Ask the Moms: New Mom Questions

I hope ya’ll can help me out today because I have a few questions!

1. How do you bathe your children? Up until recently we always took showers with Lucas. It was the easiest and Lucas seemed to like it. We only used the baby bath thing for a few days after he was born- he hated it! Now I think he would enjoy a bath better because it would allow him to play, but we haven’t figure out the best way to do this! We’ve tried holding him in the water and putting the bumbo in, but neither seem to work that well. Is there some sort of “device” you use? Maybe this is just a weird transition time and will be easier when he is able to sit up on his own?
2. Do you buy used cloth diapers? Clean obviously and not stained, but used nonetheless? My husband thinks its gross- I haven’t decided how I feel about it. It is about half the price as new diapers, but have been on another kids tushy.
3. Do you kids sleep with a lovie? A stuffed animal or blanket? I have learned that Lucas really likes to hold something when he is falling asleep so he has a little blanket I let him cuddle with while he’s falling asleep. He always holds it up by his face so I check on him often and as soon as he’s asleep I take it away from him so he doesn’t some how grab it in the night without me knowing. I always worry with anything near his face! Maybe that’s a first time mommy worry thing?!
4. What car seat do you have? We need to get one ASAP. Right now we’re deciding between the Britax Marathon and the True Fit. Do you have either? Suggestions?
5. Did your kids roll over much? My son is 5 months old and has rolled over less than 5 times. He does however, try to crawl. Literally he puts his knees up under him and grunts. I told him that I needed at least another 7 months to prepare myself but he’s not too fond of that idea.
Thanks Mamas! Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. 1. My daughter is only 2 months old, and we bath her in the kitchen sink. She LOVES bath time though, so if you had a crazy, flailing screamer baby then you may not feel secure. We don't even own a “baby bath center” thingy though.

    2. We have hand-me-down diapers from nieces and nephews. I'm not sure how I'd feel about getting used cloth diapers from a stranger though – it does sort of squick me out, but I think it would be okay. It's not like you can't wash them.

    3. Only two months old, so too little. I don't recall what age my nieces and nephews started sleeping with their blankies/lovies/etc without their parents worrying!

    4. Graco snugRide car seat.

    5. Yes. She started rolling over at about 5 weeks and does front to back, back to front, or back to side (she likes being on her side). She doesn't do a continuous front-to-back-to-front (or reverse) yet though. Every kid is different, so your next one might enjoy rolling more and catch you unprepared!

  2. 1. we have always used the infant tub in the bathtub, though her first few baths were in the sink.

    2. I'd say 80% of my diapers are used from Diaper Swappers. I have no problem with it.

    3. She has a Spongebob and a floppy bunny in her bed but she doesn't care about either, really.

    4. We have a Britax Marathon and a Graco Comfort Sport

    5. She didn't roll until she was 6 months, but then she did a lot.

  3. 1. Until our daughter could sit up on her own we used a Summer Infant Large Comfort Bather. Since she has started sitting up we use a Safety 1st Tubside Bath Seat.
    2. I've yet to buy used cds but if they weren't too used & I knew how they had been cared for I probably would use them.
    3. My daughter likes being completely uncovered while sleeping, but often will shove her face into a blanket/pillow/lovie, so I just check on her & try & move things away from her face.
    4. We currently have a Britax Boulevard & we love it. I've also had lots of experience with Britax Marathons & really like them. We got ours at a great price from
    5. Our daughter started totally rolling around at 4 months, but she's never been one to stay still, she just started walking a little before she turned 10 months!

  4. 1. I usually get in the bath with her.
    2. I was given some used ones. Why not? They're clean and they're just gonna get pooped on anyway.
    3. Does my boob count?
    4. We have a bucket {Safety 1st brand maybe?} and a 3 in 1 {can't remember the brand}.
    5. She rolls, crawls, pulls to standing. She's hitting those milestones fairly early and I'm sitting here saying “SLOW DOWN! Stay a baby forever!”

  5. 1. I used the infant tub until my kids were about 5 or 6 months. Then I put just a couple inches of water in the big tub and let them lay (or sit if they could). They could hold their heads up well enough that they could lay on their on their tummy and splash.

    2. I've never bought used cloth diapers because I plan to use mine for more than one kid and don't want them to wear out before I'm done with them.

    3. All my kids like to cuddle with a blanket too, but usually not until about 6 months and by then I didn't worry as much because they can move it off their face on their own.

    4. We have about 5 different car seats, all different brands. Evenflo and Cosco are the only ones I can think of right now (sorry I don't feel like going out to the car to look at the rest:))

    5. My kids each varied with the rolling. My older two wanted to go, go, go and were always rolling. My youngest was very content for a long time and then all of a sudden was moving everywhere!

  6. 1. We used an infant tub that was deep enough for a bigger baby to sit in. Ingrid stayed in that until she sat really well on her own and we trusted her to be in the big tub.
    2. We only buy used diapers! I don't think the idea is gross, they're obviously washed all the time. And it's so much cheaper πŸ™‚
    3. Ingrid has a blanket I made tying knots around the edge of fleece. She loves to pet the ties as she's falling asleep. At a younger age she didn't have one though.
    4. We have the Evenflo Triumph. I love it. The straps move as you need them to to make it fit a bigger kid, instead of having to take them out and restring them through a higher hole. Plus it's affordable.
    5. Ingrid started rolling at two months. And then around 5 months she started getting around by rolling all over, from one side of the room to another. But she didn't crawl until 8 months. So…I guess different babies do different thing at different times πŸ™‚

  7. 1. We either use the baby bathtub or I have dh bring me the baby when I am done taking a bath and just wash her off before I get out.

    2.I have bought used since we are tight on cash but I prefer not to. Usually the diaper is not up to my expectations and it kind of creeps me out knowing another babies butt was in the diaper–I always wash a few times in super hot water. Get lots of info and pics if you do! If you shop around you can usually find good deals on new though.

    3.None of my kids slept with a lovey until they were much older–4 yrs. I think for my first dd. And about the same for my 2nd. I think she only did b/c my first one did. My ds doesn't and he is 2.

    4. We have a Graco Snugride for right now. I def. would get the Britax if I could afford it.

    5.I will have to go back in my baby books but I'm pretty sure they all rolled over fairly quickly. That being said don't worry if he hasn't..there is a large normal range for milestones. Your pediatrician will let you know if he has passed the limit of “normal”. Also your mommy instincts will let you know!

  8. 1. My 3 younger children (3, 2, 2mo) take lots of showers with me because it's easier to get everyone done at the same time and we have a large shower. The absolutely COOLEST bath design I have ever seen was… Between 4-7mo I usually fill the infant tub up with some water and let them lounge in it with a toy or two. They do make bath rings such as the Aqua Baby bath ring. I've never used it, but my friend seemed to like it.

    2. 90% of my diapers are used. I don't have a problem with it. I bought off my friends stash. There is also an awesome resale shop in my area that carries a large selection of used diapers. Their standards are excellent, so I've never had a problem purchasing from them. It probably helps too when you are able to hold and feel the diapers for yourself to see that they are definitely still great quality.

    3. My kiddos have gone through phases with lovies. I don't think it is a problem although if it worries you, just make sure his airway is not hindered with blanket.

    4. So far I'm really liking the Evenflo Triumph except that rear facing it is difficult to buckle in unless you have small hands. With that said, choose the one best fitted to your vehicle and of course also for safety. Car seats are not one size fits all contrary to popular belief and a lot of people use them improperly. Yeah Britax is the *cadillac of carseats*, but if it doesn't fit your vehicle you've done more harm than good. This helps:

    5. Some kids skip stages, some do them by the book. My two oldest walked 1 week after and at 1 years old. My 3rd at 10 months. My oldest spoke in well-formed sentences by 2 and my 3yo can't pronounce her C's. Kids are variable and unique. If your little one wants to crawl instead of roll, then he just might do it.

  9. I've enjoyed your blog…this is my first time commenting,though! It's interesting seeing all the different answers.

    I have 3 kids…2 boys, 1 girl. They are 4, 21 months and 6 months.

    1. All 3 took baths in the sink until they could sit up well on their own (my 6-month-old is still in the sink right now), then we put them in the tub with just an inch or 2 of water. I never showered with any of them because I was too afraid I would slip and drop one of them.

    2. I have bought all new cloth diapers. I have used them for more than one child…plus, I have a phobia about used articles of clothing if I don't know who they are coming from. (I'm strange like that)

    3. My oldest is the only one who sleeps with a lovey, and he didn't until he was 3. Both boys were attached to their nuks and sippy cups, though.

    4. We have the Britax Roundabout and love it! I'm currently searching for a deal on a new Britax because my 6-month-old is about ready to move out of her infant carrier.

    5. My oldest rolled over pretty early but didn't start crawling until he was 8 months old. My second rolled over maybe twice but started crawling when he was 7 months old. My daughter just turned 6 months and rolls, scoots, gets up on her knees and rocks, pushes herself off of things, etc. She can get anywhere she wants to go. So…it's true when they say every child is different!

  10. Our babies are the same age (I found your blog on MDC) and I have many of the same questions you do but here are my thoughts on each of your questions.

    1. We started with sink baths but the past month or two we've been taking a bath with our son. I put my legs out flat and lay him down on my legs with his feet facing the same direction as my feet – he has a lot of fun kicking around and I lather up a washcloth and wash him while he's having fun kicking in the water.

    2. I'm okay with used cloth diapers because they are gonna get pooped on. I bought all new before my son was born but as we've been needing mediums I've bought some used (but not much) and I clean them well just like I clean used toys or baby gear. I feel like I get them really well sanitized.

    3. We're trying to introduce a lovey. I'm trying to get him to hold it and put it between us when I'm nursing him down for the night. So far he couldn't care less but we'll see how it goes. We cosleep after his first nightwaking but I'd love for him to find comfort in something besides the boob.

    4. We're trying to decide between the same two seats. I'm leaning towards the true fit at the moment (and then I have to decide between the old and the new premier one. The last question holding me up is that while the true fit shell is taller the highest harness heights are apparently the same height.

    5. I've seen my son roll half a dozen times but like yours – he wants to crawl. I'm not too worried since I did some reading online and found lots of other moms with the same story. He's not behind on any other developmental milestones so I think this is pretty normal.

  11. My kids love the tub. Seriously bath time is kiddie crack around here. They used the little blue infant one until they were starting to sit up and then I would help them sit in the big tub. This was a stressful stage but quickly they were sitting on their own and loving the big tub, much easier on my back too!

    As for diapers, I'm a disposable girl. I know I know but I recycle other stuff cant that count?

    Go for the Britax! We got it when our first was a year, we got the roundabout since he was a little guy and it served us well, it's been four years and its held up VERY well thru two kids. And its by far the easiest to take in and our of the car, to take apart to clean, to get the kids in and out of. I love britax. Expensive but clearly worth the money in my opinion.

    Mine rolled, off and on. Just enough to prove they could and then they were on to other things. I think it was just to mess with my new mama mind….

  12. 1. We have a baby bathtub for Bella. When she was itty bitty, she had a screen that she layed on in there and loved it. But now she sits up in the tub and splashes her toys πŸ™‚

    2. We buy used cloth diapers. Doesn't bother me and has saved me TONS of money!

    3. Bella sleeps with her lovey every night. I started letting her sleep with it around 6 months.

    4. We have the Recaro. LOVE it.

    5. It took awhile for B to get to rolling consistently but now the girl is walking (at 10 months) and doesn't sit still, LOL.

  13. 1. We always bathe Lauren in the tub. When she was really small I would bathe her in the sink but she hasn't been able to fit in there for a long time!!

    2. Yes i bought USED cloth diapers. From Jillian's drawers. Got a great deal on them and I was very pleased not to have paid full price. I chose to buy them there because the used ones that they sell are usually from their trial pack and haven't been used a million times. I made sure to wash them several times before we used them though.

    3. Lauren sleeps with a blanket that my mom crocheted.(sp) I guess you could call that her lovey.

    4. We have the Alpha Omega Elite. We really like it. It is quite bulky and was a pain to install the first time but once I got it figured out it was ok. I feel really safe with her in it.

    5. Lauren didn't start rolling over much until she started crawling. She would do it a few times but not on a consistant basis.

  14. 1. Until they can sit up well the shower with you or the kitchen sink would be easiest. Me and my husband would kind of tag team our babies. He'd put them in the shower with them and then when babys clean, I'd get him out and dress him while hubs is finishing his shower. Works well but the sink is really easy too.

    2. Havent bought used cloth diapers…yet. But I just started cloth diapering so I might in the future. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as they're clean w/ no stains or odors.

    3. My youngest has to have some sort of blanket in his hands to fall asleep. He doesn't have one in particular that he likes though.

    4. We have an Eddie Bauer with Gavin that converts into the booster and holds up to 100 lbs so we'll never have to buy another on. Gage got too big for his infant seat way too soon to go into a front facing seat so we had to get a convertible seat. It's a Graco.

    5. Neither one of mine rolled much. They could but they just didn't like to. Gavin did an army crawl from about 5 1/2 months until 9 months.

  15. @Kayce Pearson: Not only irresponsible, but illegal.

    1.Ds1:baby bath on the counter until he was sitting well enough to use the big bath. Ds2 with ds1. Ds3 showers with me, bath with ds1&2 & sink bank with a towel to make it less slippy. Honestly, I don't bathe babies often, though, just wipe them with a wet cloth most days.

    2.I've bought used covers & been given a few used diapers, but I have large stash of me-made prefolds & my mom-made fitteds.

    3. Yes, me. πŸ™‚ I've never worried about blankets near a baby's face. I have vivid memories from a child of somehow winding upside down in a very tightly tucked bed while asleep. It was a bit stuffy, but air comes through blankets.

    4. I'd go with the True Fit between those 2. I have a Radian, an Alpha Omega & my friend just gave me her Triumph. If the True Fit weren't huge for a 3 across, I'd have gotten that instead of the Radian.

    5. N rolls over a lot (same age as Lucas), but my oldest didn't, despite being only 2 months the first time. Don't worry, all babies develop differently, Lucas is in the right range.

  16. 1. How do you bathe your children?
    We bathe Peanut every night as part of her bedtime routine. We have this pink meshy chair thingy that she lounges in while we bathe her. We've used it since we brought her home. She loves baths! Sometimes I take a bath with her or if she's messy after a feeding (we just started her on cereal) we'll turn on the shower and just spray her off.

    2. Do you buy used cloth diapers?
    We use disposables. However, if I did use cloth dipes I wouldn't have a problem buying used as long as they weren't stained. I would definitely wash the hell out of them first.

    3. Do you kids sleep with a lovie? A stuffed animal or blanket?
    We cosleep so I guess I'm her lovie right now. Sometimes she'll snuggle with a shirt of mine while she nurses or naps.

    4. What car seat do you have?
    We still use the Graco carseat that fits into a stroller. My mom bought a convertible carseat but I don't know the brand.

    5. Did your kids roll over much?
    She rolls over anytime you set her on her tummy. It's cute!

  17. 1. After trying the baby bathtub (leaking fiasco, awkward) and the kitchen sink, I started getting in the bathtub with her. Now she is totally comfortable in the water. She has play time and has learned to float. πŸ˜€ I am too scared I will drop Miss Slick-n-Squirmy in the shower.

    2. I was given 14 used diapers to start off cloth diapering. I had no problems with any of them. Saved us a ton of money in the beginning when all the bumgenius's were too big.

    3. No lovies in the crib yet. She has one in her play area. She has toys in her crib. I am paranoid she will get the lovey stuck over her face.

    4. We have the Graco SnugRide. Next carseat will be a Britax. Still researching the differences between the Marathon and the Boulevard. Britax is the best and they are a local company so I feel extra good supporting them. They are on sale now at and has additional savings codes.

    5. She can roll over if she really wants to, but it's a rare occasion. She does this arch thing with her back and scoots around. BTW, she will be 7 months old next week. πŸ™‚

  18. 1. I put my daughter and son both in the Bumbo in the shower with me until they were old enough to sit on their own, then switched to the big bathtub.
    2. I use used everything so why not use used diapers? I don't use CDs though (sorry!).

    3. My son loves his stuffed Curious George doll but that has just been in the last few months (he is 2). No lovies or anything really before that, although my daughter likes to have something to play with when she wakes up so she has a little stuffed pig in her crib, but she is almost a year.

    4. I have no idea what brand our carseats are. They are middle-of-the-line, not crazy $500 seats but not the $20 ones either. My “spare” carseats (left in the garage for babysitters or my husband to use in an emergency) are the $40 ones from WalMart though.

    5. It took both my kids until like 6-7 months to really start rolling around to get places. He will do it all in his own time!

  19. 1. We have a chubby little six month old who doesn't sit up yet. The kitchen sink, with a washcloth or towel on the bottom for her to sit on, is perfect for us. Not only is it her size, but I don't have to break my back holding her up in the tub!

    2. I don't worry about used. It doesn't gross me out at all, especially since they are very washable. My concern would be are they too used to have good function (ie. do they leak?) However, a compromise might be one of the awesome programs (like at Jillian's Drawers) where they let people use the diapers for 3 weeks then return them. Those barely used returned diapers get sold for about 1/3 less than full price and look brand new!

    3. I bought a lovie doll for my daughter because No Cry Sleep Solution recommended it as a possible sleep association tactic. It hasn't clicked yet. But I'm hoping!

    4. We researched Amazon reviews and Consumer Reports for safety, comfort, no bad off-gasing, long term use (to 30#), etc. and chose Graco SafeSeat. We are happy with it and our daughter loves it. Ours is not the prettiest seat I've ever seen, but I love its features. They've come out with some cooler colors recently too.

    5. Clara didn't even think about rolling over until 4.5 months, but now rolls all over the floor. However, she's not remotely interested in going forwards, especially on hands and knees. I'd say your LO is marching ahead of the game. And yes, every baby is different!

    Excited for you!

  20. Only have a minute, so I'll answer one question πŸ™‚
    We have a Britax Marathon, Roundabout, and Decathlon (a fancied up Roundabout, basically). We LOVE Britax seats! I got familiar with them years ago as a nanny, and would never use anything else. They hold up so much better than any other seat I've seen, the straps never twist, and they are so easy to install tightly. The padding is luxuriously comfy.

    Go for the Marathon. Most kids will outgrow a Roundabout by height before they are ready for a booster. They're not bulky, especially compared to other high-weight limit seats. We had a Marathon rear-facing in a two-door Honda Civic. It was tight, but it worked.

    Albee Baby has some good prices. BUT, if you go to Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% coupon, you can order any Britax model they have online and get a great discount. You can't use the coupon online, just for an in-store order. They'll ship to your house.
    Good luck!

  21. 1) We definitely do the shower thing. It's super easy and Boston loves it. Sometimes he even sleeps through it, super cute! Our older girls still mainly take showers.
    2)Not too excited about used cloth diapers
    3)Boston doesn't sleep with anything yet, but my second daughter had a blankie which made it super easy to put her to bed. As long as she had her blankie she would go straight to sleep.
    4)We had evenflo carseats for the girls, but they're expired now. I really want to get Boston a Britax! He has a few months left in the infant carrier though~
    5)I think my kids rolled over around 5-6 months, I have such a bad memory though.

  22. wow! Thank you so much everyone for all your great responses! I didn't know you guys were going to answer ALL my questions! You rock!

    Lisa- that is a GREAT idea about the car seats! I will definitely check out BB & B!

    Courtney – We do the bumbo in the shower with us a lot too. He loves it.. I think!

    Natasha- I have the CUTEST picture of Lucas sleeping on Thomas' lap while they were taking a shower. He won't let me put it on my blog because it's … um..well, he was naked. so there ya go.

    Sonya- I didn't know about that program at Jillian Drawers- checking it out, thanks!

    good points/thoughts/suggestions everyone! πŸ™‚

  23. Hey my name is Tyler (Emmasmommy in Mckmams community)Found your blog and thought I may could answer a few of these for you.

    1. My daughter is now a year old but when she was in that awkard in between baby bath and real bathtub stage we found this blowup rubber duck bath at target.It sounds crazy but it worked so well. We put it in the floor with a towel under it like we would the baby bath and just propped her up until she could sit (which wasnt long after we made the transition) and used that for a couple mo. worked great for us!

    2. Have no clue on the cloth diapers…LOL im one of those lazy moms who just went straight to the disposable.. cant help ya much there

    3. My daughter loves her “silky”. Now that she is a little older I let her use a full size one but when she was smaller we broke all the rules and put one of the small ones (little square its soft on one side and silky on the other) in her crib. I was just like you and worried nonstop and checked wayyy to much but she LOVED it. and it worked for her πŸ™‚

    4. I am a big fan of the britax. We went a step up from the marathon… cant remember what is called now but we love it! (the only reason we went up is because it had the latest side impact safety stuff on it) but you cant really go wrong with any britax

    5.My daughter was not the typical roly poly. She rolled over for like a few weeks and then stopped for a month or two. This REALLY scared me I went to the ped and everything but he said no worries because she was meeting her other milestones and sure enough one day she turned just started scooting and crawling… and now an early walker!

    Good luck with your little one hope some of that helps!!!

  24. 1. I used the infant tub with both of mine, either in the kitchen sink or big tub, until they were big enough to sit in the big tub (which they now do together). I've been occasionally taking my son in the shower since he was about 20 months. Tried once before he could stand and almost dropped him once he was slippery with soap, so we went back to baths.
    2. We use disposable diapers, but I wouldn't have a problem with used cloth ones.
    3. I was also afraid of putting anything in my son's crib until he was older, so he didn't start getting attached to stuffed animals until he was almost two. His favorite is always different, depending on the day. My daughter, on the other hand, started sleeping with a little bear/blanket thingy shortly after birth. She also sucks her thumb, and likes to scrunch the blanket part of her “baby” in her fist while she sucks her thumb. We try to leave the baby in the crib, or at least at home, unless she's not feeling well (increased attachment to it is a big flag to us that she's teething or coming down with something).
    4. Between the two cars, we have three Graco Comfort Rides and one EvenFlo (can't remember model). The EvenFlo seems to be the most comfortable, but the straps are the most difficult to adjust.
    5. My kids both rolled around 2 months. Neither of them were crazy about the bouncy seat, so they spent a lot of time playing on a blanket on the floor. The first time my son rolled, he was on a blanket outside on a slight hill, which made it easier and helped build his confidence.

  25. Wow, 26 comments! You have a lot of readers!

    1. Either DH or I get in the bath with Samara, and let her lean against one of our legs. She isn't playing much at this point, though, as she is only 9 weeks.
    2. We get used cloth diapers. I don't think they really retain bacteria, or else I wouldn't use them at all. When I get a used diaper, I generally wash it with color safe bleach with a bazillion hot rinse cycles. They are soooo much cheaper!! I haven't bought a single new one yet, although I might change that soon, just to get one in a package and feel it soft and silky new!
    3. We aren't there yet with a lovey.
    4. We have a True Fit–not the newest one with the foot thingy, but the last model–and while it's a big, pretty, comfy and safe carseat, it does have it's drawback. One is, that in the rear facing position, it's extremely difficult to adjust the belts at all. I mean, near impossible. It seems that depending on which cloth diaper, which outfit, and exactly how I get her positioned in there, the belts are almost always too loose or too tight, and in order to adjust them, I have to lean on the back of the seat in order to lift the front a little (not sure if this is good for the seat), shove my hand in a space that is pinching, and attempt to adjust it with two fingers (all while my hand is crushed.) I wish I'd had a chance to check out the Britax, the Sunshine, and Triumph IN MY CAR before I bought anything.
    5. She only rolls if she's on a slight incline so I'm no help.

  26. 1. There's always those 'ring' seats, but honestly, it was just easier for me to just hold the kids up. You could also get in with him, which I'm sure he would love.
    2. Yes ma'am. I think only ONE of my cloth diaper stash is new, seriously. rocks.
    3. Nope .. no lovies for us. I wish!
    4. I have 1 britax Boulevard, and 2 Britax Marathons .. we're a Britax family, all the way!
    5. YES, our children rolled over all the time!

  27. 1. Up until our little guy was sitting on his own, we bathed him in the sink. Now (he's 10 months) we bath him in the tub. He LOVES bath time.

    2. We use disposable (I know, I know… we have thought about making the change), so can't comment here… but we use a lot of other used items, so I would say go for it.

    3. Just recently (last 3 weeks or so), our little guy has started sleeping with a blankie. I was totally nervous about it at first (first time mom and swore I would keep nothing in the crib until at least his 1st birthday), but he really loves it and I have grown more comfortable with the idea.

    4. We had planned to purchase the Britax Marathon, but ended up going with the Evenflo Triumph Advance. We absolutely love it. The straps are controlled by a dial on the side of the seat, which makes getting him in and out a breeze. We ended up buying a 2nd one for my husband's car.

    5. Our little guy is a big mover. As soon as learned to roll, there was no stopping him. He always wants to be moving.

  28. Hi, just came across your blog. You may have already addressed the bath tub issue, but Munchkin makes a wonderful baby bathtub. It's a blow up duck, and it's perfect for a little one just learning to sit up. It also had a thing in it's beak that makes it quack and our daughter always giggled at that!

    We found a great carseat on It was the Eddie Bauer 3-in-1 and it was originally a $189 seat we got for $109! Awesome deal and we've had no problems with it!

  29. Once my son was able to sit up, we also used the blow up duck. even have a post about the time he pooped in it. Nice! My daughter bathed with her brother while sitting on a no-slip mat in the bathtub.

    I prefer new in package (NIP) or barely used diapers from diaperswappers. I save a few bucks that way. And free shipping–that saves too.

    My son rolled over at 4 months and was active from that point on. My daughter, well she rolled probably at 5 months but found it to be pointless. They're all different.

  30. We used the Chicco seat like I see you used as well when my kids were infants. Now that they're bigger we use Recaro car seats. That is the only car seat I would ever use…the side and head protection is so much better than any I've seen. Grandma has a Britax in her car and I don't feel like it's safe at all. Please just check out the Recaro seats:)

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