A Mini Vacation

This weekend we went to Seattle, Washington with my dad and brother. It was about a 5 hour drive for us. Lucas did so great! He only slept about an hour each way, but Thomas and I were able to entertain him since we were both sitting in the back with him. Here is the biggest thing I’ve noticed about long car drives: butt flattening. You sit for so long that it’s guaranteed to happen. Don’t be surprised if your butt looks like a rolling pin went over it.

The weather was perfect and as always, the town was very busy. The first night we were there we debated about which was better; putting Lucas in the stroller or the wrap. We (sort of but not really) agreed on the stroller and quickly realized that wasn’t the best idea. Told you so. Ahem. With so many people and such crowded spaces, it is much easier to hold or wear your baby.
Thomas and I went out to a (semi) nice restaurant. This was our first time eating out with Lucas in a restaurant or eating out at all for that matter since Lucas was born 5 months ago. He is so squirmy! I hope it’s appropriate for babies to stand on tables!

I ordered one of my favorite things – caesar salad with salmon. mmmm!

This is the famous gum wall in Seattle in Post Alley. The entire side of a brick building is covered in gum. Lots and lots of gum. In this Alley they also have the start of ghost tours. Apparently there is a building in Seattle that has been closed for over two years because of ghost. It’s surprising to have a building in the heart of downtown Seattle closed. Do you believe in ghost?

Quite colorful isn’t it? It’s fascinating and disgusting at the same time.

We took Lucas to his first baseball game. Seattle Mariners vs. New York Yankees. He liked it. The weather was perfect for a ball game. The Mariners lost (don’t get me started on this) but it was a fun game anyways. I was (not really) whispering in Lucas’ ear that it’s fine to like baseball, but remember that football is better. You’ll see when I take you to your first football game in a few weeks!
I put him in my wrap around the 4th inning. He loves it. I just love how cuddly he gets. I got lots of “Oh I thought you were pregnant” comments. Because, I guess I look pregnant wearing him in a Moby? You would have thought I was an elephant wearing a red tutu walking up the stairs by the amount of looks I got. I got the cute looks, the weirdo looks, and the confused looks. Like I was in a circus or something. Look! It’s a mother wearing her baby in a wrap!

He feel asleep until we got back to the hotel around midnight. I know, we are such party animals! Why don’t they allow babies into the bars?! Kidding. Okay, but seriously. About that. I think they should have a “no minors allowed except babies” rule because it’s just silly to me that you can’t take your own baby into a place that doesn’t allow minors. The boys went into a video arcade that didn’t allow minors after 10pm so Lucas and I had to wait in the restaurant. Because Lucas is a minor. Because he’s 5 months. I know it’s the law, but whatever.
My dad wanted to take a picture of us in front of this super fancy Mercedes. So here we are.
It’s a rule that when you go on vacation you must find the best chocolate spot in town. Here my friends, is a little taste of chocolate heaven. Just looking at this again makes my mouth water. A perfect strawberry dipped in a thick layer of dark chocolate. Incredible.
We had a wonderful weekend! It’s good to be back though. As Dorothy says, “There’s no place like home!” And no place like my own bed!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

17 thoughts on “A Mini Vacation

  1. I have a Moby wrap also and my husband and I can't go anywhere without stares. Everytime I go to WalMart especially, I get stopped by so many Moms asking me where I got it from. I did, though, have 2 people stare for a super long time and “whisper” to each other: “What is that? What is she wearing? Is that a baby in there?” I wanted to go up to them and say I can hear you, why don't you ask me in person? Other people are weird, not us. The Moby is awesome.

  2. I've gotten so many questions about where I got my wrap that I've taken to carrying business cards for the website I bought it from. (Owned by my doula / La Leche League leader.)

  3. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is AMAZING! If any of your readers haven't tried it, they ought to. I seriously love RMCF more than See's or Godiva. It's right up there with cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory ($8 and 1,000 calories per slice? HECK YES!).

    What age did you start putting Lucas in the Moby wrap? My 2.5 month old is kind of “meh” on her sling, and same with the Snuggli, but as tiny as she is it's still a bit tiring to carry her up on my shoulder every time we go grocery shopping (riding in her car seat in the cart is straight out for this little lady).

  4. nice photos there! Cute baby as well. I'm blessed to see a family hanging out together. God bless you all and thanks for sharing this one.

  5. Wow! I'm so jealous. You actually got to go somewhere this weekend. J/K. I would love to go to Seattle. Looks like you had a GREAT time! The gum wall is pretty cool. Yes, I believe in ghosts, do you?

  6. the gum wall is disgusting yet beautiful – so, could you add gum?

    What a great week-end. ghost's – I don't know. try not to believe in it, that way i'm not freaked.

  7. I think we should start a petition that babies should be allowed in bars. A few months ago after the Recycled Fashion Show (at which I was at for HOURS setting up, running, tearing down, all whilst carrying Carson in his wrap) I was exhausted and we wanted to go eat at McMenamins, well it is no minors after 10pm, so we walked in, and they told us we had to leave, Carson was about Lucas' age at the time. I think it is particularly dumb!

    And I'll try not to be too jealous that you went to a baseball game and I didn't 🙂

  8. That looks like such a fun weekend! I love the gum wall, I'd never heard of that before. I, too, have gotten many looks and questions when wearing my daughter in a sling or moby. Mostly it's just people saying “boy, they never had those when I had kids” Which is silly, since baby wearing is ancient…I can't believe they really don't let you take your baby in with you to a bar. I'm from Milwaukee and as long as you're with a parent, you can be a minor in a bar. That's because we love to drink in WI 🙂

  9. Looks like a fun trip! No minors shouldn't include babies … that's stupid. Oh well, maybe one day a woman will set this world on fire and it'll change!

  10. Fun trip! I loved going up to Seattle back when I was still living in Oakland & I've seen some investigations done of the haunted area too. And I'm always glad when the Mariners lose 🙂

  11. I don't have a wrap yet(I TOTALLY want to get one though)but I do have a ring sling and people look at me funny too. Especially when Madelynn is asleep because I cover her with it. I stick her legs up in it and everything. Sometimes I have her legs hanging out. One time when her legs were hanging out an old man came up to me and told me that it wasn't Halloween yet! When I told him my baby was in there he looked kind of embarrassed, said “oh, well that's neat” and just walked away. It's weird how you read so many blogs and know so many people who use slings and wraps but when you're out in public it's like you're an alien.

  12. Hey, you were right here in my neck of the woods 🙂 I live about 20-30 minutes outside Seattle … and I love going downtown – there's always something new to see! The gum wall is an attraction I take all my out-of-town guests to see … yucky and fascinating all at the same time!

    Oh, and I once got “kicked out” of a Red Robin bar area when my baby was about 3 months old. Hubby and I didn't want to wait for a table, and the bar area was first come, first serve … so we plopped the infact carseat – with sleeping baby in the booth – and got ready to order … and then the manager came over and reiterated that the bar is meant for 21 and older! Can you imagine? I mean, the place hands out balloons for goodness sake!

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