Ask the Moms: Your Worst Parenting Advice

What is the funniest/worst/strangest parenting advice someone has told you?

Maybe an old lady told you something absolutely ridiculous that made you roll your eyes? Or maybe your mother told you something completely insane? Or some random man on the street told you the funniest advice on how to raise your child?!
It’s sort of like that one time I was holding Lucas in my arms and the lady was implying that I was crazy to be holding him like that and I needed to have some sort of carrier or my arms were going to break. Right. If I want your advice on how to hold my baby I’ll ask you thanks very much.
I don’t have any crazy stories to tell. But I want to hear about yours! What is the worst or craziest parenting advice you’ve been given?

Published by Samantha Mellen

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17 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Your Worst Parenting Advice

  1. When I was pregnant a woman at the store asked if we knew the gender, I told her it was a boy and then….

    She told me that I ruined my labor because the suprize of finding out the gender is what makes it worth while…and here I thought it was the baby that made it worth while.

  2. Last week my Nana was completely shocked that I would give Penny an onion to chew on. We're sort of doing baby-led solids, and I want her to at least taste everything, because I'm a picky eater and don't want her to be. She DID seem to like it…

  3. HA! I love this!!

    Some random man(I knew him in passing from church) tried to give me labor and birthing advice. What it feels like, what to expect, what to do to induce and/or speed up labor…etc. Randomly weird.

    Anyway, so I asked if he was an OB…Nope, he works on airplanes.

    And…this is my third kid (He knew that before the conversation began!)

    I am pretty darn sure I know what to expect, and I REALLY don't want to discuss my cervix OR pre-induction intercourse with some RANDOM MAN in the middle of the sanctuary.


  4. My sister-in-law believes everything she hears. One day when I was pregnant, she saw me with my hands over my head while I was in the swimming pool. She flipped out! She told me that putting your hands above your head makes the cord wrap around the baby's neck.

    That makes no sense at all.

    Then, as I approached delivery, Matty had hiccups for hours every day. It was so sweet and really annoying at the same time. The same sister-in-law told me that if your baby has hiccups in the womb, it's likely to result in a still birth.

    And she tells me this! Bluntly! While I'm pregnant!

    I was getting ultrasounds every week at the time due to some issues that reared their ugly head at about 20 weeks, and nothing irregular ever showed up.

    This is a little off subject, but my doctor was a little concerned that I might have preclampsia, and while I was waiting on the results to the test, the SAME sister-in-law told me that she knew somebody who had died of eclampsia just days after having her baby.

    I think she meant well, but, sheesh, I would have rather not known about it.

  5. hahaha my favourite was the same as Alexis,a family friend told me not to put my arms in the air while i was pregnant because the cord would go around the babys neck and strangle it:)

  6. “Pump a bottle so Dad can take the night shift” is ridiculous. No new mom can sleep when her crying baby is in the other room, and even if she could, she would wake up in puddle from missing a nursing.

  7. I wish you had names!

    Anonymous #2- I TOTALLY agree, that is so funny! Even when my husband tires to put my babe to bed I end up doing it because I can't stand the crying or he's doing it “wrong” or whatever

  8. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my son was just 4 months old. I was not telling people because, honestly, I was a little embarrassed (I hadn't planned on getting pregnant- it just happened). I was at my sisters house one day and she had her sister-in-law and her family over too. My sister told her SIL that I was pregnant (not a big deal) and said that I wasn't telling people yet because the pregnancy was a surprise.

    Her SIL got so MAD at me- she started going off about how every baby is a gift from God and how if I felt that way my baby would feel unwanted and we wouldn't have a good mother-child bond when she was born.

    Needless to say, my daughter and I have bonded just fine, thank you, and I never once thought that I didn't want to have her!

  9. The waitress at Pizza Hut told us we should get Zealand used to sleeping on blankets on the floor….that wherever she went, she would just throw down a blanket in the corner and lay her kid down to sleep. Now this seems not as crazy in writing, but if you saw the lady, you would totally understand the oddness and grossness of this “tip”!

  10. YES.

    I had to go to the E.R. about 2 weeks postpartum for massive bleeding, and the old lady in the E.R. was looking at Ben and was like “Don't you have a blanket?” (There was a blanket over him to keep him warm) And we were like “Uhhh….” (I was irritated because here I am bleeding like crazy and she is worried about a blanket) And she went and got a towel and said to put it underneath him because the “plastic” of his carseat would get cold on him. Um it's cloth. And it doesn't get cold when a warm baby is sitting in it. By the way, I'm bleeding to death. My husband got pretty irritated because she kept going on about it and pushing it. While I bled.

  11. My first son was one month early and small, 4 1/2 pounds. When he was 10 weeks old we visited my mother and we went to the mall. My son got a little fussy so my mom took him out of the store we were in and started walking him and patting his back in the middle section of the mall. These woman kept going on and on and on behind me in line about how babies who are 2 days old shouldn't come out, and how irresponsible people are “these days”. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore, turned around and said, “I'm his mother, he's perfectly healthy and 10 weeks old. How long would you like us to stay home? Six months, a year?” Gotta love it.

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