Body After Baby: Week One

Welcome to week one of the 8 week Body After Baby Challenge! Yeeeeeehaw!

Because this is the first week, I will explain everything that I’m doing in some detail. Know that from here on out, I will assume you understand how things work so I won’t be explaining everything every time. πŸ™‚ Email me if you have specific questions!
Every Tuesday morning (or sometimes Monday night) I will put a new Body After Baby post up. Mr. Linky ( or Jim or BABs- a new name Jamie suggested) will stay open until Thursday. That gives you two days to write your Body After Baby post and enter it into the link. You do not have to write about Body After Baby. It’s not required to participate in this challenge. Doing so however will help you with accountability and support, as well as enter you in the weeks giveaway.

This weeks mini challenge:

How many glasses of water can you drink?
1 glass of water = 1 point.

I’ve talked about the benefits and functions of water here. I believe it’s absolutely a KEY ingredient in weight loss!
Mini challenge goes for one week- from the day this post goes up to the day the next post goes up. As with all these mini challenges, I trust you guys that you’ll be honest.
* UPDATED: One glass is equal to a min of 8 oz. Maximum amount of points you can get per day is 8 points.
Each glass of water you drink is equal to one point. Keep track of all your points. Remember, you will submit your total points to me at the end of this eight week challenge. The winner of this entire challenge is a combination of before/after pictures (voted by blog readers) and people with the most points.
This weeks giveaway:

A Diet and Exercise Diary. A journal ( I don’t know why it’s called a diary. I suppose you could leave your darkest I ate two bowls of ice cream last night secrets in it.) for you to keep track of your meals and workouts. It also has a place for you to list your weight each week.

People who blog about this challenge ( rules for using Linky!) this week and leave their link below are automatically entered to win this (and every other) giveaway. I will randomly select the winner on Thursday and announce it here. I will be out of town and want to try and mail it out to you on Thursday afternoon so please check back Thursday morning to see if you’ve won! Normally the winner of giveaways will be announced on the next Body After Baby post, but because this is a journal I want you to get your hands on this as soon as possible so you can start using it for this challenge!
A general idea/suggestion for what you could write about each week. Just suggestions-
  • How you did on last weeks mini challenge (Last week I drank 20 glasses of water which means I got 20 points!)
  • How you did last week with your goals ( I went to the gym twice but only ate healthy 5 days. I did great this weekend though!)
  • What your goals are for this current week ( My goals this week are to get to the gym 4x/week and eat healthy every single day.)
  • How you’re feeling over all (My clothes are fitting better!)
  • Your weekly weight (if you’re choosing to weigh yourself each week)
Feel free to write about whatever you want and whatever success’s and challenges you’re going through while doing this challenge!

Please make sure you know the rules for using this linky. Don’t forget to link back to my blog and mention “Mama Notes” and “Body After Baby.” That way people know what the heck you’re talkin’ about and so people can visit other blogs and support them as well. Feel free to grab the code to the right and put the button on your blog or with your post! This linky will stay open until Thursday morning. I will not allow any new ones after then, so if you want to write about it, do so and get your link up here! If you’re leaving your link, try to visit the person listed before and after you! Let’s support and encourage one another by visiting blogs. Also be sure to check out the ning site for some good discussion! Feel free to start your own as well if you have a question or thought!

Have a great week and get to drinking that water!

*If your link was deleted from below it probably means that your link went to the home page of your blog rather than this weeks Body After Baby post. Make sure your link goes to your post not the home page of your blog. Example; Please enter it again!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

29 thoughts on “Body After Baby: Week One

  1. I'm excited to see what I can accomplish. Perhaps this challenge is all I needed to kick my weight loss-stalled butt into action!

    Good mini challenge, too, since I have been struggling to drink more water. I'm working on getting in 3/4 gallon per day, which = 16 8-ounce glasses a day. that's a lot of potential points! woo!

  2. It's kinda hard to visit the person before and after because we have to keep checking back until another person links up. Maybe we could change it to visit the two people before you?

    I'm determined to earn as many points as I can. And I need to drink more water, so this is a good mini-challenge for me!

  3. Great mini-challenge! I always drink a lot of water, but this will remind me to keep track and make sure I am getting enough.

    I am really hoping that I can allow this challenge to make a difference in my weight loss journey!

  4. I am excited about the giveaway!! I obsess about my food intake but always seem to end up eating more than I want and never seem to know just how many calories I am eating. If I don't win, I might have to go buy myself one! πŸ™‚

  5. so glad to have you all!! πŸ™‚

    Holly- that makes sense. I didn't mean you HAD to visit the person before and after, just try to visit who you can. πŸ™‚ But the two people before is a good idea- that makes the most sense.

  6. Drinking lots of water is one of the hardest things for me. Well, that and giving up sodas.. at the same time! I did find in the past though that the more water I drank the less I was likely to drink Dr. Pepper.

  7. You're doing this again … awesome! It was such a great success for you last time. I'd like to say I'd join in, but my life is just too crazy at the moment … I'm still recovering from my organization challenge! ;0)

    Take care of that sweet, sweet baby boy! ;0)

  8. Just got around to writing up my post and linking it! I almost didn't join this time either, so I'm really looking forward to the next 8 weeks (now that I've basically put on my big girl panties and “manned up” for it).

  9. What a great way to start the challenge! I've been trying to drink more water and haven't been great at it. I've noticed that my muscles feel a lot better after working out when I'm drinking water.

  10. I am going to rock this challenge… I am wateraholic as it is. So, I am adding my own twist… same water, but only one diet coke per day.

    Thinking about the picture I took and whether I have the guts to put on my blog!?!

    Good luck to all of ya!

  11. My husband will love this mini challange – he always hounds me about drinking water. I drink it at work all day, but once I get home I just forget to drink anything.

  12. Oh my gosh what a GREAT thing you are doing here!!! Inspiring others to be healthy and educating them along the way and even offering PRIZES!!! I will have to try and get in on this next week.

    Does it still count if my baby is 9 months old??? πŸ™‚

    Wonderful blog!!! Great pictures!!


  13. This week I'm down 2.4lbs which is awesome and makes me only .2lbs away from having lost 40lbs since Christmas when I had my baby!

    I love water it's all I drink so this week will be a breeze for points!

  14. Is this just starting? I so need something like this. How cool. I've heard you talking about this before on Twitter, but I've only recently started reading blogs again, so I wasn't sure what this was all about. Very cool!

    Before I got pregnant with my first son, I lost about 80 pounds over about a year. The biggest change I made was no more soft drinks, only WATER. It worked!

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