In the Back of a Hearse

Sometimes I ask my dad to tell me a story about when I was little. I like to hear about how I grew up, the types of things that went on, and how we lived. It’s so amazing that 24 years ago things were so different than they are today.
I could go into detail about my moms hair or my dads workout attire, but I won’t.
Thank me later.
Anyways. Usually, he doesn’t have much to say. But then.


Nonchalantly at dinner the other night when he tried to give Lucas a fry and I replied with , “please do not give my child food without permission. He is not allowed to eat fries,” he said, “oh, what’s the worst that could happen?!”
When you were little…..
Your mother and I used to put you in the crib in the back of the car while we drove at night.
Next to a casket.
Sure. 24 years ago they didn’t have car seats like they do today.
You’re kidding me. I have got to get him to tell me stories more often.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

17 thoughts on “In the Back of a Hearse

  1. I know this isn't the main point of your [hilarious] story, but how do your parents/inlaws react to you asking them to not give Lucas certain foods? I would love to know how other moms have dealt with that. My MIL gave my son peanut butter at 9 months and I almost lost it!

  2. That is a great story. We tell the no seatbelt stories all the time. And pretty sure it is grandpa's job to give grand kids the foods they are not allowed to have. My dad guilty of feeding diet coke to children way to young to consume. LOL

  3. LOL!

    Our oldest is 22 (born in 1987) Infant carseats started being required by law in California that year…..most people we knew ignored the law. I'm pretty sure that kids over 2 still weren't even required to be in a seat belt at the time. He had a bucket type carseat as a newborn, but was forward facing in a convertible type carseat by the time he was 3 months b/c he liked it better & there were no standards or guidelines at the time.

  4. Oh my!!! Why did you have a casket in your car???
    I remember a time when we didn't have carseats and you stood up in the front seat next to your parents. My mom always made us lay down in the seats,that way if we wrecked we would roll…sounds crazy but we actually did have a small bump(wreck) at a redlight and my brother & I rolled into the floor board.
    Hmmm…those was some crazy times:)It's a wonder kids born then made it out alive:)

  5. it is crazy to think back at how thigs were done when we were kids – no carseats, no bouncy seats (my parents used to put us in our car seats and place the seat on top of the clothes dryer and put it on – lol!), and they put us to sleep on our bellies (per doctors recommendation)….

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