Ask the Moms: Why do You Breastfeed?

This question comes from Sarah.

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“Recently my best friend started to breastfeed. I have been breastfeeding for 4 months now. When we discussed our reasons behind breastfeeding, I realized that we had different priorities when starting. I was obsessed with Lucia having breast milk and thought that nothing else was good enough. She mentioned breastfeeding being all about the bond she and baby would develop. Now that I’m four months into it, I realize that the bond Lucia and I have developed is something to truly appreciate, but it was not my main motivation to breastfeed. I am just curious about other moms out there. What are your reasons for breastfeeding? To help lose the baby weight? Bond with baby? Save money? Provide nutrients? What motivates other moms?”

Published by Samantha Mellen

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33 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Why do You Breastfeed?

  1. I honestly think that the main reason I initially decided to breast feed is because that is what my mom did. It is what my sisters did before me….so I guess I just assumed that I would too. Once I started, I realized that the bond formed while breast feeding is amazing. It forced me (a hyper person) to sit and do nothing but focus on my baby several times a day. I just finished nursing number dos, and it is definitely bittersweet being done.

  2. My main reason for breastfeeding was because that is what is best for the baby. It was also an amazing way to bond with her. I loved being able to look at her while she was eating. I loved spending the time with her in the middle of the night too, especially when I went back to work. That was our time to spend together! And it was my way of taking care of her even when I wasn't there since I would pump and she would get my milk in a bottle. When I stopped breastfeeding I was very sad. I missed it.

  3. What could be better than what God designed especially for my baby? It's convenient and free, strengthens the bond between mommy and baby, but it's the BEST I can give my baby. Science has tried to duplicate it, and they've done a good job for situations where the mother can't nurse or chooses not to, but nothing they've come up with is quite as good. I want my little boy to have the best that I can give him, and I truly believe that I am.

  4. My main reason was because I was determined to be the best mother I could be. I researched like mad and even though I lived in a “I was formula fed and I was fine” invironment, I decided that “fine” simply wasn't good enough for my child and I wanted “optimum” and breast milk was it and breastfeeding was it!

    By the time I started nursing baby number 4 I had lowered my standards in some areas and let up on myself a little in a lot of areas however breastfeeding became more and more important to me as optimum nourishment and a basic right of a human baby, like warmth and love.


  5. For me, I wanted to breastfeed at first just to see if I would be able to. Once I started it felt so right to be doing something so natural for my new baby! I never imagined how much it had affected me until I was reading about weaning and wondering why I was crying before I even got through one paragraph! It was an amazing 9 months and I am so happy I could do that for my daughter!

  6. I feel that my job as my children's mother is to provide them with the very best that I can offer. There's nothing better for them nutritionally than breast milk so that's what they get!

    I was determined to breastfeed and successfully nursed my daughter for over 18 months and am currently nursing my son who is 10 months. My daughter has been sick once, and my son has never been sick. Breastmilk is liquid gold!

  7. I was determined to breastfeed because it was the best thing nutritionally as well as emotionally for my baby. I'm glad that I didn't do it strictly for the bond because I would have quit after the first week. I had a terrible thrush infection that went on for 3 months. I was in so much pain every time he nursed, but I was determined that it was what I had to do for him. Since that ended the bonding part has become an added perk.

  8. I actually didn't give it very much thought at all (my first child is now almost six). I always felt an intuitive understanding that it would provide a profound way to connect with my children, and I knew there were no reasons not to. So that's what I planned on doing. Luckily, I had very few issues and lots of support from a moms group and La Leche League, so we've had a good time of it.

  9. Hey Samantha! The Follow Friday trend has started in blogging. I was tagged by Jen from Family Affair who wrote a FF post about me. She asked me to pick someone to spotlight and I chose you! It would be great if you picked someone (not me) to write a FF post on, ask them to do the same, and then comment on my blog to let me know who you chose.

  10. As a soon to be mom to an adopted infant, I've been exploring the options of breastfeeding for bonding reasons…haven't decided one way or another yet, but I'm open to the idea of adoptive breastfeeding and inducing lactation. My reason would be purely for bonding, not really nutrition (although I do plan to bf any bio kids I may have)…we'll see!

  11. I breastfed for ALL of those reasons, but mainly for the health benefits and the bonding experience. The added pluses of losing weight and the convienence just added to everything.

  12. I honestly wanted to breastfeed just to prove I was capable. No one in my family ever breastfed, I wanted to try something different! Plus we were having a natural birth w/ a midwife and it only seemed appropriate to go with a natural way of feeding the baby too. It wasn't till I started breastfeeding that I realized the strong emotional bond we were making. And it was just an added plus that “breast is best” as well as FREE!

  13. I chose to breastfeed my first because I had read it was a good way of avoiding allergies. I soon learned how great it was in so many ways for both of us & I've gone on to breastfeed all 6 of my kids.

  14. I started breastfeeding because it was what was best for my children. I breastfed my daughter exclusively up to 6 months and then part-time supplemented (really only at night because I worked) until she was 14 months old. My son is also breastfed and he was on the same schedule, except now that he's 15 months, he just doesn't want to wean. So, he's breastfed at naptime and at night. My main motivation was because it was what's best, but down the road, it became a nice bonding experience for both my children. Plus, I truly believe breastfeeding from birth and through 6 months can help women avoid and lessen the torture of postpartum depression. That's my opinion anyway.

  15. I had my first child when I was just 20 and hadn't really thought about how I was going to feed the baby actually. All I had ever seen or known was bottle feeding, but my dd spent the first 2 days in the nursery and when I went to visit her the nurse asked if I wanted to nurse, and I just said “Yeah”. Don't know why, but I did and been at it ever since. I'm currently nursing my 4th child and am so glad I did; nutritionally and emotionally it's the very best start in life that I can give my children. 🙂

  16. Hi! I found you through rosielayne 🙂 Initially I decided to breastfeed for six months only because I knew it would be good for my daughter. When it hurt and was hard the first few weeks, I kept at it strictly to “beat it.” Within two months, I had changed my mind about trying to wean at six months! I never thought after those horrible first weeks and thrush that I would “love” nursing, but I really do. It's just so…natural. I'm really glad that I was able to do it and do it well because I have so many friends who did not end up being able to nurse their babies, even though they tried. I now plan to nurse my daughter until she is a year old! Even if people don't understand the emotional reasons why I'd continue nursing, they all understand the economics! All I have to say is, “Why would I start spending all that money on formula when I'm at home anyway” and they go, “Well, that's true…”

    Great topic. I've enjoyed reading everyone's answers!

  17. I chose to breastfeed because human breastmilk is the natural choice for human babies. I think often of how poluted and artificial our food is, and knowing that I can provide the PERFECT nutrition for my baby (as long as I have a balanced and mostly natural diet too) is amazing. I'm sorry, but I almost get mad when other Moms choose not to BF for any reason other than absolute necessity. All of the benefits for our bonding and relationship, my health, her health (of course), and the convieniece (oh my, who wants to make a bottle at 3AM!), have been wonderful bonuses in the journey. We've been going strong 5 months now, and I do not want to think about the day that we will stop, but that will be natural and right too.

  18. i breast fed both of my daughters because i was told it was best for them. and i also knew it was something no one else could do with my child. every one else could change a diaper or give a bath but no one else could breast feed them. i will admit that when i had my son i was looking forward to it all just the same but it wasn't the same for me. i was incredibly uncomfortable. i've talked to some other people about their same situation and i quickly didn't feel so bad about it. my son has had no growing issues. he's rarely sick compaired to my girls who can catch a cold as easily as stepping in a puddle. plus he's always been in the 95th to 100th percentile. i dont know if i believe breast feeding is the best for your child because my unbreast fed child has had less issues then my breast fed children. personally for me i guess its more of a bonding thing.

  19. Cheap, convenient, and easy (most days)! It certainly was easier to breast feed my second daughter (til 20 months) than it has been to nurse my twin boys (14m), but I keep plugging away, trying my best to make it to 2 years with them. I want to give them the best start in life that I can. It's healthier for them, as well as for me.

  20. I didn't really consider breastfeeding a choice, more something you do. My first two children were fairly easy to breastfeed, so I never really had to think about it much more than this.

    We recently had a third and she has been a huge challenge to breastfeed, the main thing that has kept me going is the future convenience. Cost flew right out the window as we paid for pump rental, scale rental, various consultations. Washing pump parts is time consuming, but you don't have to be so careful as with bottles and nipples you use for formula, same with taking breastmilk out and about with you, what we have gone through for the past 8 weeks has been worth it to avoid all that sterilising down the line.

    We're finally getting there, she can finally transfer enough milk at the breast, though I do help her a bit by pumping to maintain a slight oversupply.

  21. my main goal is the nutrition part of it. i want to feed my baby the best. and it's FREE!! formula is so expensive. i only nursed my daughter for 6 months and formula is not cheap. i'm so happy i've exclusively BF'ed my son for 6 months now.

    the bond is good, but unfortunately, not my main goal. i mean, it's nice, but sometimes, honestly, it's inconvenient. sometimes i just wish i could give him a bottle (i mean, i know i could, but that would require pumping, thawing, etc.) but at the same time, it's convenient too. i can nurse him anywhere, anytime and not have to worry about packing bottles and what not.

    so for me, FREE and nutritious!!

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