Ask the Moms: Do You Wear a MOM Swimsuit?

Okay, don’t make fun of me, but I’m all of a sudden feeling this pressure that I have to start wearing a “mom swimsuit” now that I’m a mom. Am I going to be the only one wearing a two piece when I take my baby to swimming lessons?? I can just see myself on the first day of swim class. All the moms are wearing their cute one pieces, and I’ve got on a bikini with my (lopsided) boob cleavage showing. Does it count that I’m still young?? I don’t ever want to wear a one piece!! 

What is a mom swimsuit anyways? 

I’m only 23! I refuse to wear a one piece! 
Maybe I need to go shopping… 
Do you wear a “mom” suit?? Do most moms wear one pieces during swim lessons? Will I really be the only one wearing a two piece?? Please tell me. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

40 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Do You Wear a MOM Swimsuit?

  1. lol! I wore a bikini after my first son and my body went back to normal. Buuuuuuuut, the twins sadly wrecked my stomach and now my fate is a one piece.

  2. I'm pretty sure my stomach is changed beyond repair. But I've been wearing a one piece for years so it's not the end of the world. You CAN find some really cute ones if you looks hard enough (check the internet).

  3. My boys have wrecked my belly, my legs, my boobs, pretty much everything….ha ha :0)

    So I am a one piece mama and I have some issues finding the correct fit since I have a long torso, but J Crew has beautiful bathing suits that are super expensive…..

    So until I get that “Kate Gosselin” full body make over……One pieces IT IS!!! :0)

  4. I'd say if you are comfortable in your bikini, wear it. It is all about what is going to make you comfortable so that you can have a good time. I have a tankini that I like. It offers a little more coverage, but not a one piece.

  5. I say if you are comfortable go for it. I wear a tankini too. I'm only 23 as well but 8 months pp and my belly is so flabby and I have tons of stretch marks… I'm only 5'2 so the baby had no where to go other than out!!

  6. Ya'll are so funny!!

    Kaylyn- I'm only 5'2 as well so I know what you mean! I got those stretch marks too!!

    A tankini is a good idea!

    Alyson- I KNOW. KATE oh my gosh. WHATEVER.

    mamas- when I find that miracle stretch mark cream and the miracle pill that will make us all look good after having babies, I'll let you know! 🙂

  7. If you can wear a two piece, go for it! I still did after my first, but two kids later, I don't think I will ever be caught in any kind of suit again! Ok, maybe not never, but it will probably be a while before I force myself to try to get my tummy back into shape enough to wear one.

  8. I love my tankini. But I have NEVER been a bikini girl. I don't have an issue with them in general, just with me specifically. 😛

  9. Ok this summer no swimsuit for me, I just stay out of the water. But when I'm feeling somewhat secure with my body at around 125 lbs or so (like last summer) then it's all about the tankini. I sooooo wish I would not have taken my bikini years for granted! I should have been living in a bikini!

  10. No mom suite for me! i am 27 with three kids and still have skinny body (thank you jesus) and my boobs are awful from a baby who has only nurses on one side for the last year, but I am still rocking my 2 peice and I think you should to.

  11. No more bikinis for me! I'm a tankini girl since Peanut came along. I did buy a one piece, but everytime I put it on I wanted to cry, so I compromised! Buuuuutttt, that's only because I would look horrid in a bikini, trust me, NO one wants to see that!

    If you feel confident enough, you'll be the envy of the swim moms!

  12. As so many others have said, I think that you should wear what you feel like! Oh, to look good in a two piece! I had my twins at 26, and that was the end of me ever having a chance to wear one. My poor stomach with its nasty stretch marks and skin flap!

  13. If I could find something that would cover me head to toe, I would wear that, for I am not looking so good right now. I am sure, you, however look FABULOUS, so I say, go for that bikini, girl!!! ( :

  14. I was raised wearing a one piece suit and have never worn a bikini. I'm also one who leans toward practical. So….

    I'm a size 18 and wear a black suit with a pull on skirt because I don't like the way my upper thigh looks.

    I hope you wear what you want and hold your head high.

  15. I am only 24 and I most definitely still wear my little blue bikini… stretch marks and sagging tits and all. Whatev! haha! Do what makes you comfortable. I just so happen not to give a crap what other people think and I still wear bikinis. Ha!

  16. Ugh- 2 kids in 2 years left my belly horribly stretched out! I do not wear a bathing suit at all and I have to admit that I hate you a little bit for being able to wear one! 🙂 (Please don't take offense… I am horribly jealous that is all). You get out there and strut your stuff!!

  17. OKAY PEOPLE, you have to understand that me asking this questions does NOT imply that I AM wearing a bikini or that I WANT to wear a bikini or that I DON”T have stretch marks or a flabby skin or lopsided boobs.

    BECAUSE I DO. My boobs hang crocked, my skin is stretched out, I have stretch marks on my legs and stomach. But I can't do ANYTHING about those marks and my boobs. They're just there so I'm over it. I want to embrace life and wear a swimsuit and be me and look at my sweet babe and kiss him a thousand times for giving me my new “mom” body.

    The point is that I don't want to wear a one piece EVER. I always want to be a young fit mama and I hope that when I go to swimming lessons in a bikini I will be okay with that!

    There are some things we can change, like how much we weigh or how healthy we are, but stretch marks are just there. They are evil and gross and mean, but what can you do? I stopped looking at mine every day and I'm over it. My new motto when it comes to my new body is WHAT-EVER!!! With a Capital W!

  18. I wear a tankini … no way I'm showing this busted twin belly to the world! Tankinis are CUTE! Plus, I am short, and one-pieces would sag in the butt.
    I usually read the blog in Google reader .. I really like your new look!

  19. tankini for me. i've never been a bikini person though. too paranoid. but i don't like one pieces either. so i do the tankini that covers up my flabby belly. :0) i was at the beach this week, a young girl was 7 months-ish preggo and in a bikini!! i would have never had the guts to do that. i was 'proud' of her for being so willing to just strut it if she has it. lol.

  20. well I wear a suit that is technically a one piece but has a partially cut out front and a halter back that is pretty low cut since i just had my baby about four months ago, I wanted to wear a bikini bit my stomach is not what is used to be…I just turned 23 and I thought this suit was good enough to hide the tummy and still not look like a “mom suit”

  21. I do a 1-piece, but it's totally necessary after having given birth to 4 kids in 4 years. Just thinking about wearing a bikini is frightening!

    Hats off to you for being able to pull it off!

  22. I think it's great that you feel comfortable in a bikini!! After my first I wore a bikini but after the second I now only wear 1 pieces lol!
    I love my J.crew 1 pieces – they are definitely not your average mom suit.

  23. my sister has a rockin' petite body! She wears a 2 piece that has coverage for her arse….she also has itty bitty boobies….so she can pull it off:)

  24. I'm 30 and the mother of two, and wear a bikini (we would go well together- I'd have one lopsided breast and you the other… totally evening out everything) but I'm not into the string bikinis of olden days, I do wear ones that cover more of the boobage… one pieces have never fit my oddly proportioned body- small top, wide hips- but now, with the nursing everything works well together!

  25. KuryKidsMommy- perfect! I'll have your people contact my people so we can have normal looking boobies.

    Do your boobs go back to normal after nursing? Please say yes.

    Oh, and I don't wear string bikinis either. I'm not a tanning sunglass wearning super fly lady laying on the beach towell. I like to jump and play and run and you know, wear NORMAL bikinis that cover my nipples.

    No offense to those people wearing string bikinis… I'm just sayin.

  26. OK so there are some very classy sexy 1pieces at victorias with ruching that i would consider, but they are $90-125. that being said, Im going to wear a 2 piece as that is all i own. id rather spend my money on less depressing things like a new handbag. because all my money is (rightfully!) spent on baby. i'll be damned if the first thing i buy myself is something to hide in. i cant wait to take baby to the beahc for the firts time, and i think my insecurities will be ignored when having a blast with my babe.
    yep, i got strecth marks to. only on my sides and top sides of thighs! lol. i am 5'10″ and i only looked 7mo pregz when full term.

  27. PS I am 21 and i think tankinis arent my style. just sayin. id prefer booty shorts for more coverage but im in the mindset that the eye will travel to where theres material or coloring. and i just want an even tan!

  28. I'm 26 with one kid and I'm rockin the bikini. I have discovered that I need one that is a little more stay put on top (mine is just the triangles with the strings kind, I am very small busted by the way) b.c when I'm with the little one she grabs to what she can and that can result in exposure! I was considering a tankini but they just don't really look that great on me, so idk what I'll do.

  29. Bikinis for me!! =) I do agree with what “Inspired” said- the babies get grabby and you have to be more alert to um…. accidental flashings…

    I do think there are cute two pieces, tankinis, and one-pieces. I actually wasn't allowed to wear anything but a one-piece growing up. Now? ha ha ha. And I say if we're still modest (thong bikinis don't look good on ANYONE) then people should suck it up. So we have stretch marks. Well, we have beautiful wonderful children to show for it!!

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