Body After Baby: Staying Fit on Vacation

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean trips are over. In fact, we’re always traveling during the year- some more than others- for family events, holidays, summer vacations, business trips, road trips, or even just a day trip to the zoo.

One of the hardest things about being away from home is that you get out of your routine. You’re not near your normal gym, you don’t have your normal stock of foods in the fridge, and you don’t have your daily walking partner meeting you at the door. When I’m on vacation, I do allow myself to have more desserts than normal and I don’t worry about what I’m eating as much, however I don’t want all my hard work to go to waste either!
There are a few things I do when I’m on vacation or out of town that have helped me to stay somewhat healthy and active.
Walk Everywhere
One of the nice things about being in a large city is that you sort of have to walk everywhere you go. Instead of taking a taxi or bus, walk! Walking is great! If you’re holding your baby or pushing him in a stroller that’s an added bonus!
Take the Stairs
At every hotel there will be an elevator and a set of stairs. Take the stairs for a great cardio and leg workout! Aim to take the flight of stairs at least once during your stay.
Bring Your Own Snacks From Home
Whenever we’re going to be away from home for a while I always pack a few Luna or Cliff bars. This saves me from buying a fattening large meal when all I really want and need is a little snack.
Bring a Workout DVD
I’ll admit that I brought the Shred DVD with us to Seattle this weekend but never once took it out of my bag! We were just to busy and didn’t spend much time in the hotel. But, if you do have some spare time and there isn’t a gym, a 20 or 30 minute workout DVD can be a great thing!
You are on vacation after all so I think it’s okay to have an extra margarita or chocolate covered strawberry. Except they don’t allow babies in bars so that might be tricky. I do believe life is short, so savor those chocolate factory stores that you only see twice a year!
What are your tips for eating healthy and staying fit while on vacation?
For more tips on staying healthy during vacation, check out this post. We have 3 weeks left of the Fit by Labor Day Challenge! How is everyone doing? Remember that you’ll need to get me your “after” pictures by September 5th! Put it on your calender so you don’t forget! For those of you who missed this challenge, don’t worry! We’ll have another one for sure! I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but if anyone has any ideas for it- just shoot me an email.
I’m also looking for a few people who have had success during this challenge and would be willing to share their story with us and how they reached their goals. You still have three more weeks- but keep this in mind if you’d like to share with us.
Leave your Body After Baby post url if you wrote about it this week and have a wonderful week!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Body After Baby: Staying Fit on Vacation

  1. I've run into this issue a couple times during this challenge. Camping is a favorite summer activity of ours being here in Oregon. and camping is full of burgers, chili dogs, a cooler full of….soda and S'mores. We are going again this weekend, but I already feel prepared for it. I limit myself to water to drink except after the kids are in bed and we have a few around the campfire. Also, hiking is a big part of our camping so I usually get a bit of a workout in. I've decided to skip the big breakfast we usually make and opt for bran muffins and high fiber/protein cereal with fruit instead. I'll make some chicken salad for sandwiched before we go and I made some chicken chili (see recipe on my post this week) for dinners. I won't bring the usual bags of chips, instead it will be bags of dried fruit, fresh fruit and some veggies and hummus. I will have some S'mores! It's just not camping without 🙂 I'm happy with the adjustments I've made and while vacations might not move us closer to our weight loss goals, there are steps to take to make sure they don't move us farther away.

    I'm having “one of those days” today so my post will be up later!

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