Ask the Moms: Are You Getting the Flu Shot?

Flu season is fast approaching us. Everywhere I go there are signs reminding us: Get your flu shot here! Protect yourself! Get the flu shot today! Only takes 5 minutes!

Flu shot. Flu shot. Flu shot. In case you needed a reminder. FLU SHOT.
Because apparently, the flu is deathly. Because apparently, we need a vaccination for everything because the chance of getting sick and dealing with a sickness such as the flu would just be horrible.
*Please understand that I’m talking about me in this case. Me. My family. I realize everyone is different and the flu can be deathly or very serious for some people. Of course there are people who might be more at risk and therefore might consider getting this shot. But for me, I don’t believe the flu is deathly. I believe it’s a sickness just like anything else. We delay quite a few vaccinations for our son as well.
Personally, I’m not getting the flu shot. The last time I got this shot was in high school. Years and years ago. And although I got many comments from older ladies telling me I must get the flu shot or else, I didn’t get it while I was pregnant either.
I’m not worried about the flu. Never have been. If I get sick, I’ll rest and get better.
So, what about you? Are you getting the flu shot this year? What about your kids?

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42 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Are You Getting the Flu Shot?

  1. I have never had a flu shot in my life, and I am just fine….I get the flu and ya know what….I take a little bit of over the counter medicine, eat a little chicken soup and eventually I get better. There are some vaccinations I beleive in, because I know people who have gotten sick from not having certain ones, but people have been dealing with the flu for a long time. Maybe if people were a little more sanitary, diseases and viruses wouldn't be as bad as they are now.

  2. My husband is a pharmacist & therefore is #2 in line to deal with people who are sick. He gets the flu shot, as do my 2 kids, who are 1 & 2. I, however, do not get it & have/will never. Both of my kids have weaker immune systems & generally catch every little cold/virus that is making its rounds. They also catch anything that my husband brings home from work. I don't get the flu shot because I am too worried about suffering the small chance of getting sick from the shot. My reasoning behind this is that if my husband or kids suffer any sickness from the shot, I am healthy & capable of caring for them. However, if I were to get sick from the shot & all 3 of them are sick as well, since we live far from our families & don't have a large network of friends where we live, we don't have anyone to come help with care. If I were to get the flu, however, at least my husband would be well enough to take care of the house, if that makes sense.

  3. A young, healthy person can get the flu and usually recover just fine. However, an average of 36,000 people die from the flu in the US every year, most of them elderly or very young. So YOU may not need a flu shot, but if you're going to be around these groups of people, you might want to consider it.

    The flu is often brushed off, but if not properly treated, it can be very serious.

  4. The flu can be deathly for some individuals, I think it is important to remember that fact. “Some” is the key word, your personal risk will determine whether a flu shot is necessary or not. I have received the flu shot a couple of times and am undecided on the vaccination this year. My son however has never received the flu shot but he does not have any health risks (that I know of) that would make the flu deadly for him.

  5. No flu shots here. I've never had one and I hear way too often “I got a flu shot once and that was the only year I got the flu” – We're mindful about taking care of ourselves with any illness or flu-like symptoms.

  6. not poking disease in my body and hoping to avoid the one that's flying around naturally..and if I get either type of flu I'm confident my body will heal itself just fine.

    Ditto for my children. I'm hoping by avoiding the artificial crap I'll avoid messing with the good, healthy, strong immune systems they currently have going on.

    And the current research that the reg. flu shot increases your chances of getting h1n1 by 50% makes me double grateful I've never gotten it.


  7. My husband and I, and both kids all get the flu shot. Hubby is diabetic and the flu could be deadly for him so it is best for all of us to be somewhat “protected” from getting it.

  8. Couldn't pay me to get one. We all got flu last year. It sucked, then it was over. I don't remember the last time I had it before that.

    As for this “However, an average of 36,000 people die from the flu in the US every year” BS. That number is A)Exaggerated. If there were really that many, more people would know someone who died or at least know someone who knows someone. & B)That number includes those who died from pneumonia, whether they had flu or not.

  9. flu shot, yes for my older son and I, my hubby has never and won't…I always have and will continue for now…baby will NOT be getting the flu shot this year! None of us will get the h1n1 shot…I just don't like what I've read!

    I'll be happier about the whole flu/swine flu scare if people would stay home if they're sick…I always see people rush over to the ER because they're scared they are have the flu, then they infect everyone else that's there…so we are hoping to avoid ERs, urgent cares, and the peds office(except for those pesky infant immunizations/well child check up…maybe we'll even delay those til after flu season).

  10. At my son's two-month well-baby visit, the pediatrician harped on us to get our flu shots.

    The last time my boyfriend got the flu shot, he got the flu twice in one season.

    So, uhm. No.

  11. I work at a children's hospital where we have already had hundreds of cases of the flu so yes I am getting it because I am around it alot. Morgan got hers too because she has to go to daycare 1 a week. I just see how kids can go down hill so quickly when they do get sick on a daily basis, so I think I would get it for Morgan regardless. On the other hand, the flu shot only decreases your chance of getting the flu by 70 percent, so it's definately still possible to get the flu after having the shot. That doesn't mean the flu shot gave you the flu though… To each his own. I can understand both sides fo sho.

  12. I blogged about this a week or so ago. Surprisingly, not many comments. My 7yr old has to have both types of flu shots this year. She has heart issues. We are suppose to get them and help to protect her, but last year…we couldn't get one because everyone ran out of them.
    I'm actually quite nervous about having my 7yr old get the H1N1 shot this year. I hate giving her something that has little to no data behind it. However, her doctors are insistent on her getting it. Ugh!

  13. My whole family (minus my husband) and extended family are getting the flu shot since my husband has stage three cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He is at a very high risk for illness and has a frighteningly low white cell count. We protect ourselves any way we can.

    It is a decision that should be made with consideration to your families risks and beliefs.

    We also take precautions such as not allowing anyone with even sniffles into our home, and keeping hand sanitizer in all the restrooms and by the door. We have been avoiding going out lately, it is going to be a long winter avoiding people.

  14. the flu shot does not cause the flu. if you got sick within 2-3 weeks after the shot it was not because of the shot but because you were already infected prior. babies, pregnant women, and elderly are the people that should be getting the shot because the flu can cause that population to get super sick quickly.

    and yes 36,00 people do die from the flu every year, it is not exaggerated, but can also go hand in hand with another disease like asthma or pneumonia. it is still a large amount of people that just because they have another disease does not mean the flu is harmless.

  15. I am absolutely getting the flu shot. I'm in a high risk category, and when I get the flu I do sometimes get gravely ill. So for me, absolutely.

    For your average joe shmo without any risk factors? I couldn't care unless – unless you're working as a care provider for high risk groups. If you care for patients or work with infants, the ederly, or the otherwise frail… I figure it's important to get the vaccine so you don't infect THEM.

  16. The 36,000 deaths a year statistic came from the CDC's website. I should have said that. Not all statistics are 100% accurate, but I'm fairly confident in the CDC, so I'll accept is as true unless I hear otherwise. And it isn't really a high enough number for EVERYONE to know someone who's died from it…especially when it's often the elderly, and people with multiple illnesses at once.

    As I said, if you're a healthy individual, you can get the flu and be fine. I just don't think it's something to be so flippant about. Just because it's common doesn't mean it can't be deadly to people who have compromised immune systems.

  17. I am not doing the flu shot. The doctor said today that people don't die from influenza itself they die from the pneumonia after it because it goes untreated. Can't say I heard that before. That's just what he told me.

    I don't get the flu shots neither do my boys as we end up with the flu really bad. When I don't get them we are fine. I know some people say it works and others says it don't. I guess it just depends upon the person.

  18. I've never gotten a flu shot. And I don't really remember when I've ever gotten the flu. I mean I've had a 24 hour virus every other year or so but none of that havin it for a week stuff. I won't be getting a shot this year either. And my baby definatly isn't getting the shot! My dad is all paranoid about it and keeps telling me all these things he hears about it. Today he came to me and told me that my 9 month old daughter needs to get a double dose of the H1N1 shot. WHAT?! A double dose for a 9 MONTH OLD?!? No thank you! My daughter isn't even getting a single dose. They haven't had enough time to test that. It takes them a whole year or more to test a vaccine and they've only been making that for less than 6 months.
    If it gets bad in my area I will go to the grocery store at night when my daughter is sleeping and we will just practice good hygiene like everyone should. And what if I get it because I'm the one going to the store? Well then I'm breastfeeding and I'll pump for the first day or 2 while my body builds up anti-bodies to it and then my daughter will have the antibodies from my breastmilk and it should be fine. If not we'll handle that when we get there.

  19. No one in my family had ever gotten a flu shot until we faced a flu season with preemie twins. The doctors STRONGLY urged us (myself, my husband, and my parents, since they would be helping us) to get a flu shot to protect the babies, not necessarily ourselves. I have four kids – 6 yrs, twins are nearly 2, and 8 mos. I am going back and forth and back and forth on both the flu shot and h1n1 vaccine. I have gotten all the recommended vaccines for my children, but typically avoid any other type of medication, unless absolutely necessary. The h1n1 vaccine in particular concerns me. But my 6 yr old (1st grade) brings home anything and everything that goes around school. Grrrrrrrr… still don't know what to do.

  20. The flu is little more than a messy inconvenience for normally healthy people. The 36,000 stat they always toss about is the number of people that die from the flu AND/OR pneumonia. Many, if not most, of these deaths are in the elderly, or in immuno-compromised people. There is no figure for how many people die only from the flu. It's likely much, much less than 36,000. In a country of over 300 million. That's a whopping 0.012% of the population that dies from the flu or pneumonia each year. It seems awfully silly to scare the entire country into getting vaxed for something that's such an unlikely risk.

    If only they'd spend as much time and money reminding people to get their car seat installations checked by a certified tech or something. I'm sure more kids die in car accidents each year than die from the flu.

    I am a nurse, and never found it necessary to get the shot. I'll risk getting the flu (the last time I had it was 20 years ago…) and missing a few days of work. To me, that's less of a risk than injecting an unnecessary mercury-laden vaccine into my body! The vaccine is certainly not even guaranteed to work, anyway. It's possible that the strain(s) of the virus they include in the vaccine don't end up being the common strains passed around during flu season.

  21. I think they've substituted aluminum for mercury in vaccines these days, and while I'd love to comment on that, I won't because I live in NY, and we are only allowed to have opinions of vaccines based on religion, and nothing else.

    We are not getting vaccinated. For anything. Unless, of course, there is an absolute, documented, specific reason to get one.

  22. No flu shots for us. At my son's 2 year check-up the doctor told me that they'd be getting the vaccine in soon, but she said that she didn't think my kids would need it unless something in our lifestyle changed. They don't go to daycare (just to the neighbors house once a week) or anywhere else that they could catch something and aren't high risk at all. We do vaccines for other things but this seems a little excessive.

  23. I always get a flu shot and have only had the flu once in adulthood, about ten years ago. (Not a pleasant experience.)

    This year, I would give just about anything if the H1N1 vaccine had been available LAST month. My family could have gotten it and avoided the almost two miserable weeks we have spent waylaid with the flu. We are just really starting to recover now.

    As to how sick have we been with it, none of us have required hospitalization, but we have been absolutely miserable; I can't say it enough, absolutely miserable!

    My household consists of me and my two twenty-something children. My daughter (22) got sick first, two weeks ago tomorrow. She was horribly ill, with what we first suspected to be strep throat. She even did a couple of days of antibiotics before it was confirmed to be H1N1 and she was switched to Tamiflu. She had days of a throat so sore that she could hardly swallow, had no voice, high fever with horrible chills, and all of the symptoms on the CDC's list. There was even one night that I almost called 911 due to her shortness of breath.

    My son and I did not get sick until a couple of days later and we were able to start Tamiflu within the first 24 hours. Neither of us got as sick as she was, but were none the less, very, very sick.

    I am in grad school, due to graduate in December. I have missed two weeks of classes and of my internship. I am finally released to return on Monday. I do not know whether I will be able to catch everything up in time; this may set me an entire semester hehind in graduating.

    I can't fathom someone taking care of a child if they were as sick as we have been. Basically, it would not be possible to safely care for an infant or small child if you were that sick. And the thought of a young child getting that sick is just unbearable. If my daughter had been a little girl, she would have likely ended up in the hospital.

    My advice is, please, get the shot.

  24. I'm required to get the flu this year because I work at a hospital…. (Either that, or wear a face mask for the rest of the semester…) So yes, I am getting the flu shot.

    I'll say this though, I've chosen to not get the flu shot for Story. I just think that with proper prevention…she'll never see the virus anyways. 🙂

  25. Last year when my son was born during peak flu season, I not only chose to get the shot, I made sure everyone in my family was aware that they were not to come near my child if they hadn't received theirs. I think it's fine if you don't want to get the flu shot, but if that's the case, don't spend time around people in the high risk group. Even if you feel healthy, you could be carrying the virus.

    I have gotten the flu twice in my whole life. That's it. I attribute it mainly to the fact that I get the flu shot every year. I have always been in the high risk group though, so that helped make the decision for me.

  26. I never got the flu shot until I had a child and was in the schools as a teacher. I would bring home too many germs for her to deal with so I got one for the sake of her and will again this year-she gets one as well. I personally don't think I need one, but have been strongly encouraged by her doctor!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  27. No flu shots here. We do not vaccinate, but even if we did, my son has an egg allergy, and the flu shot has egg ingredients. My husband is military and they do forcefully vaccinate, but no mention of it so far this year. I have never had a flu vaccine in my life, and have not had the flu in over a decade, and when I have had it I recovered easily.

  28. I am adamant about NOT getting the flu shot for me or my kids! While I know the flu is dangerous for those with weak immune systems, I choose to feed my kids well and make sure they get plenty of exercise and sunlight…and if we do get sick, we'll rest and then keep rolling. While the flu is no fun, it is just one of the bumps of life. We don't get a vaccine for scraped knees or the like so why the flu? 🙂

  29. We are definitely getting the flu shot. I have pretty bad asthma and would end up in the hospital if I got the flu. My family will also get it because the flu shot only reduces your chances of getting the flu, if people around you get it than you can still catch it.
    Last year a friend of our family, who was a healthy young adult got the flu and actually died. I know that is not the norm, but it is still pretty scary. Too many people who get sick don't take precautions as far as spreading it to other people. We will get the flu shot every year.

  30. My first son is autistic and we have seen that shots played a HUGE role in his condition that we are now trying to recover him from. (My other 2 boys are neuro-typical and have not been vaccinated.) So we are staying away from shots in general till all the kids are older.

    The flu shot is one of the only shots with the nasty preservative thimerosol but know that you can ask to get it without it. Unfortunately, there are generally not that many in stock.

  31. ALways get the flu shot, since having the flu 16years ago, and ending up in the hospital. The flu is not a joke, if it develops into pneumonia it can be deadly, and not just to elderly, or compromised people…I was a healthy 34 year old when I got that sick. I cannot deal with people who think it is some government plot to make them take a shot of unknown antibodies. Also, people who down play it because they do not want the shot…people unfortunately do die from the flu every year, over 30,000…and I do not see why someone would think this would be made up. Why would there be an evil plot to get people to take a flu vaccine? Really, that is nonsense. If you do not want to get the shot due to whatever fear you have, do not make up nonsense about it to make yourself feel better for not getting it>

  32. We are not getting the flu shot! I have never gotten as sick from the flu as I have from their stupid shots! I got deathly ill the last flu shots I received a few years ago and I am not subjecting my daughter to that.

    I support thinking parents no matter what their standpoint on vacs/novacs, so cool post!

  33. me my husband and 2 kids are suppose to get the flu shot before my son from the nicu comes home… i think for this instance is important for the safety of my premature baby…. after he becomes stronger… forget it, id rather risk getting the flu from someone else then risk it by injecting myself with toxins. no thanks.

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