shawn won an olympic gold medal? her freestyle really did seperate her from the other two last night, give her the credit.

    and yes actually you are suppose to bush your teeth after you eat anything, my uncle is a dentist and once you take microbiology you really learn that sugar latches to your teeth no matter what kind of food it is, candy, bread, pasta, sports drinks they are sooo hard on your teeth.

    just wanted to throw out another perspective because just because you think something doesn’t mean it’s right.

  2. I agree about Shawn. I think she’s great, sweet, and decidedly cute. But I do not think she was the best dancer. I personally voted for Gilles, although I really really like Melissa, too!

    That’s about all the reality I’ve been watching recently, aside from the Amazing Race, which is over too. (*sob*)

  3. Coming from a Reality Junkie here……I didn't get into Dancing with the Stars this year but I did every now and then catch a show or two and I really liked Melissa and wish she could have won. Shawn semed to me to not really have a dancer body and didn't seem natural at dancing!

    Now as far as American Idol….I have watched ever session and I so want Kris to win…..Adam I just can't wrap my arms around him. I feel like he should be on broadway…..not American Idol material. I can't even see him selling records…..

    Another reality show I refuse to watch is Jon & Kate plus 9….oops I mean 8! OK that was mean…OK enough about this family. TLC get this family off the air so they can take care of their children and not have nannies raising them. I wathed at first and thought it was interesting but it is no longer cute to see parents EXPLOITATING their children so they can have tummy tucks, hair plugs, boob jobs, sports cars and million dollar houses. Get real jobs and start raising your own children since you did fertilty treatments to have them you must have really wanted more children….be parents!

    OK I feel much better now….LOL

  4. Anonymous – I didn't say you weren't suppose to brush your teeth after eating, I said ( or meant maybe) that just because you brush your teeth after you eat does NOT mean that the food won't do anything bad for your teeth. The doctor said ” you can eat whatever you want- just brush your teeth afterwards!” That's what I meant. Thanks.

    Tina- I agree about Jon & kate- it's sad!

  5. I was a bit surprised with the outcome on DWTS!! I really thought it was going to be between Giles and Melissa. I liked them all but those two just seemed to shine!

    And about Ellen? I agree! I love her positive energy!

  6. I LOVED “The Amazing Race” this year- and I totally wanted Margie and Luke to win, but I liked Tammy and Victor too…

    Don’t watch any other “reality” shows because they are all so… well. Not realistic.

    I love Ellen. I don’t watch Oprah at all- her show is usually a little too boring for me.

  7. I love reality TV but I was not a regular viewer of any specific show until this year. I started planning my workouts during shows that kept me interested. I wasn’t allowed to watch them unless I was exercising, so it kept me moving. I actually got hooked on Biggest Loser this year. Did you see it at all? I really wanted Tara to win cuz I hated Helen. If that show isn’t enough to motivate people to exercise I don’t know what is!

    Oh, and I am SO glad Kris won! People tell me all the time that my hubby looks like him (I married a hottie) and not only is he (Kris) talented, he is so humble and likeable. I just hope fame doesn’t end up destroying his marriage like it does for so many.

  8. I can’t sit through reality shows, they make me crazy! LOL

    But I LOVE Ellen she crack me up so much… Sorry Oprah.. I got enough serious in my life, I need some Ellen.

  9. Oh!now you’re talking my language!-Reality TV Junkie here 😉 Although I’ve found it increasingly difficult to fit in a lot of my shows even with recording them-etc.
    I did catch up with DWTS -I too was surprised that Shawn won-She is adorable and talented but, all season Gille and Melissa did really well too. There seems to be something about Olympians-that’s what 3 that have won now?!
    And American Idol -Yay! Kris!! Great Show-Last night! I’ve got the Bachelorette recorded-But,yep always seem to come crawling back no matter how much I try not to =D. Don’t watch the Dr’s. And haven’t had time to watch Ellen or Oprah latelty-I like them both. But,I agree Ellen has been a lot more fun to watch when I get the chance to catch it 🙂

  10. Yes, I did love Margie and Luke on TAR. And Luke got off to such a good start on that last challenge that I was really sad for him when he stalled. But….I did love Tammy and Victor, too! They seemed to work really well together (for the most part!) and I liked their overall attitude.

  11. first off…i do not like anon commenters. seriously just leave your name! argh.
    i so wanted the son and mom team to win the amazing race. i forgot about the bachelorette. i like shawn winning dwts. and i do not watch tv a lot at all either. or wait…i totally do.

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