I’m Potty Training Him Early

This is what happens when I change my kids diaper. When I try to change him. It takes me approximately 3 minutes and 47 seconds to change him. He will have none of it. He screams and leaps and jumps and wiggles his way out of it.

I have changed his diaper when he’s standing. I have changed his diaper when he’s on his back. I have changed his diaper when he’s on his stomach. I have changed his diaper when he’s hanging off the changing table.

It’s a talent really.

I changed my kids diaper today. What have you accomplished?

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24 thoughts on “I’m Potty Training Him Early

  1. Alex was always a handful to change, Sammi never liked to be wet or dirty. Rob would sometimes give me trouble but not as much as Alex.

    Good job! Wish I could give you tips for making it easier but…there isn't really any. 😉

  2. Oh oh! So are you really potty training early?! We need to talk!

    It was for different reasons, but we started Cami on her little potty early too. I think she was about 9 months when we started sitting her on it once a day. She's progressed quite well. Not sure what all will come of it but at least she knows what it's for and isn't afraid of it.
    You might've seen my blog post all about it…


    The key is for them to be friends with their potty first 😉

  3. this picture cracks me up!!!! i want to hold that boy again. i've changed ari's diaper standing up tons. now, unless it's a poopy one, i just give him the choice. fewer power stuggles 🙂

  4. my boys did the same! hahah Yours is sooooooo CUTE 🙂

    My oldest didnt want to potty train until he started preschool. He didnt want to be the only one in diapers!

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  5. Give him a book. Madelynn did the same thing all the time. I just keep a board book next to the changing table now for her to look at while I'm changing her.

  6. hahaha!

    im really glad my li'l girl is the angel i wished her to be. i had no problem with the diaper changings…but had with the potty training. she was scared to use it at first…then she started peeing there yet pooping in her diapers till she was 3. guess i got lucky when she had diarrhea one day and a she was peeing, it came with it. until she got used to it. (she had trauma with constipation before that's why)

    well, just passing by to say hello 😉

  7. Changing on the floor.. brilliant!

    Jill… sort of kidding about potty training early…. maybe not! You started at 9 months?! wow!

    Eliza, another brilliant idea about giving him a book! DUH, why didn't I think of that?! 🙂

  8. I am right there with you. Today I tried to change Gory while his head was hanging OFF the changing table, and he was attempting to kick me with his feet! **sigh**

  9. My 9 month old is the same way, he also does this when I try to change his clothes. We call the antics his “super ninja baby moves”. He even hates to have his socks changed!

  10. Oh that's such a hard stage. Even worse is when they're a bit older and physically fight you during a diaper change, writhing and kicking… Ugh. I think I'll potty train early, too.

  11. Too funny! The picture made me smile. Isn't it funny how kids are so much alike even though they are raised in different households and by different parents. And yet they all go through the same stages. Amazing!

  12. Oh yeah, we are struggling with the same thing! SOMETIMES it helps to hand her a toy or something to hold or chew on, and I try to get as much ready to go before putting her on the table as possible: diaper laid out, pants off while holding her, wipes ready, etc. Sometimes nothing helps and it is a huge wrestling match the whole time! 🙂 Sometimes we change on the floor now too, but that is hard with a puppy! I have also started putting her on the potty once a day, usually in the morning, and have gotten her to pee 4 out of 5 times!! yippee! If you haven't already, you might want to look into elimination communication for help with earlier potty learning. good luck!!

  13. Sounds like a handful. I feel your pain, it is a challenge to get my 9 month old's diaper changed and even more of a hassle to get clothes on her.

    We actually did start early potty training around 8 months. She has learned the sign for potty but does not know when to use it. We are using a timing method with her. We sit on our potty when we get home from daycare, after eating and before bedtime. It seems to work well. She potties in her potty at least once a day.

    Good luck!

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