Ask the Moms: Does Your Family Celebrate Halloween?

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Halloween (ThanksgivingandChristmas!!) is almost here!
Do your children participate in Halloween activities? Does your family celebrate this Holiday?
We don’t really.
The closest decorations I get to Halloween is Candy Corn and pumpkins which to us are Fall decorations.  I did dress up in High School of course, because that was the cool thing to do. But, since I’ve became an “adult” and moved out of my parents house, I’ve never dressed up or passed out candy to little kids.
Even though I think they’re adorable in their costumes.
Most of them anyways.
I don’t have anything against Halloween at all. I don’t think it’s wrong or mean or anything like that. I don’t really have an exact reason as to why we don’t do Halloween in our house. We just don’t. 

You must be thinking I’m an anal mom. I’m not. I’m actually rather cool if I do say so myself.
I don’t want to encourage candy eating and I feel kids should be able to dress up as anything they want any day they want! My mind could and very likely will change as my son gets older. I’m sure we’ll let him dress up with all of his other friends for school Halloween day. We might even go to Halloween parties as he gets older. But for now, we’ll stay indoors and be sure to visit the pumpkin patch to get pictures.
I have a feeling I’m one of few moms who thinks this way. As far as I know, most families do celebrate Halloween. Then again, I’ve never asked.
Do you and your children celebrate Halloween? Why or why not? If you do, how much money do you spend a year on Halloween candy and costumes? Do you let your kids eat as much candy as they want or do you limit it? If you don’t celebrate it, is it because of a religious reason or just a personal preference like me?

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17 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Does Your Family Celebrate Halloween?

  1. Hmmm… interesting. We sort of celebrate it, but we don't really go all out. we throw a couple pumpkins and gourds around the house and the boys dress up. we take logan trick or treating. he usually says he's done after about a half hour. then we go home. he gets to eat a few pieces of candy. he asks for it for about a week, and then most of it sits there (after i eat the chocolate of course) til i throw it out at christmas.
    I know people who go NUTS for halloween and other holidays, but we don't go all kinds of crazy for ANY holidays.

  2. We do not do Halloween at our house. It is really for a combination of reasons. I do feel that it draws attention to the “evil of this world” and there are people out there that view it as a “religous” holiday. That thought bothers me. As a believer in Christ I want to abstain from anything that pertains to Satan's stronghold on this world.
    While that is one reason another is due to the graphic, scary, and sometimes plain crude costumes that are seen on this night.
    Another reason is I spend the rest of the year telling my kids to stay away from strangers and don't take things from strangers and such. So, why would I, for the sake of candy, allow them to approach a stranger's house. It just doesn't seem right to me.
    So, my family and I have choosen to stay in on this night and not hand out candy. We actually act like the “holiday” doesn't even exist. And I am always glad when it is over.
    This is what works for my family. But I understand that others have other thoughts abou it.

  3. Growing up we didn't participate in Halloween like most families did. I never went trick or treating (despite plenty of begging.) My friends shared their candy with me, though my mom was not thrilled about that.
    My husband and I never do anything for Halloween but now that we have a little one (16 months) we figured we needed to decide what we would and would not participate in.
    The holidays we do celebrate we celebrate for a good reason. Christmas and Easter being the most important for us. Halloween to us has no significance, but it's a pretty big deal to a lot of people.
    For this year we've decided to let her dress up and hand out candy to the (non-scary) kids that come to the door. We are going to attach a little card to the pieces of candy that has a Bible verse on it. We want to teach her to take every opportunity to spread the Gospel to others. We don't want her to feel left out and be made fun of for not being allowed to participate at all. But we want her to learn that it's not a holiday of significance for our family. It's obviously not a God-honoring holiday and we prefer to focus on the ones that are.
    Also I'm not crazy about introducing candy to her this soon.
    And I agree with you about dressing up any day of the year!

  4. I love Halloween. I'd babysit for free on Halloween & take the kids out once I was “too old”. I took my 1st baby out to a few houses when he was 2 months old. We've been in an apartment for a few years, so didn't get trick or treaters. I really missed it. Tough to decide whether to take the kids out or stay home & hand out candy.

    I have no idea how much candy we'll need this year. We always just bought a bag “just in case” at the apartment, but I think we'll probably get 100-200 kids here. We don't spend much on costumes, if anything. Second hand or under $10 for new. I wish I could come up with a good costume for me. Actually, what I really wish is I could fit into the beautiful fancy dresses. Whatever, I just love it anyway.

  5. My husband and I are taking our son around to our firends houses in his costume and then passing out candy, he is too little for candy but I am sure he will continue to go out each year until he doesn't want to anymore. We will most likely do candy how my family did it, you got a few pieces in your lunch box instead of a snack each day until you run out of halloween candy then back to your snack. I like the holiday and we do not see it as anything more than a chance to dress up in a costume (that my husband and I made) and go have a bit of fun.

  6. My husband's business is located in a mall, so he has to participate in the “Trick-or-Treat” event. We usually dress our family for that, and hand out candy. Other than that, we don't celebrate!

  7. We participate in our church's “Harvest Party” that they do on Halloween every year. Last year I bought my kids costumes for about $20 total. This year I made my daughter a tutu so she can be a ballerina and my son wants to be a robot so my husband will make that costume for him. It's a fun way to be creative!

    As for the candy, I am limiting the amount that my kids can have to 3 pieces. I am sure that my daughter won't care, but my son might want some.

    I believe that God made every single day- therefore we shouldn't honor Satan by saying that Halloween is “his day”. I blogged about this a bit today:

  8. Halloween is VERY important to my husband and me. Growing up my family didn't really 'go all out' but my dad and his second wife love Halloween. They decorate their yard and trick or treaters will actually come up to the house and get their photo taken by the decorations. It's a blast.

  9. Whaaaat? You don't just absolutely LOVE Halloween? lol Maybe I'M the weird one. I've always absolutely loved Halloween. The fire, the spookiness of it all. We've always had the best time with this Holiday. There was nothing like a good adrenaline rush from a good ghost story whenever I was small. Of course, now that we have our new baby… Halloween is going to be even better! Of course I'll let her have candy. Probably not this year since she's too young to even enjoy it, but I don't think there's anything wrong with candy.

    We definitely do not spend a lot of money though. We don't even bother decorating. We do love to celebrate it though! Very VERY much. ❤

  10. we celebrate Halloween mostly because I can not hide it from my kids. I did get a cutesy costume for my DD when she was only a few weeks old because it was just adorable but we didn't do anything. As the kids got older they wanted to trick or treat so we do. We come home seperate the candy and then they eat a peice a day for a week or so and then it all gets passed out at DH's job. Let them pay their dental bills. We spend way to much on costumes just because I enjoy it and I dont mind. I just wish they would wear them more often but my kids are older and my DD wouldn't be caught dead outside or even inside in a costume other then on Halloween or for a dress up party.

  11. I did as a child, and up until about 3 years ago. We are now Messianic and don't do Halloween. I don't think they're missing much. They haven't once said anything about it, and it's kinda a waste of money IMO.

  12. I hate to decorate for Halloween but my kids love it all the costumes, the candy (although it sits in a sack for months until I throw it away), the home decor. My solution to the decorating nightmare let my kids do it all. Then I don't worry about them moving the decor and messing it up. They did it they are in charge. We rarely hand out candy because I am always trick-or-treating with my kids. This year we are going to a football game for Halloween and we are going to dress up for it! haha

  13. I think Halloween is like THEE best holiday to get out and meet neighbors. I mean what other day of the year does everyone stop by each other's houses, meet each other's kids, and give something away?! Plus, it's another excuse to have a party and get friends and neighbors together.

    I agree with what Courtney said – every day is God's, and even Halloween can be used positively. I LOVE decorating the house in white orange and black – i enjoy using crows, etc. but stay away from skulls and witches.

    Samantha, I'm surprised you don't decorate at all – Halloween is all Beaver colors – what a great excuse to promote your favorite teams' colors!

  14. I grew up not celebrating it because “it's the devil's holiday.”

    Now, I guess I see it as a pointless consumerist holiday that has a dark side that gives people an excuse to be evil.

    But for the past 3 years, I've double checked with my husband — “We don't celebrate Halloween, right?”

    I'd really like to dress my kids up because they'd look so cute.

    Double minded I think.

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