Natural Teething Oil Giveaway

Congratulations to our winner #7- Beth!! 


I think it’s the one thing no parent ever looks forward to. Your baby is in pain and is uncomfortable and you don’t know what to do or what to give him to make him feel better.

It’s so hard for me to know exactly when my son is teething. Is he crying because he’s teething and his mouth hurts? Or is he just tired or hungry? Or has pain somewhere else? I’m pretty positive that he really is teething now and I’m trying to do whatever I can to help him with the pain.

You may have remembered Footprints Baby, a natural baby boutique that hosted a giveaway for organic crib sheets on my blog a while ago. Love those sheets by the way, I still recommend them! Well, at the time Footprints Baby also sent me Pumpkin Butt teething oil, a natural oil to rub on baby’s gums. I was so relieved when I remembered I had this!

It’s hard for me to know what exactly reduces pain in my son. If it’s a teething oil, if its because he just ate, if its because he finally feel asleep, or if its form a toy he’s been chewing on. But, I know for sure that I love the fact that this oil is natural and it smells good too! All you do is put a dab of this on your finger and rub it on your child’s gums. It has just the right amount of numbing and anti-inflamatory oils for young babies. I know it didn’t hurt, only helped!

Footprints Baby is giving one reader some teething oil for your little one!

Footprints Baby is also offering a 10% discount to anything in their store (get those organic sheets, or cloth diapers or a blanket!) until the end of the year. Use the code “footprints.”

To enter to win some Pumpkin Butt teething oil, just leave a comment on this post. I’d love to hear how old your child was when (if) he or she got their first tooth!

One entry per person. Open to anyone anywhere.  Giveaway ends Tuesday!

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34 thoughts on “Natural Teething Oil Giveaway

  1. Jordan's teething right now too. He was 5 months, i think, when that first tooth came through. maybe 6. i don't remember, but we're working on tooth number 5 right now and he's 8 months old. He has a lot harder time of it than my first son did! Logan never made a peep when a tooth was coming.

  2. Sim is getting her molars in right now and is so uncomfortable! She is always chewing on her thumb and has a hard time sleeping when she is teething. She got her first tooth pretty late- at about 8 months- but it was quickly followed by 7 more. The molar stage is really hard. 😦

  3. I have spent a week of late night wailing with my 21 month old getting her first canines, plus we have one on the way. We would totally put this stuff to use.

  4. My little dude was teething from 3 months (I swear!), but didn't cut one until right at 6 months–a week later, he had 5 teeth! he's got 6 and counting at the moment . . .I love the natural oil idea! We've been using chamomile, and I'm always interested in other natural remedies.

  5. My last baby was just barely 6 months when his first tooth shot through. A few weeks later, around 7 months, he got his second tooth. He'll be 8 months old tomorrow and he still has the two teeth. 🙂 The teething was awful for us!! He didn't want to sleep, he wanted to be held and chew on everything all day. He's so sweet, and I loved holding him but I have 3 other kids at home, plus I have mono!!! LOL Sooo yeah, I would love to try anything that will help for the next batch of teeth sure to top up any time now. Thanks for offering this!

  6. My daughter is 8 months old and IS teething right now…just 2 days ago we noticed a little clear line on her gums and the tooth is making its way thru!! We could use some of the teething oil!! 🙂 My older daughter who is 5 now, got her first tooth at 5 months old.

  7. I'd love this stuff! My baby's not born yet, but this is just what i'd love to use when she starts teething… orajel kind of creeps me out! (erinsl at gmail dot com)

  8. We had a late teether… 10 months old when he got his first tooth! He's a get-'er-dun kind of guy, though, and got 7 teeth in 1 month. At 16 months, he's working on getting all four molars in AT ONCE! Poor sweetie…

  9. My youngest is 9 months old. She got her first tooth at 6 months and she is up to 4 now. She has FOUR more coming in at once. This child has been absolutely miserable the past few days. On top of the teething she has an ear infection. I can see all 4 of those teeth just ready to puncture through the gums, but they are being stubborn 😦

  10. My son Oliver is 6mths today 🙂
    I too don't have a clue when to put his crying down to teething.. I never know if it could be something else!
    He's been ill this week so trying to distinguish the two has been rather hard!! 😦

  11. Lizzie Lou was 8 months old before her first tooth popped through. She sure was fussy for months before that, but the teeth coming in didn't make her much happier LOL This would be great for David, he is 6 months and not teething yet!

  12. none of my three got teeth until 9 months, and my youngest is taking forever! he's 16 months now and only has 6 teeth! so, i still have him teething, and baby #4 is coming in january. i would love to try out this teething gel on both of them!
    kyrie24 at gmail dot com

  13. My little guy was four months when the teeth started coming and they have been coming in quickly ever since. At nine months he has 6 teeth and there are 4 more that are on the verge of coming in. He drools like crazy, chews on everything…I have the baby hickeys to prove it! Poor little guy…he is grinding those new little teeth but he keeps on smiling right through it.

  14. Corbin has been teething since he was 3 months old. He's 9 1/2 months now, and not one tooth yet! Oh the drool 🙂 Anything to help us through this would be much appreciated. We have just spent a couple of sleepless nights which I am hoping means a tooth is on it's way,but we'll see.

  15. My daughter is 6 months and been teething for a couple months now. A tooth pops through then back down it goes, down under her gums. It is horrible. My kids are bad teethers. It takes a long time to see any progress. I would love to try this stuff!

    chels_leigh4 at yahoo dot com

  16. Ryan didn't get any teeth, or a sign of anything resembling a tooth until he was 7 months…

    Corbin, however, is already having a little tooth try to wiggle its way out (already have the white crown showing) and he's barely 3 months!! I really wish I could just reach in and pull it out!

  17. My daughter got her first tooth when she was 10 months old. I wish it had held off longer, but she is almost done with them now! Only her last molars until she loses her teeth in a few yrs 😉

  18. My two boys got their first tooth at 7 and 8 mths. My little girl will be 1 next month and still has a wonderful toothless grin. What a great product!

  19. wow I sure wish I had this to try when Lauren was cutting all of her teeth. Maybe I will win and it will work for her two year molars! She was 6 1/2 months when she got her first and second tooth. They were on the bottom and came in together. Then it was several more months before she got any teeth but once the third and fourth came in they all followed very quickly behind.

  20. My little boy is 5 months and has been “teething” for at least 4 weeks now. The drool is unbelievable, so are the sleepless nights where he cries from the pain in his mouth! I would love to try ANYTHING that works to help his pain!

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