Return Your Baby Einstein DVD’s for Full Refund

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends no television-or any screen time-for children under two years old. Still, Baby Einstein DVD’s are sold with claims to make your children smarter. They claim to teach your child the ABC’s and how to count to 20. They claim to be good for your kids, fun and educational.

Because sitting your 9 month old in front of the television for thirty minutes while their brain and mind is so overstimulated that they won’t and can’t respond to anything else around them because they are so absorbed into the creepy creatures on TV that are talking and singing annoying songs is educational. It makes them smart.

I’ve never believed that. I have never thought there were any benefits or educational opportunities for babies and young children to be watching TV. I don’t necessarily think that a little (a little) TV here and there is harmful, but I certainly don’t think it’s good or for heavens sakes, educational.

As I’ve mentioned in this post: What’s Baby Einstein Doing to Your Kids, research actually claims that shows like Baby Einstein can delay language development. Research has been proving this and other similar facts for many many years. But still. Baby Einstein ends up in your DVD player.

Kids as young as 6 months, 12 months, 14 months are sitting in front of the television watching a movie or TV show. The parent feels okay about it because hey! It’s making my kid smart! It’s teaching him how to read! HOW TO READ! Baby Einstein has done all that it could to pursue parents that their shows are a good pick.

Not anymore.

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has worked with Disney to offer a full refund to anyone who has purchased a Baby Einstein DVD in the last five years. Here are so important facts as presented by Commercial Free Childhood.

More information:
I’m so glad that the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood is reaching out to parents to present the hardcore facts about television watching and young children. It seems that we need to hear something more besides ” The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for children under the age of two.”

Published by Samantha Mellen

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30 thoughts on “Return Your Baby Einstein DVD’s for Full Refund

  1. Hm. I personally love the Baby Einstein videos. The colors are brilliant. Story loves to see the colors, listen to the music… I've never thought it was very educational though…. just stimulating to her senses.

    I'll continue to let her watch them I think. It's not as though she spends hours in front of the television being brainwashed or anything..haha! She just enjoys the view. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting about this. THis is great information and I will definitely be returning my movies and telling my friends about this. That is a really cool organization. thanks.

  3. I'm glad this information is finally coming out more publically. It has never made sense to me that Baby Einstein made and marketed videos for children under 2 (aside from just wanting to make money, of course). The AAP has said for years that children under 2 shouldn't watch any television at all.

    We didn't allow my first child to watch any television before age 2. With my second, she saw more from an earlier age simply because she had an older sibling…not sure how we could have done it any differently. Thanks for posting about this!

  4. I'm not so sure about the language delay claims or any of the other scares about TV viewing. I also don't believe there's much real benefit for an infant or toddler watching TV, besides giving Mom a few minutes to unload the dishwasher or use the bathroom in peace!

  5. I actually like the dvd's and have let Nathan watch them since he was about 9 months, however I agree that they are not “educational.” My son has walked and talked from a VERY early age so I can't agree with the speech delay in MY experience. Interesting though, very interesting!

  6. hmmm… this makes me feel pretty guilty. Logan never watched baby einstein DVDs when he was tiny but he did watch the LeapFrog Letter Factory (and knew his alphabet phonetically before he was one). He did start to like B.E. (just the farm one) when he was older, like 2 or 3, because he was really into farms.

    Now I do let Jordan watch the B.E. First Signs DVD. He and Logan watch it together. I can't decide if I feel guilty or not. I want him to learn at least a few signs and thought that him watching that would kind of reinforce me showing him the signs.

    I do agree that for the most part, B.E. are “stupid” DVDs, but not the signing one.

    And I agree that screen time probably isn't the best idea for babies, but I have to admit that mine both have had some TV. I feel kind of bad about that.

  7. I didn't mean to make anyone feel guilty for letting their kids watch Baby Einstein. That wasn't my intention at all. Like I said, I don't think a little TV is going to harm anyone, but I don't want anyone thinking that these (or any other) TV or movie program is good for young babies or educational.

    I've found that a lot of you either think this idea is very, very awesome… or you think it's ridiculous. That's totally fine. I'm just presenting that facts here about TV and babies/young children.

    Remember I think you're wonderful! If your baby watched TV.. now you know the facts about it and can stop them now and for the future… and that's what maters! And get a little extra spending cash for returning the DVD”s. 🙂

  8. I disagree. But Ive never really used a DVD or show for educational purposes. Ethan has always loved watching like movies or cartoons though, so its more just something he LIKES to do and honestly I don't mind because it allows me to be able to jump in the shower or do laundry! lol Its not like he sits in front of the TV for HOURS and I don't think it affects him any and I am not gonna stop him any time soon. Yes I don't think u should use the different dvds to teach your kids things-thats your responsibilty as a parent, but I think theres nothing wrong with it as an entertainment purpose as long as what they are watching is child appropriate!

  9. my son watched b.e vids for about 30 seconds. he didn't like them. they didn't hold his attention. so i sold the whole set on craigslist!
    this is really quite interesting information though!
    and too bad i didn't know that i'd get a full refund! i sold the set for $25!!

  10. It baffles me that you have such a ridiculous amount of followers when over half of your posts are filled with misspelled words and incomplete sentences. A lot of times the things you write don't even make sense! It's “woman” not “women” and “Not anymore more”??? What does that even mean? Slow down and take a little time to edit yourself. You'd be doing a favor to all of your readers to be a little more careful.

  11. Do you need a receipt to return these? Do they have to be in perfect working condition? We bought a few after 2004 but I couldn't begin to pin down a day..

  12. Dear anyonymous..

    Noboday makes you come here, why do you have to? You don't so do us all a favor and please stay away, a blog is a place for gooness and love, and you, well frankly, are rude and disgusting. It always baffles me that the trolls always leave their comments anyonymous.. If you are going to make a comment like that, you should definatly own it.

    People come to this blog because it is great, I for one, do not go to blogs who have a Phd in English, I come to them because I like the person and thier blog.

    Ok now my comment on this post…. 😀

    I have never let my children watch tv at such a young age, even if I tried they wouldn't sit and watch it anyways, they were more into lights,sounds and colors of life. I have never watched these movies so I can't comment on them, but after having 7 children who are excelling in school, personally I don't think you need a movie to motivate and educate your children.

    sorry such a long comment. 😀

  13. Dear anonymous –

    Leave your name or don't leave nasty comments. If the spelling of the words upsets you so much-get a new hobby.

    Thank you for this post! Good information!

  14. Samantha…I think it's great that you post about things that matter to you, and that you want to share with others. I also understand that you're not here to tell people what to do or make people feel bad about choices they have made/are making that are different from yours. But you do often come across as contradictory. When you've said previously that all parents make the best decisions for their particular family, but then say that everyone should turn off their tvs now that you've presented this information, you come across as being a bit condescending. Your choice is great, and as I said, I'm glad you've presented what you believe is compelling evidence to support your choice. But please don't say you're noting saying something is right or wrong when you really are.

  15. Anonymous – thank you for letting me know about that error! I wrote this post too fast and completely messed up on that!

    Anonymous- I am just stating the facts about BE and TV for kids under two. That's all. If you (or anyone) let your children watch TV- that's fine. That's your choice and your decision and there is nothing wrong with that. *I* personally choose not to let my child do it.

    I never said everyone should turn off their TV's. I also didn't even say, “don't let your kid watch TV!” I said that I don't believe baby Einstein is educational. What I did here was talk about what Baby Einstein CLAIMS to do with educating young children, and what the AAP recommends in regards to children watching under the age of two.

  16. @Samantha: “Remember I think you're wonderful! If your baby watched TV.. now you know the facts about it and can stop them now and for the future… and that's what maters!”

    It sounds there like you're saying that now that people have read the facts you've presented, they'll all do the *right* thing and turn off their tvs. I'm sorry if I'm misunderstanding you. Really! I'm not trying to be a mean jerk, so I do apologize if that's how I sound.

  17. We had a Baby Einstein vhs tape when they first came out, I never understood the appeal. My kids didn't like it and I thought it was creepy.

    I do let my kids watch videos, but I choose videos that we can watch together, preferably with a lot of singing & encouragement to dance & move around. If we rent a dvd & my toddlers just sit & stare at it, we never watch it again.

    I think that if parents pick children's entertainment that they both can enjoy, like the Backyardigans, video watching can be beneficial.

  18. I think the AAP is correct in saying no television for children under two. I think that those Baby Einstein Videos make false claims.
    But the occasional baby Beethoven allowed me to shower when my husband was absent(which was nearly all the time)or bought me time to breathe when I was needing that.

    But I never abused them. I remember a friend whose baby was propped in front of the television everytime I went to her house…she was the easiest baby they always said, they just put her bouncy seat, swing or whereever she was sitting from day one in front of the television. I can't think that was good. Even friends who were way more tv oriented than me often spoke of it and they had no idea there was a problem with under 2 watching television…they just thought it was too much..and it really was.

    As to anonymous (aka Mr/ms. yellow strip down her/his back) re: spelling errors and typos…if you want great literature what are you doing reading a blog? I have won prizes in spelling bees but I might have an error in this comment. I'm not even going to check.


  19. I don't have any of the B.E. dvds, but I do let my kids watch Noggin. And I really feel like some of the shows have taught them a lot. Everytime I sit down to teach my 2 year old something, she already knows it! That said, I agree that it is up to each parent to make that decision. I don't think you were trying to put anyone down for letting their child watch tv, but more supporting your reasons for not doing so. Great job on this post, and don't let the negative comments get to you. You have a lovely blog here!

  20. Actually I don't think it's fair to specifically blame the DVDs. I don't like Baby Einstein, I find it obnoxious and a little creepy, it reminds me of the scene in A Clockwork Orange where they make the protagonist watch the screen with his eyes held open.

    However I was under the impression that the parent was supposed to watch the DVD with their child, interact and talk about what is happening on the screen, much like a prompt for discussion and teaching rather than educational in and of itself.

    I think that technology, including TV and Computers, can be wonderful learning tools even for young children if used correctly. My 2 year old's favourite DVD is the BBC Planet Earth box set, he loves to watch it and talk about the animals.

  21. I've been thinking about this post. My conclusion: Most things are OK in moderation.

    If I was the only parent, we wouldn't have the TV on at all or rarely. But I'm not so our TV is on much more than I'd like. I see the good and bad effects of that on my 4 year old.

    It is a good distraction/babysitting tool (which I have needed when I've had childcare snafus). He has learned a little academic stuff. But a child would be academically fine without it.

  22. When the Baby Einstein recall was announced, everyone went into debate mode. Was the video helpful to children's educational development or not. No one had a chance to think. Why is cash being given back for a used dvd in this slow economy. Other things that have been physically harmful to children didn't give out cash refunds without receipts. This is odd.

  23. Forgive me for being anonymous, but those baby einstein videos really give me the willies. The stark, cold images and weird neon colors can't be good for kids, not to mention the violence they show. Ever notice? Scary, sharp objects, mean looking puppets, nothing warm or safe…that must be terrifying to children, especially when they are left alone in front of it all day. I think they are subliminally promoting violence.

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