Body After Baby: Week Four

Here we are. Another week. How did you do last week? Did you get a lot of healthy meals in? I sure hope so!
Last week is last week. Let’s focus on this week.
This weeks challenge:

How many sit ups can you do a day?
Yes. I said sit ups. As in get down on the floor, and crunch. Cruuunch.
You want a tight core don’t you? A flatter stomach?
I thought so. Gosh I know you guys well.
Diet comes first in the equation, but this challenge is about all parts!
So, how many crunches can you do? Maximum amount of points that can be earned each day is 50 points.
50 crunches a day = 5o points. Try to do 25 in the morning and 25 at night! Or, 10 here and 10 there and 10 here and… it all adds up.
My question for you this week is, when do you exercise? Do you wake up early in the morning before your kids get up to head to the gym? Do you do it at night, or take the kids to gym day care during the day? Do you work out with them by walking or running with a stroller, or in your family room while they’re napping? I would love to hear in the comments when you work out and how you do it!
I want so bad to be a morning workout person. You know those crazies who wake up at 5:30am, get to the gym for an hour long sweat session, come home and eat breakfast, shower and meditate or something all before their family wakes up. I want to be one of them. But when you’re up two times a night with a crying baby, it’s so hard to exercise at 6am. Excuse, I know. Whatever to them. I usually try to go to the gym at night but… but….
This weeks giveaway:

The book, Hunger Free Forever by Michael Murry and Michael Lyon.
I have not personally read this book, but I’ve heard its a great book for learning about how you metabolism works and the cues behind your hunger.
Everyone who writes about the challenge this weeks and uses Mr Linky will automatically be entered to win. You must follow linky rules for your entry to count. I’ll announce the winner next week!
If you’re participating in the Body After Baby challenge and wrote about your progress this week, please feel free to link up! Be nice and visit the first two people before you to offer your support and encouragement. A little rah-rah or something. Happy week!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

14 thoughts on “Body After Baby: Week Four

  1. I work out at different times as different days allow. I have been trying to get up and do a DVD at least half the days of the week in the early morning before the boys get up. I also try to do weights 3 times a week, and that requires me to go to the gym, which occurs in the evenings after dinner and after the baby goes to bed at 7:30. These days, it's never a really good time to do it so i always have to force myself to work out.

  2. I work out when I can at different times every day. I work around my babies nap and around picking up and dropping my kids off at school. I do walk my youngest son to school while pushing the stroller, when OR. weather permits.

  3. I used to walk in the evening when it was cooled down…but it seems lately that I haven't hardly been exercising at all! =( But I have reorganized some things and Week 4 will be my week!

  4. walk w/ the kiddos either late morning or late afternoon – it's tough w/ different naptimes! But the afternoon nap is the same for all three little ones, so that's when I do the shred dvd – which I love and hate all at the same time 🙂

  5. I workout as a I can. Sometimes I get lucky and both kids nap at the same time so I hop on my treadmill or pop in a workout DVD. When the weather is nice, we take family walks. Many times my only workout is doing leg lifts, arm circles, etc while sitting in the floor playing with my kids – nothing like multitasking.

  6. I was putting of crunches.. lol.
    I need to do something to try and flatten my shrinking baby pooch.

    BTW, I am having trouble commenting on some of the blogs.
    If I can't get it tonight, I will try another day this week.

  7. Wow! This is a great challenge for this week!

    I try to go to the gym 3 times a week, but kiddos are sick this week=no gym :o( Instead, I work out to Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shread… That DVD will kick you in places you didn't knnow you could burn! :o) I have found out that if I don't do my work out at the gym, I have to get up early or do it during nap time… hours seem to slip away if I don't make an effort to workout, and then my day is gone.

  8. I work out in the morning, if I don't have my work out done by 10 it's not going to be done for the day. I like the way it energizes me for the rest of the day. It's hard to remember that when I am supposed to get out of bed to go workout!

  9. I no longer have a regular exercise time, but I try to get some in during the day. If Baby H is having a good night and goes to bed in her crib before Hubbles and I turn in for the night, I will usually do some yoga. I also do stretches, squats, dancing, and other exercises during the day while holding the baby. Waiting for the microwave? Do some squats! Playing with the baby? Do some baby lifts! That sort of thing.

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