7 Fall Activities for Kids

I really love Fall. (And I’m totally loving all the super cute Fall pictures being sent in for Cutest Fall Baby Contest!) It’s such a perfect and relaxing time of year. There are so many things you and your children can do this season that involve getting outside and being active! The weather may be crisp, but with a vest and hat, it’s a wonderful time!

Here are a few of my favorite family friendly activities perfect for Fall.
Leaf Raking.

This is a fun activity and involves a little bit of exercise! Have the kids help you clean up the front hard with a rake. It’s a great way to get them involved in family chores while being active and getting fresh air! Make it fun and let them pick up huge piles with gloved hands, or better yet- have a jumping contest when you’re all finished!
Carve Pumpkins.

My family isn’t too into Halloween but I do love Pumpkins because they are just so Fall-ish. Let your children feel the texture of the inside of a pumpkin and use their creative skills to make a face! Dress them up, add colored markers for eyes, or simply leave them as be.
Get Crafty.

Color with some free printable coloring pages, make a handprint wreath, or a pumkpin seed pumpkin.

photo credit: allkidsnetwork.com

Make a Scarecrow.

This is an activity that could take a couple hours in the afternoon. Put your old clothes to good use and add a little festive scarecrow to your yard! Children of all ages can pitch in to help assemble different parts of a scarecrow.

Play in the Rain.

I love the rain and in our family, we’re not afraid to get a little wet. Fresh air and daily walks are so good for the kids and you! I will take Lucas for a walk in his stroller with a rain cover over it and he stays dry and warm, or I will wear him in a front carrier. For older kids, jump in puddles or see how many rain drops you can catch on your tongue. If it’s just too rainy, check out these rainy day indoor activities!

Collect Leaves.

While you’re raking leaves or on a walk, see how many different colors and types of leaves you can find. Bring them home and make a collage. Talk about why leaves change colors, where they come from, and why the fall off of trees.
Visit a Pumpkin Patch.

Pumpkin patches usually have a wide variety of things to do for kids of all ages. They can be a little pricy, so make a day out of it if you can and take advantage of all the fun activities they have to offer!
What does your family love to do in the Fall?

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7 thoughts on “7 Fall Activities for Kids

  1. We went collecting leaves today. A friend in CA doesn't get the beautiful maples we have in MI and we found some great fiery red ones to press and send her. It made me feel like such a kid again to jump around looking for a good leaf!

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