Body After Baby Challenge

Every Monday on Mama Notes, we come together to talk honestly about are bodies after having babies. It sure does change things doesn’t it? Unless you’re one of those gals born with perfect body and have stayed the same size since high school. Your body is different now that it’s carried a child. Maybe your hips are wider, your skin is looser, or your muscles are weak. You’re carrying an extra 5 pounds, an extra 30 pounds. You might have red stretch marks that make you feel self conscious. A tummy that hangs too low. Bigger thighs. Whatever. You’ve got a “body after baby.”

This challenge is about making your body the best it can be – the way you want it! Weather your goal is to lose the extra weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or feel comfortable in your own skin, this is the challenge to help you do it! Losing weight ain’t easy.  The more support and accountability you have from other people, especially moms going through the same thing, the better! 
This week is the last week of my Mommy Baby Boot Camp classes that I’ve been teaching. I’m sad that it’s ending, because when you teach a class, you can never get out of exercising! Working out with my baby and other mom’s has been so fun. You wouldn’t think that holding just a baby could give you a good workout, but trust me, after doing 50 squats holding a 12 pounder- you can feel it! For those of you who want to try working out with your baby, here are some things to try. 
  • Walking lunges holding baby
  • Walking lunges pushing a stroller 
  • Squats holding baby. See video demonstrations
  • Side squats holding baby
  • Leg lifts. Lay on your side, on a mat with your baby sitting or laying down beside you. 
  • Calf raises holding baby
  • Push up over baby. 
  • Chest press. Lay down, knees bent, hold your baby either under his head and butt or under his armpits. Both will work different muscles in your arms. 
  • Standing chest press. Add squats to this for a great combo exercise
  • Plank over baby. Kiss him- it makes the time go by faster!
  • Standard sit ups with baby sitting on your stomach
  • V up’s, holding your baby side to side. See video demonstration here
Anyways, besides teaching those classes, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting to the gym this past week. (Do I say that every week?) My husband is finishing up his last term of college, so he’s been busy at night finishing his work sample. Therefore, that leave me in charge of baby duty all. night. long. What’s new?! (Just kidding..) I’ve got to have a very high level of motivation to go to the gym at 9pm and at that point, my motivation is definately not high. When Lucas is a little older, I’ll go during the morning or afternoon. I’m really looking forward to that. But right now I’m afraid he would just get sick.   I got an awesome running stroller, but he’s too little for that also! So, time will pass and I will workout when I can. I did lose a pound this week, so yippee! 
And you?
If you’re participating in this challenge, or want to join, leave your link in Mr Linky so we can all visit you and cheer you on! Please make sure you leave your post url link. Also, please link back to my blog in your post so other’s can join too! I encourage you to make goals. Long term and short term and things that will help you reach them. Listing out a plan of action and even making a workout schedule, can really help you stay on track. So, how’d you do?!
– Update:  If Mr. Linky works for you- enter your post url there. If not, just leave it in the comments. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

15 thoughts on “Body After Baby Challenge

  1. Don't have time to post, but wanted to update. I am now down a total of 49 pounds and have been doing fairly well on the sugar strike. Working out isn't really working out. HA! I need to get back into it again, but there's not enough time in the day. Baby's letting me get more sleep, which is fabulous. Jared's doing well, but he's not actually doing Body After Baby, naturally. He's doing Body After Working at at Pizza Place. This week will be nuts, so it makes no sense to set any goals above TRY NOT TO GAIN ANYTHING BACK!!!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the exercise suggestions! I've been back to my pre-pregnancy weight for a while now, but I do have more curves now. Call it naive, but I totally didn't know that your body SHAPE would change forever after a baby…I thought it was just weight changes. 🙂

  3. I just have to say, I can't believe you are doing the body after baby challenge so soon after having the little guy! I mean, I know I was dying to lose the baby weight soon after I gave birth, but I also realized it would take a little bit of time. It took nine-plus months to put it on, so it's going to take just as long to take it off.

    By the way, we're having the TweetChat again this Wednesday (, enter #youngmoms for the room name) and the topic will be body after baby! Feel free to come by…I hope you can join us!

  4. I did it again this week I'm down almost a whole pound! Thank you all for the help and support I'm looking forward to many more weeks of success with your help.

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