Body After Baby & A New Challenge

There’s something about a Monday starting on the 1st of a new month. I know every day is a new day, but new months starting on a Monday are just great. They are renewing and refreshing to me. Does anyone have any challenges their doing for 30 days- the entire month of June? 

My challenge for 30 days is NO CANDY. FOR 30 DAYS.  Think I can do it? Anyone else want to join me? I encourage you to try to give up something for 30 days! Maybe your challenge could be no sugar for 30 days, no soda, no alcohol, no…… If you want, you can allow yourself to have one “cheat” day a week. Or just pick one thing that you need to get rid of in your life, and give it up for 30 days! It could even be something non related to Body After Baby such as watching television, smoking, going to be too late- anything! (Although, all those things do affect our body!)
How did everyone do last week? Did you reach your goals? Did you lose any weight? I’d love to hear about it! If you’re participating in Body After Baby, leave your post url link in the comments section so we can all go read about it and cheer you on! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

12 thoughts on “Body After Baby & A New Challenge

  1. Hi Samantha!

    I didn’t write a BAB Challenge post this week – been sick over the weekend – but I AM still participating. I bought a bunch of grapes, apples and oranges and have been snacking on those instead of the snacks I usually chow down on. I’m working on gradually increasing my activity level. I’ve discovered that if I try to start off at level 10, I inevitably get discouraged because I’m not able to sustain it. I need to start at level 1 and work my way up…Thanks for keeping up the encouragement!

  2. I’m holding my own. My sugar strike is contageous; hubby’s in on it now. We don’t usually have sweets in the house except on very rare occasions and I’ve only made tea on Friday nights to celebrate the weekend. Water only all the rest of the time.

    Except for when we’re out because public water gives me the willies. (We have a well.)

    Anyway, Jared actually lost more weight than me this past week, so I’m too mad to post about it. Not really, just a little depressed. And when I’m depressed, I eat, so I’m not thinking about it.

  3. I guess I should have read this <>before<> I raided the chocolate jar at work…hmmmmm.

    I’m still doing good. I’m eating sugar in moderation and lost another 2 pounds last week. 6 lbs to pre-pregnancy, a total of 9 down! I’m very encouraged!

  4. hi samantha, i’ve been lurking for AGES… but haven’t posted, as getting on the computer semi-regularly is a challenge. 😉 BUT, i started my own BAB challenge today with a 17 min walk/jog… which for me is big. i’ve been either ttc, pregnant, or breastfeeding for the last 4 years, so my body hasn’t been my own for sometime now.

    good for you on the sweets thing, that’s one that i’ll have to work up to, as my sweet tooth is something shockin. 😉 but, your drive is inspiring me to hold myself accountable (for the exercise at least) through the blog world.

    i haven’t done a bab post yet, but i will… i DID tag you on my blog though today, something fun to do. 🙂


  5. Oddly enough…sugar is not my downfall….it’s CARBS…which is especailly bad since I have PCOS/insulin resistance, which makes carbs a big NO NO!! So…..I am going to make a HUGE effort to have NO white flour products for 30 days and hopefully, much longer!

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