Doctor Recommends Flu Shot for All

Lucas had his 7 month vaccination shots today. (He weighs 18 pounds by the way!) As you know, we are a delayed vax family. Being so means we have to have to visit the doctor more frequently so he can get his shots spread out.

Anyways, at our appointment today I asked our doctor what his thoughts were on the Flu shot. I do my own research and decide things for my son based on my thoughts and beliefs, however I do respect my doctor and think he is very smart and knowledgeable in his practice. He is also very supporting and agreeable with our delayed vax schedule, natural child birth, circumcision, and the like so I feel like we are on a similar path.

Believe me when I say I cringed when I heard this. My doctor said, with no hesitation and a strong force, that everyone should get the Flu shot. Even my 7 month old son.


Have I told you how much I hate this? I do. I hate vaccinations. I hate virus’. I hate diseases. I hate making hard decisions like this. I go back and forth. Back and forth. Seesaw seesaw. Just when I think I know what I believe is best, I change a thought or my mind. Then I question myself and change my mind again.

Didn’t your mother say, Life is full of hard decisions, or something like that.

My doctor (who is also my sons pediatrician) told me the Flu shot was so bad this year that everyone should get the vaccinations. Even babies and kids.

I will tell you, I haven’t got the flu shot in many years and I had absolutely no intention to get it this year. I don’t believe in this vaccination and think the Flu is the Flu. That’s why God make soup.

A couple weeks ago when I asked Mama Notes readers if you were getting the Flu shot, a lot of you said no way! and a few of you said heck yes!

I seriously hate this. I’m stressed about it.

If I get the Flu, will my son get it? I feel like he is at an exceptionally low risk because he is breastfed and doesn’t attend day care. But, what if he gets the virus, doesn’t get sick, but gives another baby the virus. I would feel awful.

I think I will remain on my stance and not give the Flu shot to Lucas. At least now right now. Maybe when he is older. Slowly, I feel like I’m leaning towards that maybe I should get the vaccination.

But I totally don’t want to. And I don’t want to do something just because my doctor thinks I should.

Anyways. There you have it. My ramblings of the never ending vaccination talk.


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25 thoughts on “Doctor Recommends Flu Shot for All

  1. I feel your pain! I've decided not to give mine the flu shot. When I took Sophia for her shots today the nurse asked if we were getting the flu shot and she looked at me like I had two heads when I said no! We have never gotten it and have yet to get the flu. It's also been my experience when I have a cold or stomach bug the child that is breastfeeding is the only one not to get sick or has a very mild version of the illness.

    Not saying we won't get the flu, but I'm going to take my chances rather than give the kids a shot every year.

    Good luck with your decision, it's a hard one!

  2. I vax my kids fully and on schedule, but we DON'T get flu shots! I am with you, I think the flu is the flu. The thing to keep in mind is that the flu virus is not fixed, it is ever changing and mutating (hence the need for a new vax every year) The vax may not protect against all the various flu strains out there. Use common sense and universal precautions and your son will most likely be fine. And if he does start to have flu-like symptoms, take him to the doctor. You have a good head on your shoulders and you should follow your instincts!

  3. I never get the flu shot and haven't gotten one for my 16 mo old daughter. I have a huge problem with flu shots because they are only the two strains they think are going to be the worst that year. We wash our hands a lot, and like the previous poster, use common sense. Good luck making that decision, it really is hard to figure this stuff out 🙂

  4. The problem with this particular year is that those who would normally be at exceptionally low risk have actually become the higher-risk populations. If your immune system is overly strong, you risk a feedback reaction wherein your reaction actually causes more problems than the initial virus did, and that is why this year's strains have been more noticeable among normally-healthy populations. I'd recommend getting it simply because the vaccination avoids the need for one's immune system to react as strongly as it otherwise would, and therefore avoids the risk of having it “go overboard,” as it were. But that's just one opinion (and I'll add that I completely agree with delayed vaccinations, so I'm not trying to be a rabid “give-your-child-everything” activist).

  5. Ugh! I hate shots too! We haven't had any in a few years and so far at our house we've only had a stomache bug and a case of strep which wouldn't have been covered by the shot anyway.

  6. Trust your mom-sense. If you don't think the shot is right for your family skip it. Everyone, shot or no, should wash their hands regularly, practice good hygiene (sneeze into your arm), and if you DO get sick or your babe gets sick make sure dehydration doesn't become a problem. The flue can be serious in at risk populations. And it sucks no matter how healthy you are. But my personal opinion based on my research and mom-sense tell me the shot isn't worth it. The shots are based on previous strains but they mutate and the shot is often useless. And recently I've been reading that people who got the flu shot are actually at a higher risk of getting swine flu.

  7. i struggled with it too, and once i decided to get the shot for my boys, our dr's office and local health department were out! aaargh! i'll keep trying though. hubby and i both got them. it was only my second one ever. i'm not much on extraneous vaccinations either.

  8. I know how you feel. I never got the flu shot until I was pregnant with Kenneth. I still have not let him get the flu shot. Everytime I think about it, something happens… he was already getting 2 shots, they were out of the pres. free, and now he seems like he has a cold. I continue to get them now since I work at a hospital. I don't have patient contact though. I just want to keep from getting it so that I don't pass it on. That said, you can still get the flu even if you get the shot. I do not plan to get anything other than the season shot. Plus, Kenneth still gets breast milk at 19+ months. So I feel he has an edge over the flu and being sick in general.

    It is hard though. I go back and forth all the time. My son's doctor said I should let him get the seasonal flu shot. She doesn't see the need for anything else at this time.

  9. I agree I hate vacs too. I won't take the flu shot nor give my son one. However, since my husband is out of the home more then the two of us, he has chosen on his own to get a flu shot as he did last year. He didn't get sick last year either. However, it is too big of a gamble for me personally since the 2xs I did take the flu shot in my life I ended up getting the flu! This is when I worked outside the home and was around people all the time! My son and I didn't get them last year either and we didn'[t get sick. ANyways, good luck with your decision. It is a hard one that only you can make.

  10. You have to do what feels right to you. I never got the flu shot until I was pregnant with my first, now I get it every year. I haven't had the flu in several years, I WILL NOT risk having my husband or I give my daughters the flu- or somebody else's child. My girls got the flu shot this year too- I don't like shots but I'm not messing around. They were breast fed and stay at home but soup doesn't cure the flu.

  11. I know two years ago when I was pregnant my OB made me get the flu shot and they recommended the hubby get one too though he did not. Last year none of us got it, and we were fine until we switched to a church with more babies then ALL of us were sick for 2 weeks.

    I am not risking that since we are going to have a newborn at the beginning of the really hard core flu season. Even though I don't like the flu shots, I will not survive having a sick 2 year old, husband and myself, let alone having someone whose life is measured in weeks be sick.

  12. My three year old and I are not going to get it and I am pregnant. My OB was totally supportive and said that if either of us have any symptoms to get in to see the doctor quickly. Very few people actually get the flu every year and I am more worried about the side effects of the shot. Just like Becca said in the last comment, my whole family got really sick last year but it was not the flu so the flu shot wouldn't have helped anyways. These shots only protect against one strand out of thousands of flu viruses. Not worth it.

  13. I hear ya~ I did have influenza a few years ago and did not wish it upon my worst enemy. Myself and my two boys do get the influenza shot each year- hubby does sometimes. Sometimes he just doesn't get around to it. Now, the H1N1 vaccine, that's a whole other blog!

  14. I always find vaccinations can be such a touchy subject and so I always want to tread lightly. I am personally at the opposite spectrum from you – I am thrilled that vaccinations are available and, while I don't like having my kids get shots, I feel like they protect my family and are a blessing. Both my kids received flu shots this year (actually, kids 2 and up can get it through a nasal spray) and I got mine as well. I never really worried about the flu shot until I was pregnant and had children – suddenly they just felt important. Best wishes with this difficult decision and take care!

  15. You are doing the best thing you can: researching it from every angle!

    My family does not get the flu shot. We are strongly opposed to it. (Actually, we don't do other vaccines either, but this one is the one I feel very strongly about.)

    The flu is only dangerous to certain people, namely those with weak immune systems. And for a breastfed baby who stays at home with mom, the risks are extremely low!

  16. Yeah, I'm right there with ya. My only tricky thing to add to the situation is that I work full time in a day habilitation program where illnesses run rampent, and then I also work PT as a paramedic. Yikes. So even though my daughter is BF and has never been sick (and turning a year old in a few days!), I still don't know…Maybe I should? Maybe I shouldn't?

  17. We all got flu shots today – Lizzie 2.5 years old, David 6 months and me. I too felt like since David is BF'd and only in nursery once a week that I might nix it….but my doctor assured me that the flu shot is safe and will save him from a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous virus.

    I know what you mean about the emotions! Pray about it and do what your gut tells you – you are such a good mom with a good head on your shoulders!

  18. It is a hard decision. I got it for my 10 month old, and hubby and I, and I wanted to get the nasal spray for the 4 year old, but the Dr. was out. We are a Dr. Sears schedule vaccine family too, but I had the flu year before last (I was the only one in the family who didn't get the vaccine) and I was so sick my grandparents had to come take care of my daughter because I thought I was going to die. We have cut down on going anywhere that there are other kids, no more gym for a while, etc, but the flu has been extra bad around here. We got the shot for the baby though honestly out of such selfish reasons… of course I don't want her to be sick, but I also don't want to be up allllllllll night with a sick baby (although we seem to be up all night recently anyway, mostly to practice our wave evidentally!)

  19. Well, as a high risk pateint, w/ asthma & 9 months pregnant…I was told to get the flu shot & didn't.

    Now, I have the flu. And I'm still 9 months pregnant & I'm pretty freaking miserable.

    But, I don't regret not getting the shot.

    I work w/ kids as a sub. teacher & I'm pretty sure I got it from some snot nosed kid. I should have been more careful w/ hand washing & stuff.

    BUT, I am terribly worried about my baby & how its going to effect him & whether or not I could go into labor, while sick w/ the flu & what that would mean for having the delivery I want.

    Anyway, I'm sure my rambling doesn't help you at all.

    Good Luck w/ your decision!

    FWIW: My sister, hubs, and 2 yo niece haven't shown any signs & I've been sick since Friday, so hopefully its my weakened immune system that made me get it & not them!

  20. Oh *sigh* is right. Boo for vaccinations and shots and the whole nine yards. I hate it all, but we also do it all per our doctor's rec because that's why I have him. You should go with your gut though.

  21. I have another thought on this: even if one decides to get the flu shot, there is NO guarantee. The flu shot does not prevent against all strains. As the vaccine makers begin concocting the mix of antibodies the year before the vaccine will be needed, it is all just a guess as to which strains should be included.

  22. Well here in Ontario the little kids can't get it…they are only giving the flu shot to people at high risk like immunocompromised and over 65 because of the increased risk of H1N1 if you have the flu shot.

    Then they are offering the H1N1 vaccine to high risk groups for that flu when it's available.

    We won't be getting either…

    The first because we are not in any high risk groups.

    The second because it's new, untested and scary.

  23. I've read through all the comments here, and unless I've missed one in scrolling down, I'm very impressed with how positive people are keeping it, even if they don't agree with your opinion. Vaccinations really are a very touchy subject, and there's almost always someone who feels the need to attack the other side. Way to go, everyone!

    I, personally, got my kids the flu shot this year. However, they are older (3 and 7) and neither one of them got it before the age of 2 (my son actually didn't get it until he was 5). The biggest reason we got it this year is because my son is started school last year, after never having been in daycare or preschool, and seemed to catch every virus that went around, so I'm just hoping to lessen his chances of getting the flu. I had it in high school and it's really nasty and miserable.

  24. My family and the members of my practice are directed to the National Vaccine Information Center for further vaccine info. It was there that I gained more insight into the other things they put in our vaccines (that function as preservatives and growth factors).

    I am also very impressed with all you mamas out there keeping open minds and accepting that the only “right” decision is the one you make for your family. Keep in mind that it is easy to avoid serious illness with the flu (or any of the illnesses we vaccinate for)by eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising (even for the babies keep 'em moving!), covering your cough/sneeze, getting adjusted, and washing your hands.

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