Down South

The South is quite different than the Northwest. Cows and green pastures are normal and seen often.

It is really beautiful. Just a different type of beautiful than I’m used to. Instead of rain, cold and snow, it’s extreme heat, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.

Lots of ponds. Big beautiful swampy ponds. I’d like one in my backyard. Ponds with turtles and ducks (real or not) floating around. Ponds in backyards. Not a normal thing in the Northwest.

And a Sonic. Did you know the South has about 346329 Sonic’s? They do, and I took the liberty of experiencing it first hand.

My mom and I took care of lunch. Two Diet Cokes, and an order of anything deep fat fried and cheesy please. Thank you very much Sonic.

Houses with huge front yards.

Houses with pools in the backyard. Pools are normal in the South.

I wish. Backyards with everything you could want. We were at this house for a party while we were visiting in the South. I was in love. A secret corner here and there with couches and televisions. A lighted path that takes you around the entire house. I wish I would have taken more pictures to show ya’ll. You would have died.

Here’s my mom, Lucas and I outside. That’s my mom in the yellow, I’m in the black.  At this point Lucas thought we were a little crazy. Normal.

I wish there was a place on Earth where you could have it all. The weather you wanted, the house you wanted with the price you wanted, the school’s and population you wanted. A Sonic with a gym next door, bike lanes on dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. A University two miles away from your house with a pond in your backyard. A little bit of both.

I’m dreaming. 

For now, I’l continue to live in the Northwest and visit the South. I think I like it that way.

Do you live in the South or the Northwest? What do you love about where you live?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

22 thoughts on “Down South

  1. Wow. I have never been down south. But those pictures remind me of what I think it should look like. And are those real or fake ducks in the pic?

  2. I've lived in both. Grew up in Charleston, SC, the army sent DH and I to Tacoma WA for 6 years, and now we're in TN. You are right about different kinds of beauty.

    I love the thunderstorms of the South. There's a softness in the landscape that is at odds with the harshness of the weather. There's a texture to the South that is unique- that I think reflects its age.

    The NW is a more bold beauty. Brighter green, when the sky is blue, it's BRIGHT blue. A counter to gray of the weather, perhaps. But there's a relaxed, comfortable feel to the NW that I really enjoy.

  3. Loved the pictures. I am not to hip on thunderstorms or tornadoes. We get those in the Midwest here but not as bad as in the south. In fact we really haven't had any thunderstorms where I am this year. It's been rather dry.

  4. I live in western NC. Not quite the “deep south” but almost! I love living in the south, I was born and raised here. Of course, we're a bit off the beaten path… the closest mall is nearly 2 hours away! But I definitely have a love affair with Sonic and was THRILLED when they opened one in our small town last year! Of course, it makes the body after baby challenge more difficult 🙂

  5. I am a southern girl born and raised… I live right outside of Charlotte NC. The weather is wonderful and a few hours to the beach or an hour or two for the mountains! Doesnt get any better than that.

    Ps.. yes we have sonic about two miles away and lots of ponds 🙂 and great sweet tea!

  6. We are waaaay South. Florida to be exact. And it's still steamy hot…like 90 degrees hot. In October.
    Every summer I ask myself why I live here. Then I'm reminded November thru April. Those are the awesome months.

    Oh, and Sonic is practically in our back yard. Come visit anytime.

  7. Ok, so I love Sonic!!! It is actually my favorite fast food place!! I am from Mississippi and now live in Texas!!! I love it in the South!! I think it is the best!!! The only down side is the Summers!!!! Very hot and humid!!

  8. I'm from the Northwest (a bit north of Seattle) and now live in the Midwest. I miss seeing the ocean on a regular basis the most and the Northwest sensibility – I fondly call it “granola.” I do love that it's true that midwesterners are incredibly friendly and, after only living here 2 years, I wave to cars that pass by while outside playing with my kids. I also drive slower and I'm more likely to leave my garage door open while going for a walk. But I miss the Northwest! We have Sonic here, too, by the way. Yum!

  9. I am from the NorthEast (NYC) to be exact and I hope to one day be able to move to the south. I love the hustle and bustle but I want to live in a place just like you described. After growing up in NY I know I want to raise my kids in a more spacious and green place.

  10. I'm from rat smack dab in the middle – good ol Kansas! We have 3 sonics within 15 minutes, it's great!
    Those pics look like Kansas to me, I love it here! Yes, lots of land, big back yards, SONIC and tornadoes….we have a tornado season too. I love kansas

  11. I live in Texas which is in the south but it's not part of THE SOUTH. I agree with you about Sonic. I have a friend that used to live in WA and she actually came to OK for my wedding and we spoke with the president of Sonic about locations up north. I guess they haven't made it yet. Also, my husband and I are building a brand new 1600 square foot house and it isn't going to cost us $500K like it would in other parts of the country.

  12. I'm in the south (southern KY) and I love it here. I hate cold weather, I don't think I would survive a winter colder than the ones we have here!

  13. I live in the southwest. The plains, to be exact..and we have lots of sonics (one just a few blocks away), which are great for ice cream and drinks! Their food is okay..nothing spectacular!

  14. I am a new follower of your blog, and I have to say this post really hit home with me. Only, my thing isn't northwest versus south, it's urban versus rural within the south. I love all the “stuff” in a city (or what passes for a city in the south), but also love all the open space and dirt roads out of town. We choose to live out of town and drive in for the stuff if we need/want to – and, yes, that includes Sonic. Their cherry limeades rock!

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