I’ve been talking with a lot of people about strollers lately. It seems like we’re always trying to figure out what the best stroller is. And really, I think it depends a lot on what your needs are. Do you wear your baby most of the time and you just need a small stroller for rare occasions? Do you go on long walks every day with a stroller? Do you run with a stroller? Do you have more than one child? 
Allow me to walk you through a decision making process. Learn from me! 
I want to share with you my experiences in the stroller department. So, first in the baby registry; the car seat. After car seat comes stroller. Do I want a travel system, which comes with a stroller? Or a convertible car seat and then a separate stroller? Decisions, decisions, decisions. How I ever decided what to major in I have no idea. 
This picture was taken approximately 5 days after giving birth so please don’t mention my triple chin thanksverymuch. 
There are pro’s and con’s to both as you know. A travel system is handy because you can carry your sleeping baby in it. You can carry your baby into a store quickly while leaving him/her in the car seat. It’s handy to be able to snap the car seat into the stroller. On the flip side, the car seat only last until the baby is  20-25 pounds (ish.) As soon as the baby gets bigger, you have to fork down another couple hundred dollars for the next car seat. The car seat is heavy when you’ve got a babe in it. The stroller is bulky. 

A convertible seat is nice because it last most of the child’s car seat days. You only have to buy a car seat once. This also means it doesn’t come with a stroller, so you’ll have to buy a different stroller. If your baby is sleeping  you can’t leave him in the seat and bring him in the house. You also have to always unbuckle him even if you’re only stepping out of the car for a few minutes. 
What did I do? I’ll tell you. 
We ended up getting a Chicco Cortina Travel System. I read and heard great reviews about the safety of it and  I really do like the car seat. It was nice when Lucas was sleeping and I could just carry him inside the house. ( You know, like during the newborn stage where he would actually sleep.) BUT he is only 3 months old, and I no longer do that. In fact, I almost always just leave the seat in the car and take him in and out of it. It’s just easier that way for me. If we’re going into a store I will either just hold him or put him in a carrier. If I have to make a super quick trip into the post office or something, I will take the car seat out with him in it because maybe it’s 10 seconds faster, but I don’t do that often. Plus, he doesn’t really enjoy being strapped in the thing, so I try not to leave him in their for long periods unless we’re driving. 
The stroller was also nice for the first couple months because we could just leave him in the seat and put him into the stroller for walks and what not. It’s a nice stroller- it folds very easily and has an adjustable handle bar which I love. 
But then I decided I wanted to go on longer walks and start running. Let me introduce you to my friend- the BOB revolution. It is so nice to walk with! It is very smooth, has nice large wheels, and is just great. ( And it’s orange. I love orange.) It has a big canopy which is nice too. But I know, these strollers are expensive. Like, ridiculous. Really. Who are they kidding? Don’t worry, it’s only $400! But you want a place to put your water bottle?! Hm. That’s weird, we didn’t include that! But for only $19.99 more you can purchase it! 
A pro to this stroller is that Lucas can see the world, but he can’t see me which I don’t like too much. He seems to be much more comfortable in this stroller though.  I bought this insert for him to help support him until he gets a little bigger. See how happy he is? 

Well, until we’re half way through our two mile walk and he decides he’s angry so dad has to carry him the rest of the way home. (His pants had to come off too. He was hot or something.)

So now I almost always use the BOB. For our walks I always use the BOB. I love BOB. 
Both of these strollers were a gift to us. If we were the ones purchasing, and if I did everything all over again, I probably would have got a convertible car seat and a BOB. That way, the car seat last much longer and the stroller  will also last forever. The BOB comes with a car seat adapter (for an extra $763 bucks or something)  but only a few car seats are compatible with it. 
The BOB takes up less room in the trunk of my car and it’s lighter than my Chicco stroller. The front wheel also comes off if needed. It is a little awkward to pick up though. The Chicco stroller folds really easily and it’s pretty easy to lift in and out of the car.  

If you want a BOB for running- get it.  You won’t regret it. Yes, it’s worth the money and in the unlikely event that you want to get rid of it, there are always lots of people looking to buy used BOB’s. The front wheel swivel is a very nice feature. 

I’m pretty sure I’m done talking about strollers for the rest of my life, but I have one last question for you. I need your input. Tell me mother to mother. 
Do you think it’s safe to run with my 3 month old baby?
I think technically they say you’re suppose to wait until babies are 6 months old to go running and/or have head control. BUT BUT BUT doesn’t it matter that I’m using a good stroller with huge wheels, great suspension, running on a very smooth path, and not even running that fast? What’s the difference between walking fast and running slow? He has full head control. With the insert he doesn’t jiggle at all. Can it really hurt him? 
What do you think? By the pictures does it look like it’s supporting his head enough? I will ask my doctor at our next visit, but I’m just curious as to what you all have to say. 
Oh, and if you’re not sick of strollers yet, let us know what stroller/car seat you got and if it was a good decision for you! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

23 thoughts on “Strollers.

  1. Triple chin, my butt!

    Well, I'm no runner, but he looks pretty secure to me…

    So funny that you did a stroller post – I'm in the market for a new one. We have the Graco MetroLite, which has actually been a great stroller. It's more compact than most travel system strollers, so it's not such a hassle to get it in and out of the trunk. Now that Peanut is older, I'm looking for a higher end umbrella stroller – yup, haunting Craig's list!

    And only $400!(Gulp!)

  2. I wore Avery for about the first year, until he got to be too heavy for me, Now I have to find a carrier that can support him plus my bad back…..UGH……..

    SO anyways, back to strollers……ha ha ha …….My husband bought me my Peg Perego Pliko P3……WHICH I LOVE!!!! I had one with my first son too and it was my FAV!!! It takes up hardly any trunk space……it's easy to fold and looks super chic :0)……

    However, it stink for taking walks in….every little bump or pebble in the road and it wants to do a flip…..When you try to run in it it shakes…..OY!!

    I want a BOB, but my husband doesn't understand why I need another $400 stroller…..He thinks the one I have should be enough to fly me to the moon…..ha ha

    I guess I'll have to take him out for a “jog” with me so he can see for himself….he he he

    May you pretty pretty please, take a picture of it folded up right next to you so I can see how compactly it folds :0)

  3. I have a Graco travel system and i love it! yes the stroller is bulky but i can fit a lot of stuff into it! But now that Landyn is 7 months, we have a Maclaren Vivo that I got at TJ Max for 67 dollars! almost half price and i love it for quick trips and walks.

    Just a side note, most newborns do not fit into convertable car seats well, there are only a few on the market that the bottom harness slots are low enough. The straps have to be at or below their shoulders for rear facing and my 6 pound baby barely fit into his infant car seat, he still barely is tall enough for a Britax or Sunshine Kids convertable seat at 7 months. There are some that have lower slots but i'm having a pregnancy moment and can't remember which ones they are. Just something to think about!

  4. I have both the Graco Tavel System AND the BOB Revolution. I LOVE my BOB stroller and use it all the time. My daughter still fits in the carseat that came with the Graco Travel System…she is 12 months old and 23 pounds. My car seat goes up to 30 pounds. I have had the BOB since she was 4 months old and I use it for everything including running. Now that she is more aware and wants to sit up right so she can see, it seem the Graco is starting to become my preferred choice (not for running). I have concluded that I don't think there is “the perfect stroller”! Now, I need to invest in the convertible carseat since it is time to turn her around. I have to say that I don't think I would do anything different. I used the Graco carseat pulling it in and out of the car until she was 6 months old. I have the car seat adaptor for the BOB so from 4 months to 6 months she was in the carseat strapped into the BOB while I took my baby bootcamp classes. It is such a toss up. Your son looks very secure with the BOB and I think as long as it is truly a “jog” he should be fine.

  5. Anonymous- i wish i could contact you directly because i'm not sure you will check this again but i wanted to throw some information out to you about turning her around. You DONT have to! It's actually recommended by the AAP that you keep your child rearfacing to 2 years and 30 pounds OR to the limits of your convertable car seat! So if you do get a new seat, install it rearfacing, convertable car seats rearface to 30,33,35,or 40 pounds! Check out the benefits of extended rear facing at

  6. Kelli- great points.

    Alyson- I attached the picture. It folds really compactly, it's just kind of hard to lift it and carry it if needed. Not because it's heavy, it's just awkward some how.

    Now what about the running with a 3 month old thing- what do you girls think of that?!

  7. Another point to think about is when your baby is born. My son was born the end of October, and with that said I knew I would not be going out much through the winter therefore, I did not buy a travel system. I have the BOB and I LOVE IT!! I use it everywhere I go. I am also an avid runner and it is excellent for those who enjoy running.

  8. I have the same Chicco travel system. I loved it until my son was about 4 months old. After that, he didn't like any kind of stroller, and, personally, I thought wearing him was a lot easier than lugging out a stroller. The travel system was a gift that I was glad to have and very glad I didn't spend money on.

  9. Sorry – I didn't realize I posted as anonymous earlier. Kelli – thanks for the link I haven't decided what I'm going to do about the direction of the carseat.

  10. Travel systems are nice. But if you get one make sure you check the safety standards of the car seat that comes with them. I prefer to purchase a stroller separate from the car seat then you can make sure you have the safest seat for your baby. I'm not as picky about the strollers I buy.

  11. Interesting post. I have a Graco travel system and my kid grew out of the car seat pretty quickly. Luckily I got both the travel system and a convertible car seat at my baby shower. I never use the stroller though. I would always just carry him everywhere or use a small umbrella stroller. I have been wanting a new umbrella stroller so badly. The one I have is a cheap one and it's too short. I end up walking hunched over to reach the low handles. I guess being tall isn't always great. 🙂 The travel system stroller is just too big and bulky to fit easily in my car.

  12. I have the Chicco travel system also. The infant seat is the top rated for safety and it goes up to 30 pounds/30 inches. Once you get the convertible get one that has a higher weight limit so you don't have to buy a larger convertible before moving him to a booster. They are more money but safer and well worth it. I have the Britax Boulevard and it rocks.

    I second the comment that discussed extended rear facing for babies. Just because they are 20 pounds and one year old, does not mean they are ready to be turned to forward facing. Go to and do some research. It's amazing how much safer it is for your child to be in the right car seat, rear-facing, as long as possible. It is also VERY important to get your car seat inspected by a certified car seat safety technician. Over 80 percent of carseats are installed incorrectly!!! Do it today!

    Back to the stroller discussion: I am currently the #1 bidder on a BOB Revolution and I am so hoping I win it. I have a used Jeep jog stroller that is ok but now that I know I will use it more for running I want the best. It's only $250 on eBay so I feel like I am getting a good deal.

    The thing about not running with an infant is based not just on head control but also because infants are not supposed to sit completely upright until six months because of something with their digestion. This is why infant carseats are angled they way they are. I think if you feel he is safe and secure with the stroller reclined and strapped (obviously), than he should be fine! Also, they have the BOB carseat adapters on eBay for pretty cheap. Just because it doesn't list the Chicco as a compatible seat doesn't necessarily mean it won't fit. (Sometimes the stroller manufacturers agree with other companies to only list a few that are compatible as a marketing agreement). It may be worth trying it out in the store before counting that out! Just a thought…

    Oh and another option for you and car seat/stroller issue is to buy a used Snap n Go stroller. They are lighter weight and great for quick trips into the store or whatever without having to get out the bulky Chicco stroller or unstrap him from the carseat. Baby Trend makes one and so does Graco. New I think they run like $60 so if you could find a deal on Craigs List or eBay I bet you'd love it. Or keep that in mind for the next one – just don't count out the infant seat because they really are found to be safer for infants than convertibles. Convertibles are great for bigger, older babies.

    Ok seriously. I wrote way too much. But I have done a TON of research on car seats and strollers. I have a friend that calls me a strollerholic. Think there's a twelve step program for that?!


  13. Stephanie- Thanks for your great comment! 🙂

    My chicco car seat says its good until 22 pounds!?

    I agree about keeping babies rear facing as long as possible! And yes on getting them checked. We (my husband) totally it was installed correctly until I took it to the fire station!!

    I went running with the BOB this morning- it's really great and he doesn't bounce at all.

    thanks for all your thoughts!

  14. Oh you don't have the Keyfit 30?! I just assumed you did… there are two different types.But both are very highly rated. Glad to hear you guys got it check ed out. Isn't it a great carseat?

    So glad you can run with him now! I just won my bid for my NEW BOB on eBay! Woo hoo! I should be getting it in a week or so. Can't wait!

  15. I have the same chico carseat and stroller and love them! I also got a jogging stroller too. I think if he has full head control and you aren't running like a mad woman it's probably ok. I think they just say 6 months because they don't want you running after 2 weeks or something crazy.

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