My Must Have Baby Items

When I was pregnant I became so overwhelmed in all the baby things available.  I didn’t know what I wanted, what I needed, and how I was going to get it all. We know that babies really don’t need very much, but it’s hard to remember that with the industry pushing every toy and gadget at us. For all the new moms out there, I want to share with you my favorite baby items.  
Besides obvious necessities like a car seat and diapers, there are only a few things that I found necessary (or nice to have) the first few months.  
A bouncy seat. Lucas loves this seat. We have the Rainforset Fisher Price one that has the bar of toys and music attatched to it, but we have never used that. I find the music incredibly annoying and he likes to look at us. (Don’t worry- he told me he hated the music too.) This allows us talk to him as well. This seat (even though it was a gift for us) cost around $50 new. I believe there are just regular seats like this without the fancy-annoying-bright colored-overstimulating-signing songs-bar that would have worked just as well for way cheaper! He sits in this chair while I’m getting ready in the morning or while we’re eating or working in the kitchen. It’s definately a favorite of ours around here. (You should always strap your babe into his seat…..)

Bumbo We just got one of these and they are AMAZING. Look at him!

California Baby Body Wash.  I love this stuff. The scent is very mild but it smells so good! 

A carrier of some sort. Wether it be a sling, a Moby wrap, or a Bjorn, find something you like. It’s so nice to be able to hold your baby while you’re working around the house. For me personally, I found the sling the most helpful for the first few 6 weeks or so. The Bjorn during months 2-4 and just recently I figured out how to use the Moby and it’s wonderful! This is a great way to be close to your baby and also get things done! There’s no place a little babe would rather sleep than snuggled up right next to you!

A dresser/changing table combo.  I didn’t think I was going to want or need a changing table but with cloth diapers it’s almost necessary. You can’t just throw your diapers away, so it’s nice to have everything in one place. 
And that’s about it. A pretty short list isn’t it? What are you favorite baby items? What are your must haves and what things did you find unnecessary? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

24 thoughts on “My Must Have Baby Items

  1. Our favorite/can't live without items have been his Fisher-Price Rainforest Mobile over his changing table and his bouncer seat! Things unnecessary – The Boppy and any other 'pregnancy' body pillow/nursing pillow. Ridiculous to pay that price for something that a regular standard/throw pillow can be used for. :p

  2. I never had a Bumbo. I only had a bouncy seat for my oldest. I love California Baby products but they are way too expensive for me to purchase on a regular basis.

    My favorite baby products that I've used in the past would probably be the baby swing, and baby gym. Those were great and kept my babies amused when I needed to do something else.

  3. Oh mine is totally his mobile… we got a really cool one that shows a light show on the mobile or ceiling which allows me to keep little A entertained and also get some work done around the house… also love that it plays music, nature sounds and womb sounds.

  4. Man, it just really depends on the baby! Our swing was great for the first few months. She'd only do 15 minutes at a time, but you have no idea how wonderful it was to have my hands free for even that short of time. She hated the bouncy seat.

    LOVED the moby wrap. Best thing ever. I wore her to sleep for naps all the time.

    The only other thing that comes to mind is my birth ball. We probably spent WEEKS bouncing her on that thing. I started bouncing on it in desperation one night and it actually made her STOP crying!

    Yeah, she was a VERY fussy baby.

    Nikki – I actually LOVED my boppy pillow! She nursed constantly and it was so nice to be able to do some hands free nursing to be able to eat myself!

  5. i am totally with you on the bumbo. we found one on ebay and i've used it everyday since. it has changed our lives!!! matty just sits in it and watches whatever i'm doing. it's the greatest invention ever!!!!

  6. My sling is a must-have. I use it ALL THE TIME!

    We also have a Bumbo which was wonderful when he wanted to sit up, but couldn't do it on his own. However, the package says it is for older babies, too, but at 8 months, he has learned to crawl out of it!

  7. My peanut shell sling, my beco butterfly carrier, baby bjorn bouncy seat, boppy, and bumbo were the things I used all.the.time! Oh, and the play gym!

  8. Useful: I had the same Fisher Price bouncer and LOVED it! (I never used the annoying attachment either) My son had reflux pretty bad and this helped keep him at an incline and let him see the world! He also loved the bumbo. It's a must-have, but it's only useful for a short time. Once they sit up on their own, they hate it.

    Useless: I had a sling and my son HATED it! He screamed bloody murder whenever I put him in it. He has always wanted to be able to see everything and never was very cuddley. I did like it for the first month but after that, he refused. I really wanted to be a baby-wearer but my darn kid didn't cooperate. There's still hope for my next baby.

  9. Lol. I always giggle at the bouncy. I think every baby in the world except my son loved that. He hated his and we never used it. He also hated his sling. I used it a total of 2 times and then sold it to Once Upon a Child. I do wish we'd gotten a bumbo though.

  10. Your sling is awesome! I love the colors! Whenever I have #2, I will definitely use a sling/carrier.

    I really relied on a bouncer (that vibrated) when Griff was a baby and a swing when he got a little older.

  11. i love my moby. if dustin is fussy. in he goes. and out he is. asleep that is. i love my boppy too. i use it for nursing in bed. and then for when the kiddos start sitting up. it works great to put around them and then they don't bonk their heads on anything. most of the time.
    i love the cloth diapers. any of them. :0) and the bouncy seat is great. of course i always strap them in and dustin did not almost roll himself out of it a few weeks ago. because he was strapped in of course.
    i love the travelling swings. that way you don't have a big honkin swing in your living room and you can take it with if you need it.
    the bumbo is nice. not a must have for me. but i a nice extra to have.
    i love the arbonne baby line. but have heard super great things about cali baby.
    i think i've rambled on a lot. so i'll quit now.:0)

  12. Both my kids loved the Bumbo. It's great for when they first start eating solids too- just sit them in it to eat! We have those restaurant-style high chairs so they weren't practical when Emmy first started eating, so I used the Bumbo.

    And (some moms might freak out about this) I used the Bumbo when I was in the shower- sit it in the bottom of the shower, set the baby in it, shower, then move on to bathing them. We never had any issues with it and now my kids both love to get in the shower with me- it makes getting ready so much easier! But NEVER use it in standing water and never leave them in it either!

  13. I agree that a carrier of some sort (I had a bjorn style) is essential baby doesn't want to be away from mama in the first few weeks to months. If you want to get anything done you must have a carrier. I used it alot shopping too!

    The swing was nap central for about three months, I cleaned like a crazy the two to three hours she would crash in the swing otherwise nothing some days.

    I also am a big fan of the bouncy seat. She loved that thing. That's where she hung out while I showered/got ready, while we ate dinner (cuz she had to be near us aka on the table while we ate, safe right?) and it doubles as a high chair when we first started doing solids as she was to tiny for her high chair even at five months old.

    I also liked the boppy it provided a free hand when nursing. I generally had to use another pillow in conjuction with it but just the fact that it wrapped around me helped out.

    Cloth diaper fan too!

  14. Def a carrier. I had a Bjorn and could not go grocery shopping without it for five months. Sling didn't work for me so I took it back.

    Travel system was a waste of money. Next time I will get a light weight snap n go stroller to use with my infant seat.

    Kiddopotomus SwaddleMe wraps. My daughter slept so much better with these compared to a regular receiving blanket swaddle.

    I know many of you are into cloth diapers, but it's not for me. I swear by Huggies Overnights. She sleeps 12 + hours a night and these keep everything in!!

    Calmoseptine cream for diaper rashes. Esp with diarhea. It's over the counter but you have to get it from behind the pharmacy counter.

    And my #1, can't live without, lifechanging baby item: white noise machine. I use the SleepMate white noise machine and do not leave home without it. She can sleep anywhere with it!

  15. Love my jumperoo and my Bumbo. My daughter is to small for her high chair so we just feed her in that. It works great and is easy to clean. I only wish I had one with my two boys.

  16. My baby must haves and things I love: my wraps and sling, the Bumbo, my breast friend, Hooter Hider (Bebe au Lait) nursing cover and my Cold Seat…a must have in the summer especially summer in Arizona!


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