Pregnancy No-No’s You might Do Anyways

If this is your first pregnancy you’re most likely worried and freaking out about everything you’re eating and drinking, how hard you’re working out or the lack there of, how fast you’re walking, how much pressure your putting on your belly while laying on your stomach or side- are you allowed to lay on your stomach???-if your water is purified, if you’re allowed to eat fish, if that milk has too many hormones in it, if your bath water was too hot…..

Was it just me?

I can’t tell you how often I did something and then ran to my computer and became worst enemies with Google. Internet + Google + Pregnant Women = VERY BAD IDEA.

Let me tell you about this one time. I ate lox on a bagel. It tasted delicious. Until the last bite when it hit me that you’re not suppose to eat raw fish while you’re pregnant!! Crap. I wanted to throw up in my mouth. I called my husband and we’re panicked and worried. Well, why did you eat it? I didn’t know! I forgot! Look it up online and see what is says. It’s not good! Lox is bad!! The baby! The baby!!

Then I was freaking out because I had smoked salmon flavored cream cheese. (I like fish okay?!) Is there real fish in that? How do they make it? Check the ingredients!!

Oh, Dear Heavens. Let me tell you about a few of the no-no’s that are indeed “don’t do’s” during pregnancy but that are okay in moderation.

I did not drink a single ounce (okay, maybe like three) of caffeine during pregnancy. This was not too hard for me because I don’t drink much caffeine anyway besides Diet Coke. (Yes, that means I don’t drink coffee. It is possible to function without it. I’m just super women.) I had heard and read that caffeine during pregnancy was not a good idea. Really, a little bit isn’t going to harm your baby. I actually know many mothers who continue to drink their daily soda or coffee a day (by just cutting back a little) and have a baby of perfection!

I had raw fish. I survived and so did my baby. I will say though, that was the only piece of raw fish I ate! I don’t think raw fish is something to risk at all, so take precautions and avoid it if possible.

Hot Water.
I am ridiculous enough to admit to you that I actually avoided baths- a deep love of mine- because I thought the water was too hot. For heavens sake mama- just get in the tub! The last few weeks I did take more baths. I made sure to never get too hot, have the room well ventilated, and get out when I felt too warm. And the bath’s felt so nice and relaxing. They made my huge self feel better and reduced my stress. Now that I think about it, the water in my birth tub at the hospital was hotter than mine at home!

Deli Meat.
Deli Meat is not recommend because of the bacteria Listeria. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of deli meet anyways because I think deli meet is sort of fake. How they start with a turkey and end with a slab of slimy leather is beyond me. If you choose to eat deli meat – warm it up first so it kills most of the bacteria. I did have a few Quizno sandwiches towards the end of my pregnancy. Because they were “toasted” I felt in the clear.

The most important thing to remember is that stressing about this stuff may actually be worse than doing! Stress is not good for your or your baby. So relax!

I’m not implying that it’s okay to eat raw fish, drink caffeine, take hot tubs or do any of the things we’re suppose to avoid- I just want you to know that a little bit of anything isn’t going to hurt you. Moderation is key. You should always take extra precaution during pregnancy and be as safe and healthy as possible. If you have done something that is on the list of don’ts – tell your doctor about it and he or she can let you know what you need to do and can (hopefully) make you feel better about it.

There are three things I believe should be avoided 100% during pregnancy no ifs ands or buts about it.

Alcohol. Drugs. Smoking.

Don’t know why those are bad? Google it.

What about you? Did you eat anything on the “don’t” list? Are you living to tell about it?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

26 thoughts on “Pregnancy No-No’s You might Do Anyways

  1. Hot dogs are on the list too. I heard this and laughed for awhile.

    I craved hot dogs like crazy and ate them all the time. I actually got sick at 26 weeks from a hot dog and had to go into L&D for fluids because I couldn't eat for 2 days and kept nothing down.

    Now I can't eat very many hot dogs without getting sick because of this one time.

    I drank caffeine daily. When I was pregnant, when I nursed, caffeine is the only thing that keeps my biweekly migraines at bay.

    They say you should avoid caffeine, but they say you can have 1 cup of coffee daily without side effects, and I don't drink coffee, just soda haha.

    And the hot bath thing is crazy. As long as you aren't overheated, you are fine. If you start to get too hot and sweat, then you have a problem. I hate how they scare women into thinking they will truly boil their baby if they take a bath.

    That's it for me haha

  2. I avoided hot baths, had very few though. I didn't eat soft ice cream or hot dogs and only had Subway once or twice. I am glad I didn't do the deli meat thing as we ended up with a huge listeria outbreak here in Canada while I was pregnant. I do feel I obsessed a little too much and eventually decided to listen to my body and if something didn't agree, I wouldn't eat it and if it did, I would.

    I think if you are in tune with your body then your choices will be fine and if in doubt, talk to a doctor or nutritionist but beware of the internet and trust the sites you go on…lots of false info out there!

    Try to enjoy this time instead of stressing about all the what if's.

  3. Well…I am currently 32 weeks along with my first baby. I did take some hot baths in the beginning…then freaked out. I talked to my doctor and she said just use common sense…if it feels way too hot, add a little cool water. So I did.

    The hot dog thing was mentioned to me as well. I got turkey dogs or nitrate free hot dogs and grilled them. I have only eaten them a handful of times, though.

    Coffee…I LOVE MY MORNING COFFEE!!!! I actually had an AVERSION to my coffee during my first trimester. Nature doing what it needs to do? Maybe. I continued to drink my coffee when this subsided during my second trimester. I still have one cup per day. I have been told by my doc and numerous other moms that MODERATION is indeed the key. (They all drank about one cup per day and all babies were perfect)

    Good stuff! Enjoyed this post so much!!!

  4. ya know, my doctor never told me there were things I wasn't supposed to eat or do. Granted I knew there were certain things, like raw fish, that I shouldn't eat so that wasn't an issue.

    Caffeine and me were good friends. LOL If I didn't stop at Caribou Coffee for a Hot Cocoa then I was having a Mountain Dew with my lunch at work. I think my Lucas turned out just fine. 🙂 My doc just told me to cut back and not go over board. One a day was fine.

  5. Well, my big “no-no” of pregnancy was deciding, after careful thought and deliberation, to continue drinking raw milk from our local farm. I too googled “listeria” (yikes!), but decided to go ahead and drink the “liquid gold.” I avoided deli meats and raw cheese, but didn't sweat it if I did consume some. I got yelled at by little old ladies (so I didn't share this with too many), but I really think the source matters. Plus, someone mentioned, there is a MUCH higher danger of being in a serious car accident while pregnant, but you don't see women declining to drive in cars, do you? But yes, I fretted over the bath temperature, hormone content of soy products, and even stress itself! Oh brother.

  6. My doctor told me that freshly-carved deli meat was ok to eat. For example, you go to the local deli and they carve it there- rather than buying the Oscar Meyer package at the grocery store. I ate it- was fine.

    I also craved Sonic corn dogs. I ate one of those at least once a week when I was pregnant with my son.

    I couldn't sleep on my left side for the life of me- both my kids were all bulgy on that side, so I slept on my right. No problems there either.

    I was also on my feet for 10 hours a day, working retail, until the week before both kids were born. Can I just say that my labor was about 4 hours from start to finish, with me pushing about 4 times per kid? WALKING is the best thing you can do!!

  7. Pretty much everything on that list I did except drugs and smoking. I drank a half of a glass of wine once in a while after 1st trimester. I HAD to have caffiene daily to make it to and through work. I tried without it and I fell alseep! Turkey, hot dogs, baths, but not too hot… you name it I probably did it…in moderation. Its funny how much you stress and none of it really mattered in the end!

  8. When I was pregnant with my 1st (1987), my OB recommended a glass of wine with dinner every night during the 3rd trimester for relaxation. I did give up soda permanently while pregnant with my first & I've never missed it…I don't drink coffee either.

  9. I was worried about everything so I went to my local bookstore and bought a bunch of books on pregnancy and read and then reread them during my pregnancies. I was still worried and scared most of the time. I'm a worrywart. I'm probably what some would call a “helicopterMom” now. I just call myself “prepared.” Great post!

  10. “Internet + Google + Pregnant Women = VERY BAD IDEA.”

    you need to patent this expression my friend. I was terrified of everything!! I researched everything and became the “expert” on what you shouldnt do during pregnany. Then i tried to share my expertise with al lmy friends who were already moms. Yep that went over well!!! LOL

  11. I'm at 30 weeks and for the 1st 2 months I craved smoked oysters like everyday. I would eat them at least 2 or 3 times a week. Now I crave chocolate all the time and it's so hard to hold back. I have actually eaten 3 chocolate bars in one day a couple of weeks ago. LOL This is a great post thanks for sharing.

  12. The internet makes a pregnant woman incredibly paranoid especially if she utilizes the oh-so-unhelpful Baby Center message boards (like I did). I took baths but tried to make sure they weren't too hot. The nurse at my OB told me that bacteria could swim into my cervix and poison the baby or something like that. WTF. My cervix NEVER opened, not even when I went into labor. I didn't eat raw fish but I had crab and lobster (cooked). I had deli sandwich meat without heating it up (I don't understand that one AT ALL). I ate a lot of foods with high sodium until I was diagnosed with pre-e and then I cut back. Sorta. All I know is that Peanut came out perfectly healthy no thanks to me.

  13. I'm 36 weeks now and finally feeling less paranoid, but the OB/midwife, magazines, books, WebMD, Baby Center, iVillage, et. al, family and friends will make you a nervous wreck with all the things you are not supposed to do. Makes you wonder how the human race has managed to survive all these years. I confess I ate alfalfa sprouts on a chicken sandwich and I've eaten hot dogs. Both of which are no-nos. And last night I ate a soft cheese that was on a cracker platter at a party. I think baby girl will be okay.

    ps thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my belly shot!

  14. I craved fountain soda – I have drank diet coke for years, but, when I was preggo with Madaline, I wanted regular Coke. Lots of Ice, in the gallon gulp size, and only from Wendy's.

    I ate deli meat as well – I was the retentive person in the deli line that made them slice it for me, only after they checked the expiration date on the package.

    I used to watch all the pregnancy shows on TV -both the good ones and the bad ones. That was, until I recounted to my mid-wife that I was having nightmares of my baby getting stuck in the birth canal and becoming permanently lodged there for an eternity. We immediately talked about the birthing process and I nixed the baby shows. I slept better and realized that my kid was not going to get stuck, despite the fact it felt like she had her foot wrapped around my sciatic nerve.

    I *think* Madaline turned out ok – She did come 3.5 weeks early, but, I have never thought it had anything to do with my soda obsession or eating deli meat.

  15. With my 1st I worried about everything & followed all the rules, with my 2nd I had awful morning sickness & I was limited on what didn't make me sick. Most things on the rules did so I didn't touch them. Let's see by #3 I did: deli meat, caffeine, hot water (but I don't do baths) & feta cheese.

  16. I tried to give up caffeine but then the headaches started. So I started drinking 1-2 cans of Diet Coke a day (Yes I consumed artificial sweeteners too!) and didn't have as many headaches.

    I heated all lunch meat and ate fish, but rarely. I so craved sushi but didn't give in.

    Despite the caffeine and the artificial sweeteners, my baby was born PERFECT!

  17. I was so nervous with my first pregnancy. I OBSESSED over everything I put into my mouth! I had morning sickness SO bad that getting anything down those first few months was a challenge. Which made me obsess that I was starving my baby.
    The second time around I too busy to obsess! ;0)

  18. I had terrible hyperemesis while pregnant (throwing up literally dozens of times per day the first 8 months and at least twice daily the last months) so I gotta tell you, I was game for eating ANYTHING I could keep down, so if sushi sounded like it wouldn't make me puke, or a caffeinated soda sounded like it might settle my stomach, you better bet I ate/drank it!

    And for the record, lox is actually not raw, so you're good there…and thanks for making me want a bagel with lox lol

  19. Wow I love this article! I feel so much better after reading it! I am definitely a culprit of running to the computer after I think I've done something wrong.

    My biggest “freak out” moments have been after I exercise. I am used to doing high energy kick boxing classes. My doctor gave me the OK to continue the classes (I'm only 15 weeks pregnant) and just told me to listen to my body and take it easy as needed. Well I get so paranoid that the class isn't fun anymore. I'm start to panic that I'm going to jostle the baby loose!

  20. I used to smoke cigarettes, but I quit 4 or 5 years ago and I thought that was going to be my biggest health obstacle to being pregnant. However, now that the time has come, I am looking at these lists and I am going to miss a lot. I am used to drinking 2 coffees and 2 sodas a day, so my caffeine reduction will be rather drastic. And then a lot of my favorite foods are here too, like chicken (is it really that dangerous? What if it's cooked thoroughly?) sushi, other seafood (crab is cooked and someone else here said they had it, is it really a no-no or more just the raw stuff?) and brie is my favorite cheese ever!

    Fortunately I don't have cats so the litter box thing isn't a problem for me and I've never liked drinking much, so I won't miss the alcohol. And the last thing that is terrible is I can't take my migraine medication and my migraines are debilitating. I'm just trying to focus on preventing them by avoiding my triggers and trying to stretch a lot to avoid the extreme tension in my shoulders and neck that also contributes to my headaches. Hopefully cutting way back on my caffeine consumption doesn't trigger more headaches for me either haha.

    I am so excited to become a mother and I hope I don't put him or her at risk with my hot showers or a crab dinner one night lol…

  21. The caffeine during pregnancy is not good. How much caffeine is safe during pregnancy? According to the March of Dimes, during pregnancy less than 200mg a day is safer enough to be used. This view on caffeine and pregnancy is also supported by the study conducted by American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. It has been narrated that expected mother if take 200mg of caffeine in a day then she would to be prone to risk of miscarriage for about fifty six percent. It is advised to not take caffeine as it causes constriction in the blood vessels of the fetus thus blocking the normal flow of blood.

  22. Pregnancy and caffeine both are not suitable for each other as caffeine is with birth risks. Caffeine in large quantities needs to be avoided as they may slows down fetus growth. According to one of the source, caffeine during pregnancy must be consumed in less than 200mg in daily routine during pregnancy. One of the main risks which are linked with the consumption of caffeine is miscarriage. It is being considered that risk of miscarriage in those pregnant women is high who consumed caffeine in more than 200mg quantities.

  23. While pregnant with my son, all I craved was sushi. So I ate it raw and all. And my son turned out perfect. Doctor even noticed when he was born that he had a thick cord. Perfect healthy baby all thanks to fish. All I have to.say is listen to you cravings its what your baby wants.

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