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Friiiiiiiday! It’s funny to me that I used to love Fridays because it meant the end of a work week and the end of a school week. Now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom Friday means Saturday which is just another day! Hubby is still working weekends unfortunately! (Who wants to give him a job?!) What are your plans for the weekend? Is it hot where you live?

For todays “Ask the Moms” questions, I got help from some lovely ladies on twitter!

@thepsychobabble from Free From It All Now ask, “What was your weakest moment as a mother? What was your strongest?” My strongest moment as a mother so far has definitely been when I gave birth to my son naturally! What is yours?
@Mktg_Mama from Motherhood in the Industry ask, “How do your prepare for first trips with an infant? Especially ones with planes and hotels?” I have shared my experience the first time I traveled with our babe, but we have never been on a plane. I’m a little nervous for that! What are your tips?
@Luvschweetheart from Typical Ramblings ask, ” How do you balance house, kids and taking care of yourself? It seems like my kids always come first, then the house, and then I never have any energy left for myself.” I once shared my tips for “doing it all,” but I think as moms we all struggle to make time for ourselves. How do you do it?
@5crookedhalos from Five Crooked Halos ask, “What do you think is the “ideal” age for potty training?” I’ve heard of some kids that start at one year, others that start at 2 and 1/2 years! When did your kids potty train?
Thanks ladies for your help! Great questions today! If you have a question you’d like to “ask the moms” please email it to me. You might see your question up here! Have a blessed Friday!

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13 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Mom Readers Ask…

  1. Flying with babies is easy- just nurse them if you can! When we fly with our toddlers we just bring a lot of toys and coloring things.

    We potty trained at 2 years old . I wish we would have started earlier though.

  2. My daughter is a little over 2 and I haven't started yet. My oldest son Caleb got poopin down at 15 months, but wasn't until age 3 that he was finished with all of it. I've had my best luck at age 3.

    When they are absolutely ready, it is sooo much easier! I think each and every child is different.

    I don't see how people can say they've got their child trained by age 1 and such, but it must have took a lot of work. Seems impossible in that age group!

  3. I was going to start potty training my 2 year old son this week but he had absolutely no interest at all in it. None. I am going to wait a few more months and try it again.

    When flying try to do it around naptime if possible. Nirse, give a pacifier or bottle and hopefully they will sleep the whole time!

    Time for yourself does tend to go out the window, but I always make sure to shower because then I feel like I've at least taken care of the basics! Sometimes that means doing it during naptime- sometimes it means putting my babies in the shower with me. Once a month I make sure to have some “me-time” by leaving my kids with my husband, my mom or even a babysitter if all else fails.

    I honestly don't know my weakest and strongest moments yet. Ask me again in 20 years!

  4. My weakest moment so far would have to be the 2 days after delivery. I was a mess and had no sleep. My strongest moment was pushing the baby out for sure.

    Traveling-we just went to Disneyland at the end of July, Chloe was 4 months. I wrote all about it on my blog

    I plan to start potty training when she is 2yrs old. I read that they are more physicly in control at that age.

  5. Love your blog,..I can tell I'm going to have a lot of fun here! Let's see, potty training. My 4 yr was potty trained just shy of her 2nd b-day. I was preg with my 2nd and knew I didn't want 2 babies in diapers. I literally sat the training potty in front of the tv with her favorite movie and gave her a big ol sippy cup of water. When she finally went potty I jumped up and down and gave her a lollipop. After that she was completly on board with earning more lollipops!

  6. My proudest moment was for sure giving birth!!!

    I balance everything by making list of things to be done and making sure I get at least one hour a week of just ME time. I wish I got more though!

  7. Thanks for including me in the 4 questions this week. I spent a little time trying to think about some of the answers before coming back to chat.

    “What was your weakest moment as a mother? What was your strongest?”
    I think my weakest moment was the first night we brought E home. I was recovering for an emergency c-section, unable to get comfortable, exhausted and I remember thinking “what the hell did I just do having another baby”. It all worked out and I love him to pieces but it sure was overwhelming those first weeks. My strongest moments would (so far) be standing up for my children – in many situations – school, friends. They are my world.

    “How do your prepare for first trips with an infant? Especially ones with planes and hotels?”
    If your breastfeeding – feed the baby during landings & take offs. Otherwise use a soother or bottle – helps their little ears. Bring little toys they like or depending on age a portable dvd player. No advice for hotels, didn't do that as infants.

    “What do you think is the “ideal” age for potty training?”
    I think it just depends on the kid. Watch them for cues. 2 of my boys were potty trained by around age 2, my daughter was about 3-3.5 (she didn't want to be a big girl), E is 17 months – pulls at his diaper, cries and pats his diaper when he has to pee (sometimes) he's used the potty successfully once when I caught him mid-pee.

  8. I have to say my strongest moment was going through the 36 hours of labor and a c-section.

    My weakest moment as a mother was during cesarean recovery at bedtime when the newborn was crying and my 2 year old daughter was needing to nurse to go to sleep…I was too tired (and sore!) to tandem nurse so I just sat down and cried until Josh came home from work.

    I think the ideal age to potty train is when the child is ready. I tried to potty train Lizzie at 22 months old and that did NOT work at all. So I tried again at 24 months…still way too many accidents. Finally she is getting it at her own pace and she is 26 months old.

  9. My weakest moment was the PPD I suffered with each kid.
    My strongest moment was probably when, with #2, I admitted I needed help. Sounds paradoxial, but I really believe that it took way more for me to admit I needed help, than it did to suffer.

    Infants are WAY easier to fly with then toddlers. Something to suck on, (boob or bottle, depending), I pre-dosed mine with Tylenol for the ears (their dad has REALLY horrible ear pain every time he flies. It was important to us that they not have to deal with that) and I really recommend a backpack carrier or wrap. Soooo much easier.

    Balancing- I still don't have this down, quite yet. So I'm afraid I'm no help there. Sanity-saving though, has been just acknowledging that I'm not supermom, I CAN'T get everything done, and that's not the end of the world.

    Potty Training- With both kids, I introduced them to the concept around 18mos. I didn't push it too hard. DD regressed after the baby, and after the move. But before she turned 3, she was a pro.
    Ds is almost two, and he gets the idea, but hasn't quite mastered timing yet. I think each kid is so different, it would be hard to point to an “ideal age”, but I def. think introducing it early can help.

  10. Thanks for your comment today! It looks like we have a lot in common, including our babies' ages, in addition to where we live! I wonder if we've ever seen each other around?

    I am just getting started with my blog (it's about a month old) so really appreciate any advice, feedback, whatever.

    On the questions, we flew cross-country a few weeks ago, and I wrote about it here:, and have been posting follow-ups with little stories and details. My main advice is to nurse at takeoff and landing, as it seemed to help with the pressure changes, and try to help your LOs get naps at around the same times as normal if possible.

  11. Those are great questions!

    And I have to agree with so many who answered about natural childbirth. It was the best experience of my life and completely unparalleled.

  12. Yeah mama for your natural birth! Me too- twice over!

    As for the balancing act- it is about flexibility and constant adjustment! I don't think I will ever master it!

    Potty training- we started at 1 (elimination communication style) with our first but will probably start even earlier this time around. My older son was pooing exclusively in the potty by 18 months and completely potty trained by just over 2! I can't imagine diapering him any longer than that!

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