Stretch Marks: I Just Want the Truth

I have stretch marks. Yes, I’m 24 years young and I have stretch marks. I didn’t get any until week 37 of pregnancy. Every day at our pregnancy check ups my sweet doctor would say to me, “Oh wow! No stretch marks!” I knew it would come back to haunt me. I woke up one day and BAM. I had stretch marks. Just like that, over night my stomach stretched. Clearly I was way past my limit.

I was the size of an elephant. A baby elephant. That was me during the last couple months of pregnancy. A cute little life sized baby elephant. Put a picture of me and Dumbo next to each other on your living room wall and you wouldn’t see the difference. Why on earth you would do such a thing I don’t know, but you can see my point here.

So, anyways, I got stretch marks. Even though my mother never got them I thought I would be genetically blessed like she was. No such thing.

I don’t really know what my problem is. They’re not that bad. I think I’m overreacting about it. I mean I’m probably overreacting about it. I have to be honest with myself here. Like really Samantha. How often do you wear a swimsuit? Um, never. And even so, who the heck cares?

I should be proud of these marks. Isn’t that what they say? So in any given moment I can lift up my shirt and say SEE! I have stretch marks! I was pregnant! I gave birth! GAVE BIRTH! That’s suppose to make them “battle wounds” or something. Good point. Yes, I agree. But see that kid over there? Yeah.

I’ve heard so many conflicting sides to stretch marks. All I want to know is the truth. I’m not out to find the cure, (that’s a lie) I just want to know the truth behind them. I’ve heard that such n’ such oil makes them go away, and that they make it worse. I’ve heard that sun makes it better, and then to keep them out of the sun.

For the love of all things deep fried, what is it??

My opinion, because I know you want to hear it: You can’t prevent stretch marks. Hydration helps. You can’t “cure” them- there is no magic pill, vitamin or oil. They will most likely, fade on their own. Good nutrition and lots of water may help that happen sooner.

You should love your body, saggy pants and all. Your body did push a child out of it. I’d say that’s pretty gosh darn remarkable!

Do you think Oprah could get me in contact with a stretch mark specialist? I could then report back to you with the truth once and for all so we can all stop spending money at the drugstore on stretch mark prevention lotion. I know you have such things under your bathroom sink.

Oh, heeeeey Oprah.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

23 thoughts on “Stretch Marks: I Just Want the Truth

  1. my stretch marks are horrible but I am trying to get over it. I have tried creams but nothing really works… I guess if my husband doesn't care I shouldn't. My niece calls them tiger stripes and thinks they look “pretty” lol.

  2. I am proud of my stretch marks. Because I got them with Robert, my first (who is now 12) I didn't get them “as bad” with the other two (who are 7 and 3) in fact I don't think I got any with Sammi (the 3 year old).

    The ones on my hips and breast are the worst but they aren't horrible. I feel the are a part of me just like my broken arm scar, my c-section scar, my gall bladder scar, my knee scar; just like my nose, my lips, my feet…you get the point.

    I say be PROUD of those stretch marks.

  3. Lol. I have stretch marks too. I guess I'm kind of with you- I was pregnant and pushed a live human baby out of me. If someone has a problem with that they can bite me. …on my stretch marked tummy. lol

  4. I tweeted to you last night, but don't know if you saw it or not… Use lavender oil. I used it through my first pregnancy, and didn't get a single one. I didn't use it during my second, and still didn't get any.. but I think it was because my pregnancies were so close together and I had been religious with the lavender oil through the first. It is supposed to prevent them, but also help fade them. And I have heard that tanning helps fade them as well… I know it helped fade my c-section scar.

    Whether you find something that works or not, don't worry about them. You got a beautiful boy along with those stretch marks, and that is something to be proud of!

  5. Ugh stretch marks!! I got them bad with my first baby, now I just wait for my tummy tuck someday. (just kidding…maybe.) There are preventative things to do, for instance being fit and healthy and drinking water…NOT during pregnancy but long before. I do think it's funny when people say “oh I used such and such cram, lotion, oil and it worked” How would they have know if they didn't use it that they would have gotten them? I was told by several doctors there really “no way to prevent them if they are coming” Whatever…battle scars, sounds good to me. 🙂

  6. I have ALOT of stretch marks on my stomach from my pregnancy. I didn't get any until the end and then they just exploded everywhere. I also had PUPPS so that didn't help. I don't really like them but my husband doesn't mind them and I guess that's all that matters. I call them my tiger stripes to make it sound sexy.

  7. I'm 24 and 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I had no stretch marks on the belly until a couple of days ago. I noticed a small purplish line and 2 others on my lower belly. I've tried to apply grapeseed oil a couple of times a week to keep the skin elastic. When you got stretch marks did they just come one by one and just spread out all over? I don't think they can be completely prevented but that won't keep me from trying.
    I think the only thing you can really do for your existing stretch marks is to get them lasered off. It's about 500 a session but usually 2 sessions is enough to see a significant improvement.
    I've noticed men have stretch marks almost as often as women do…and they don't have the birth experience to back it up.

  8. If it makes you fell better, I'm 21 and I have stretch marks, I've had them since I was 20! But oh boy if that little boy of mine doesn't make me care about them just a little less every time I look at his perfect little face, and even more when he gives me hugs!

  9. I thought I avoided stretch marks too. With my first I didn't get stretch marks the entire pregnancy. I got them after giving birth:( A lot of them faded and weren't that noticable until I had my 2nd in April and earned more marks of motherhood. I also have a c section scar from my 2nd. Just chalk it all up to the marks of motherhood!

  10. my tummy looks like one of those radar images of a hurricane! they did fade to white though.

    my mom never got any so i thought i'd be blessed too. I used palmer's cocoa butter religiously twice a day from the moment i found out i was pregnant and i still got them.

    i should have known, because i have them on my hips and breasts from puberty and that development wasn't nearly as fast as the whole pregnancy growth thing.

    after i was done nursing logan, i spent $130 on a tube of Stri-Vectin cream. The “miracle” stuff that everyone was just RAVING about at the time. Yeah. Nothing. It did NOTHING for my marks.

    I am a firm believe that you can't do anything about it. In my opinion, people who “swear” such-and-such works because they were religious about it and didn't get any were just not going to get them in the first place!

  11. I like to refer to my stretch marks as “belly flames” at my house. After my first pregnancy, they literally covered my belly button down – gashes. I tried cream and it obviously wasn't preventing anythign. They'd just started to turn white, then my second pregnancy “enhanced” them again. I think they will fade again, but who knows what'll happen when the next baby comes. Oh, well. They're kind of a reminder of the fact that I've given birth to two amazing kids!

  12. whew girl… my stretch marks are some kind of HORRIBLE! and i still have the little pudgy belly going on! if you find some kind of miracle cream, let us know! =)

  13. I've got them everywhere, so I feel your pain.Unfortunately,there's no way to prevent them or make them better as they occur on the lower dermis..not on the top where lotions and such are applied 😦

  14. My story is almost the same. mom who never got them (with 4 kids!)no stretch marks for me until 36 weeks, and then….BAM!

    I'm 12 weeks post delivery, and they have faded a bit, but they are still pretty darn noticeable! I've heard that time is all that will work to fade them.

  15. I had some before I got pregnant.
    I gained a lot weight leading up to the year before I got pregnant, then lost A LOT about 6 months before I did.
    With baby number 2, my stretch marks got stretch marks. lol.

  16. I began using the Dr Max Powers “Stretch Mark Treatment” every single day about two months ago and it works WONDERS. First you can use it for stretch marks and you can use it for scars and to moisturize your face and neck, ladies!

    You must follow the instructions even though they are pretty simple. If I am using this for acne scars, skin discolorations (sun exposure), uneven skin tone I apply either over makeup (may not be recommended as this could remove your makeup)and on a freshly washed face.

    I use the lengths of my fingers not fingertips since they produce the oils that could cause you breakouts from YES touching your face. I rub into the affected area or scar (even works on cystic acne scars) atleast two to three times a day when I am able to. But if not I do this at night before going to bed. Be patient and wait one to two weeks before you notice a big difference as the scar gets lighter your face appears to be glowing and skin discolorations slowly fade.

    Keep on it atleast everyday. I thought it was only for men who workout – based on the way the product looks, but I am glad I bought this and one bottle lasted me over two months and I used it everyday! Give this product a try, be patient, follow the directions and you will not be disappointed.

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