Wooden Toys

Walk down a toy aisle at any store and you’ll see a wide selection of toys for all ages. Most of these toys look like they would provide hours of entertainment for you little one, while stimulating their brain and educating them at the same time. They’re bright in color, they sing songs or play music, they talk to you, teach you about numbers and letters and they just look fun. What could be better, right? 

Well, these toys are plastic. And most of these toys are made in China. We’re seeing more and more every day that toys made in China often are recalled because of safety issues. What sort of chemicals are our children putting in their mouths? Plastic toys are poorly made, they contain PVC chemicals, and they actually can over stimulate your child. 
The better, safer, healthier and greener option to plastic is wooden toys. 
Wooden toys last longer. Wooden toys may cost more up front, but just like cloth diapers, they last longer. Plastic toys are cheap, and made of, well, plastic so they break and fall apart much sooner. Wood will last for years and years to come. 

Wooden toys contain no chemicals. Wood is just wood, plain and simple. Natural, unpainted wood is non toxic and free of artificial chemicals.  There are no nasty ingredients and you don’t have to worry when your toddler wants to put it in her mouth! 
Wooden toys enhance your child’s imagination. Plastic toys that have all the bells and whistles don’t allow your child to fully use their imagination and creativity. The toy does it for them. Wooden toys allow your child to really use their imagination, explore all their senses, and find the creative side to them. 

Wooden toys are better for the environment. You won’t have to throw away your toy because it broke or is missing a part. Wood toys will last! 
Plastic toys are hard to stay away from because they are so popular, but if you can look at the benefits of wood toys and buy just a few, I think your child will get more out of four wood toys than 20 plastic ones. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “Wooden Toys

  1. I especially love the Melissa and Doug toys. They are well made, and extensively tested for any toxins that might be in the paint. I used them in my classroom, and now with my son. I’ve yet to have a toy break or become damaged.

  2. We have a mix of toys. My son loves Hotwheels! This past Christmas I requested toys that don't make noise and there was 50% compliance. 🙂

    As far as wooden toys, my kids love the Plan drum. We had a problem with the Melissa & Doug xylophone being a choking hazard when it fell apart. But what do you expect?

  3. It’s so hard for us to get wooden toys. There are none locally (we can’t even find blocks). And ordering from a website is so expensive when you live in Canada. 😦

  4. We’re a huge fan of wooden toys around here. I’m very conscientious about what Levi’s toys are made of and where they are made.

  5. I love wooden toys! I prefer them to anything else besides books. Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles are a favorite with my son. He has a puzzle with farm animals that makes the animal sound when you put the piece in the correct place. It’s great. Now he moos whenever he sees a cow, barks at dogs, etc. I thought it was a good combination of a fun toy that makes sound, and a wooden toy that can still encourage imagination and creativity without over stimulation.

  6. Add me to the Melissa & Doug fan club list! My daughets (especially the toddler) LOVE their wooden toys. Plain wooden blocks are a huge hit in our house.

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