Some Things.

I just want to touch base with you all and answer a few questions.
The Fit by Labor Day 8 week challenge starts this Monday. It’s not to late to join – if you want in you need to send me your “before” pictures by Sunday Morning. As in tomorrow. If you could PLEASE get them to me ASAP I would really appreciate that!! By sending me your pictures you are joining. Don’t forget to include the link to your blog if you want and your goal in one or two sentences.
This challenge is for anyone. Big or small, tall or short, blonde hair or green hair. You are all welcome. It is the goal of some to lose 5 pounds, it is the goal of others to lose 100 pounds and that is fine.
This is a individual challenge but I am also going to be putting everyone on teams. I’m hoping this will provide more support, encouragement, accountability and motivation because you will have a few people that you can be working with throughout the 8 weeks. I am doing this randomly because I feel that is the only fair way to do it. If you have someone that you would like to be on a team with please email me with that person’s name and I will do my best to match you up. I can’t guarantee anything though.
I have created an 8 week chart/journal for those of us participating in the Fit by Labor Day challenge. It’s just a fun way to keep track of your daily foods, exercise and other things. I will be emailing this to all of you by Sunday night.(Lord willing I can get all this done!) You can print it out to use or just keep in on your computer. Keeping yourself accountable by writing down everything you eat and all your activity is a HUGE factor in your success!
Any other questions???!! This is not suppose to be complicated! 🙂 Please shoot me an email if you have something else you want to ask or talk to me about. I promise I’m nice and I won’t bark at you.
In other news… we went to a rodeo last night. I am so loving the country music. Get this women a jean skirt with red boots please. And helllooooo Tim McGraw!
I wore Lucas in the moby wrap for almost 4 hours. He was in heaven. He spent about an hour looking around at people, an hour sleeping, and the rest of the time looking up at his mama. 🙂 I only got one comment from a lady about “Oh I know they have those in Africa,” and ” Aren’t you afraid he will fall out?” Seriously.

Can I just say that I think the whole get on a horse-run fast-throw a rope around a calf-slap it on the ground-wrap the rope around its legs- let it lay there and squirm for six seconds thing- is just mean?? I’m sorry but who ever thought that was a good idea??
And now I should probably go eat ice cream or something before this challenge starts. Just kidding. I eat perfectly healthy every single day. I never eat ice cream. I don’ even like ice cream.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

10 thoughts on “Some Things.

  1. I really want to join…but I can't really stick to anything until my dh is out of school. He gets out August 8th. He's gone all day for school and goes straight to work for the evening 6 days a week. So…me with 4 kids 24/7 has me totally exhausted and unable to get help to commit to working out and such. Would it be too late to join at that time? I want to be on a team and it sounds so fun. 😦

  2. Kim,
    Since this is a dated challenge (8 weeks) everyone does have to start at the same time. However, I encourage you to join anyways – could you focus just on your diet? I imagine working out with 4 kids would be really hard, but could you focus on eating healthier? You can definitely lose weight and do a lot with JUST diet. In fact diet is a HUGE HUGE factor in weight loss. Diet is #1 Exercise is #2 in the weight loss equation.

    So you can still join us, don't worry!!

  3. Oh people and their baby-carrying comments. Not as irritating as cloth diapers though.

    Can't wait to start the challenge! I have been getting a head start!

  4. Thanks for getting back to me! Okay I will go ahead and just start with diet then. I'll go and re-read the instructions for signing up. 🙂 Can't wait!

  5. Oh I hope it's not too late for my picture. I've got mastitis and totally forgot. It'll probably be another hour or so before I get it sent. Eeek.

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