8 Summer Activities For (Practically) Free

1. Outdoor Chalk
Chalk is sure to provide hours of fun for your older kids. Draw on the driveway or get creative and make a path along the sidewalk. If you want to start over- just add water! Chalk is relatively cheap or you can make your own
2. Sprinklers
Easy. Just run through them! Bonus: you’ll water the grass at the same time!
3. Camp in your Backyard
When the nights are just that perfect temperature, hitch a tent, grab the smores, and stay up late telling stories! Imagine how much fun you and your kids will have as a family- being outside and doing something new and exciting. 
4. Beach Toys 
Check out your local dollar store for super cheap toys such as shovels, buckets, plastic cars and more. For only $1, you can get a lot of great thing! Buckets can be used to fill up with dirt, carry water or sand, make a sand castle in your backyard sand box, or whatever else your child can imagine! 
5. Homemade Popsicles
7. Small Inflatable Pool
I’m certain you have a pool of some sort in your backyard. Dip your feet in, jump in it (careful!) or sit in it all day long. Add some plastic boats for fun, or change colors of the water with a little food coloring. (You can add food coloring to your child’s bath too! Doesn’t take much!)
6. Picnic
Either in your backyard or at a park, lay out a blanket and bring a sack lunch! Isn’t this such a simple pleasure that we often forget about? All you need is a blanket! 
7. Egg Cartons
Let your child collect rocks, dirt, or flowers in an old egg carton. A little place to hold all their treasures. 
8. Visit the Library
If it’s hot outside, the library will offer a cool place with air conditioning! Check out books or just hang out for a while and read! 
You don’t need much to have a great summer! Your kids don’t need the latest and greatest toys to have fun either. Send them outside- they’ll figure out something to do! This is prime time for developing independence, sense of self, creativity, and imagination. Let them explore! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “8 Summer Activities For (Practically) Free

  1. One thing I did with Victoria a few weeks ago, was I gave her the camera, and told her to go take pictures of stuff that was colored blue. She loved it, and did a real good job. I put them into a little video for her. She keeps asking to do it again…

  2. We do all those things during the summer. My kids especially love playing with sidewalk chalk. I've never made my own before, though.

  3. A great reminder of what we can do at home with our kids. My boys love to get their chalk a little wet and then it almost looks like paint on the sidewalk. Have you ever considered joining a local MOPS group? Mothers Of Preschoolers. Really it's newborn to age 5. Our group meets once a week for playdates at the park and just some great mom conversations.

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