A Day of Making Baby Food

Carrots and broccoli
and pears oh my!
Potatoes and apples
and zucchini oh my!
Cauliflower and bananas too. (!)
Wash! Peel! Dice! Chop!
Cut! Steam! Boil! Bake!
Puree! Mash! Freeze! Store!

I don’t know why I’m using so! many! explanation! points! because it’s really not that exciting. I’ve just spent an entire day making food and I’m trying to remind myself that it’s fun!

I mean, it’s sort of fun. Talking like Rachel Ray and pretending like I’m on my own television show makes cooking fun. I don’t know why I haven’t been picked up by Oprah yet. Clearly she has yet to hear of me.

But really. You can’t tell me there isn’t something beautiful and yummy about fresh fruits and vegetables. Looking at these pictures makes me feel a little bit relaxed. A little bit.

Hungry yet?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

16 thoughts on “A Day of Making Baby Food

  1. I so have to start doing this again. Hmmm maybe I can somehow convince you to come and do it for me. lol Really though this is a good reminder for me to get busy and get my littlest man's food ready for him.

  2. Oh how I miss making big batches of baby food! Our blender broke in our move and I am just not motivated (or have enough arm strength) to make huge batches with my hand grinder! Next shopping trip I am going to have to go get a new blender, or better yet a food processor! Our freezer is getting low and I am noticing Squirt's food choices are changing (he doesn't really care for avacado anymore?!?). Looks yummy! Good Job Mama!!!

  3. I actually did have a lot of fun making huge batches of baby food. There was something about using fresh fruit and veg to make food for my child rather than pop open a can that just felt satisfying. And I, too, pretend I'm on a cooking show 🙂 How funny!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of baby food. But is so satisfying to know you are feeding your baby the best…and it is a lot cheaper than buying baby food! I can't imagine what I WOULD have spent feeding babies on jars!

  5. Hopefully little Lucus will enjoy it…I once spent the whole day doing the same thing only to discover that Abigail would hardly touch the stuff! Good luck!

  6. Those pictures make me want a salad…mmmmm
    I think the only way to keep up with making your own baby food is to make it in batches, freeze purees and such. I use some of the recipes from Deceptively Delicious, and if I didn't have a batch of purees in the freezer, it would never happen.

  7. Great post. Question: how long do babies typically eat the pureed version of table food? We're still a few months away from that adventure, but I want to make sure that I don't make way too much when I have my day (or many days) of making baby food! Thanks!

  8. I just spent Saturday in the kitchen making batch upon batch of food for my Wiggle Bean. I even got my husband in there to help out. We try to make as much of her food as possible, I even did a batch of chicken.

    Way to go!

  9. We made all our own baby food too. I did have a few jars of food as back up in case the power went out. But thankfully we've never had to use them. Now I have a 14 month old who loves fruit and veggies. Huge difference in comparison to jarred baby food babies.

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