Baby Life on a Budget

One of the first things my husband and I always thought of when we had the “baby talk” was how expensive babies are. How many things they need, how much it all cost, and how little money we have to buy all these things. We thought we couldn’t “afford” a baby. 
Wrong. Besides the basic necessities – clothes, food, car seat, diapers- babies really don’t need a whole lot. The baby industry is huge, and many things are completely unnecessary.  Having a baby certainly doesn’t have the bank, and I’m here to tell you how that’s possible! 
There are a few things that I think are worth paying top of the line for.  
Car seat. I don’t care what the price is, I will buy the safest seat available. I don’t think you can put a price tag on your child’s safety. 
Stroller. I go on a lot of walks (and running when he gets a little older!) with my baby so a good stroller is very important to me. I’ll pay top of the line for a good stroller. 
Bath products. I use natural and/or organic soaps and lotions on my baby. The price difference is probably only a couple dollars- and a couple dollars well spent! 
I won’t skimp on those things. If it means I have to pay extra money, then I will. 
But- look at all the ways you can save money! 
The Nursery. 
I’ve amazed myself at the simplicity of my baby’s nursery.   One thing you don’t need is a 35 piece crib set.  I promise you’ll get a ton of blankets, and it’s okay if you don’t have a matching unicorn blanket to go with the unicorn ruffles, mobile, sheets, stuffed animal, wall decorations, pajamas, etc. Really.  It’s not necessary to spend $150 on all this. (Crib bumpers are dangerous anyways.)  A cheaper alternative to this would be to buy things that match, but not necessarily match perfectly.  Buying everything separately will save you loads of money
A rocking chair, dresser, bookshelf, and changing table can all be found at garage sales or online sources like craigslist. 
I would say its safe to say that you should just go ahead and become best friends with second hand stores and garage sales. (Although, buying a used crib and car seat used is not recommended.)  You can get lots of things you need for a fraction of the cost, and often times you can get things in excellent shape! Just make sure you clean everything first, especially toys or things that your baby may put in her mouth. 
If you can, borrow clothes. Babies go through them so fast. I’ve spent less than $50 on clothes for Lucas, thanks to hand -me -down clothes…. and his grandparents! If you want to buy clothes, buy them big so they’ll last longer. And always hit up those sales! 
Baby Toys/Gear. 
Some babies like swings, others do not. Some like to bounce, others do not. Do you want to spend $100 on a swing and then come to find that your baby hates it? I would recommend, if possible, waiting to buy a swing of any sort until you’re able to try one out first. However, I do have to say that my son loves his bouncy seat, is partial to his swing, and has his moments with the play mat. His likes change every few weeks- so it is possible that you’ll have a baby who goes through similar stages. Again, hit up those sales and craigslist! That way, if your baby doesn’t like something, you won’t have wasted a whole buck on it. 
You can get books at your local Library for free, or for .25 cents at garage sales. Garage sales are awesome for books and baby toys! 
Use cloth diapers Do I need to tell you that this saves money? And is better for your child’s skin? And helps the environment? AND looks cute?! Saving money is just one of the great benefits here! 
You know it -breastfeed! F.R.E.E. When your baby starts eating solids, make your own baby food. It’s simple, delicious, healthier, and much cheaper than store bought products. 
Above all, the most important thing that your baby needs is you and your love.  And friends, I’m happy to tell you, that love don’t cost a thing!
What are your baby saving tips? Please share with us! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Baby Life on a Budget

  1. I agree! There are really so many ways to save money or not spend it at all with a baby. They don't need everything that stores try to sell us.

  2. I get pretty much ALL my clothes at major sales ($1 or $2 a shirt) and the twice yearly kid swap meet down here. My kids are styling in Gap, Gymboree, Quicksilver, etc but I never pay more than a few dollars for each piece!! It does get harder as they get older though as I am finding. They wear their clothes longer and are a little tougher on them!

  3. We had everything under the sun when my 1st set of twins were born. We couldn't walk through our home without tripping over some kind of baby equipment. But when my 2nd set of twins came along we decided to NOT use all the same stuff we had used the first time around.

    Some of the must-haves on my list were bouncey seats and baby swings. They were huge lifesavers for us!!

    This is a great post!! Thanks for the follow! I'm following you back!

  4. I breast fed my son for 18 months, and not only did it save us money…but was great for his health…(antibodies) and there is still a very special bond there and he is two and a half. I wish I could have nursed my daughter as well..but she would have no part in it…

    I loved my swing…I have had one for all five kids…and it was such a life saver…I was lucky though…it was a gift, as were the crib, and most of the toys..

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