Blogging: What It Means To Subscribe

Before I became a blogger, I had no idea what subscribing to an RSS feed meant. To me it sounded like some fancy computer language that I wanted nothing to do with. Once I learned what it was and began using it, I realized how wonderful it was! I often get asked often what it means to subscribe and how to do it, so I wanted to explain it in simple non computer like language terms. Because after all, that is what I understand the best.
RSS stands for “really simple syndication.” Basically, it’s like subscribing to your favorite magazine or newspaper, or bookmarking your favorite website. Every time a new article is written, you feeds will update. In fact, you could even think of subscribing to an RSS feed as bookmarking, because that’s exactly what it is. Instead of using “bookmark tabs,” you can subscribe and have everything in one place.
This is really helpful because it saves you a ton of time. Instead of hitting “refresh” or searching the web checking to see if your favorite blogs have wrote a new post, you can just check your feeds. It will automatically update with the newest post from your favorite blogs.
For me, I really enjoy reading blogs in my RSS Reader. It is simpler to me, easier, and again, time saving. If I want to leave a comment on that post, I just click the title of the post and it will take me to the blog.
For more information on subscribing to blogs, how-to, and what it means, check out this great article by Simple Mom, and this article by Pro Blogger. Both very helpful!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “Blogging: What It Means To Subscribe

  1. I love the RSS feeds! I used to always just consider my followers, once I had the rss feeds set up my followers stopped increasing…I was really concerned. Then I checked my stats for my feeds and they were through the roof! It is so much easier for the readers to have the blog delivered to them then to have to go find it!

    Great explanation!


  2. I had no use for them before blogging or at least I thought I had no use for them. Now that I DO use them because of blogging, it's lke getting all the coupons to your favorite stores delivered right to your mailbox each morning!

  3. I must be a little slow today. I just don't understand the RSS feed!

    I've seen it on countless blogs but have no idea how to use it or why…. And I have no clue how to include it with my own blog so people can subscribe…

  4. Great info! I've been using the RSS feed some now even if I don't completely understand it -Mostly I have no clue to tell who/how many people subscribe to my blog via RSS -Something I should look into sometime I guess 🙂

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