That Family Is My Family

We were at the grocery store the other day and I saw this family. You know. That family. With those kids.

There were 3 or 4 of them, I lost count, maybe there were five, who were whining because they wanted ice cream. They wanted to buy Hannah Montana or Spiderman or something. The toddler was hanging with his head outside the cart about to be hit by the pizza freezer door. The infant was screaming. His diaper was probably leaking out the sides or something. The other child was talking about how so n’ so was like so rude whatever she didn’t do it like how come Laura’s mom let her like you are so not fair you are like the lamest mother ever like I am moving out!!! and the fourth kid, if there was a fourth kid- I don’t remember, was picking his buggers and putting them on his sisters new pink dress which was too short anyways and his sister was screaming I HATE YOUUUU STOP DOING THAT!!!
It was annoying.
Please. Can’t someone get these children under control? I’m trying to shop here in Safeway and get some peace and quite and these children are so loud! Can’t that mother calm them down? Bribe them with chocolate or something? Tell them they can buy whatever video they want as long as they go to bed early tonight? Give the lollipops to suck on? Anything???
Then it hit me like a ton of bricks from the wall that Humpty Dumpty sat on.
That’s going to be me. I’m going to be that family. That mother. With those kids.

Dear Lord.
We were at the bookstore yesterday. I was in the health section and my husband was with Lucas on the other side of the bookstore. I heard this child whining. Just talking and talking and be rather loud actually inside a quite bookstore. It’s not that the sound itself was irritating or annoying- it was a cute sound- it’s just the fact that we were in a BOOKSTORE and I’m hearing noises when I’m trying to READ. I’m thinking to myself- can’t that mother give her kid a binky or something? Give him a book to chew on? Anything?? I mean, really.
Then it hit me. This time like bricks form the Great Wall of China.
That’s my child.

Oh have Mercy!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

25 thoughts on “That Family Is My Family

  1. Rofl Loved the ending. And, since I have 3 & the older 2 like to play hide & seek in the clothes department, run around stores, never watch out for people & fight over the shopping cart…I already am that mother.

  2. no need to judge we have all been there before. some days are good days and some are bad. and i guarantee you were one of those kids a time or too and your mom or dad wanted to pull their hair out and everyone was judging you too. take it as it is.

  3. My youngest has always been tempermental. He goes off at anything and he's loud about it! To make it worse, when he cries real loud Gavin starts to cry. If he's tired while we're out shopping, he lets it rip which in turn sets Gavin off and I'm running through the store trying to make them stop crying and people look at me like I look at other people when their kids are being bratty and whiney! I can always feel my face burning! Oh well.We all have our bad days and sometimes I want to scream and cry in the middle of public like my kids do but I am able to restrain myself whereas they're not! When we're old we'll miss these little moments that drive us crazy!

  4. Yep. It happens just like THAT!

    I use to (in my pre-kiddos days) hear moms in the public restrooms, sounding exasperated, tired, impatient, unsympathetic, not-so- quietly letting their kids verbally “get it”. I never could understand what the big deal was.

    Oh boy, do I ever know now.

    Have mercy, indeed.

  5. Yeah, I always think that when my daughter is throwing all her food on the floor at a restaurant, or spilling her drink, or ripping the menu…*sigh* I'm that mom.

  6. Ha ha! Too funny! I have 4 boys, who can be pretty loud and rowdy when we are at home, but when we go out in public they know that Mommy means business and if they misbehave they aren't getting their treat at the end of the shopping trip. Works almost every time! 🙂

  7. Oh I have totally been thinking this. It is terrifying. I just wonder what I will do. So far I have only had minor actual temper fits in stores from my almost 3 year old but he's getting this thing called a strong personality and one of her traits is bossy and another is girly so I am in for a boatload of trouble!

  8. Its funny how before u have kids u get so annoyed with those kind of families and then when u have your own, you're like “oh I get it now!!” lol I havent had to bad of temper tantrums with our kids out in public YET. I try to avoid taking them to the grocery store honestly, if I can find a babysitter! haha

  9. Right now Peanut's screams aren't that loud because otherwise I'd be mortified to take her in public. She's usually pretty good when we're running errands but I don't want her to ever throw a temper tantrum in public. I would just die.

  10. Before we had our little guy, I definitely got annoyed by “those” families. Wow… our perspectives sure do change once we have kids of our own!! My little guy is only 10 months old… so no major temper tantrums yet… but considering how vocal he is, I can already see it on our future!

  11. Oh, I have been there sooo many times! With only TWO kids…Congrats on the award at Three Little Ones…had to come over to see your blog.
    Come see me sometimes,

  12. Have mercy is right! We all need to have mercy on that mama and those kids. That mama is probably a really good mama, most of the time and would really be encouraged by an uplifting comment rather than a dirty look or an eye roll. I'm that mama sometimes, when we're having a rough day…and the sweet little old men who have told me in the midst of it that they miss those days with their kids have really impacted me. So, encourage that mama, next time you see her. She needs a pat on the back for all her hard work and patience:)

  13. I hope I didn't offend anyone with this! Goodness. It was a joke. This is the sarcastic side of me that comes out…. I DID smile at her and we exchanged “mama I know how you're feeling” glances.

    I'm a nice mama. I promise. 🙂

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