Mom Interview: Runs with Cutie Face

Mom interviews are back! We’re kicking off with a great one. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am thrilled to be a stay-at-home-mom to our 15-month old daughter, affectionately called “Cutie Face” on my blog. My husband and I celebrated our 5th anniversary 6 days before Cutie Face was born. Cutie Face’s current claim to fame is her birthdate: 08-08-08, which means that my husband and I have now been married for nearly 6.5 years! That is crazy! (you can find out more about us here)

I am even more blessed to say that I am a Christian and, despite my many many failures, am loved unconditionally by my Savior! This fact alone keeps me going throughout the day, even when i’m tired and defeated by the weariness of the world.

My husband was a grad student for the first 4 years of our married life which meant he did not find those years ideal times for starting a family. As soon as he graduated, we started trying and, unfortunately suffered three miscarriages before finally (joyfully!) welcoming Cutie Face into the world. We are blessed beyond measure to share that we are now expecting our second daughter in February!

2. What is the best part about being a mom? What melts your heart?
The best part about being a mom is that I get to share the world with my daughter. It is amazing to watch the world come alive again when I view it through her eyes.

What most definitely melts my heart is when I watch my daughter with my husband. Beyond Priceless. in fact, I love those moments SO much that, if you were to look through my pictures you’d think J was an only parent–I have so many photos of the two of them together it is crazy…but it melts my heart every time!
3. What’s the hardest?

The hardest thing about being a mom is realizing that you are in charge of a little one’s upbringing–whether or not they are polite, kind, respectful, knowledgeable, etc–you have SO much influence on them and…they are watching every move you make! {Of course, it is incredibly hard to watch them be sick or get hurt!!!}
(following in my footsteps?)
4. How do you balance your life and the many roles you carry? Wife, mother, teacher, friend.. how do you find time to take care and nurture yourself?

Wow! This is a tough question! I think that the majority of my balance is putting everything into perspective and that largely comes from being grounded in my faith and in the Bible.

Secondly, it helps to remember that there is a time and place for everything.

Cutie Face went through a long 4 months of colicky behavior and I remember J asking why she was crying so much and when would she stop. My answer was to say, well, most likely, Cutie Face won’t be crying like this past a year of age so we have less than 300 days left! And I could handle anything for 300 days! Of course, she was through that stage around 5-months of age but it really helped to remember that we could handle it one day at a time.

I think that a lot of things do have to change once you become a mother and, again, it all comes down to priorities. I definitely don’t see my friends as much as I used to nor do I get as much done throughout the day (hello laundry!). One of my priorities is running. I am a competitive runner for my local track club and I incorporate my training runs with Cutie Face every day. We go for runs with her in the baby jogger when it is time for her to nap–guaranteed to put her to sleep and allows me to get out in the fresh air and do something for myself! Perfect!
5. What has happened to you as a mother that you never expected?

I’ve become more environmentally conscious! I took AP Environmental Science when I was a senior in high school but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I really thought more about protecting the Creation that God gave us. I’ve become a cloth diapering, make-my-own cleaning supplies, baby-food making, crazy crunchy mama. Never thought that would happen. Oh! And I blog. Never thought I’d be “one of those” bloggers, either 🙂
6. What’s your favorite part of the day?

I love it when she wakes up in the morning. She is so joyful right from the get-go. Her spirit for life is incredible! I also love bathtime with Cutie Face because she gets such a kick out of bubbles and “swimming”.
7.What is your #1 mom tip?
#1- Relax! #2–treat your first child like your 2nd child (even if you aren’t planning to have another kid!). J and I took on the philosophy that we’d probably slack off a bit about being paranoid by the time #2 rolled around so why not cut to the chase and just treat #1 like we’d (most likely) treat #2? We surprise a lot of people by how relaxed we are–i think we often make our parents worry that we aren’t more concerned! But we also think that our attitude allows Cutie Face to be more relaxed and easy-going.

8.What do you wish someone would have told you about being a mom?
I actually think my mom did an excellent job of teaching us what it was like to be a mom. She taught us about priorities (kids don’t come first–God does then marriage) and how to have fun with your kids while still demanding their respect (and boy did we know when we were not respecting her!).

I guess I wished I believed it when people told me how fast time flies once your little one is born. I cannot believe we have a 15-month old and that we’ll be welcoming #2 in 3 months! Cherish each moment!
9.What do you try to tech your children every day? What are your parenting values?
I try to cultivate a curiosity about the world in Cutie Face. When we are on walks or even browsing through the grocery store we’re talking about what things are and what they sound like, etc. Everything is a learning opportunity and I love watching the world unfurl before her.
10. Where can we learn more about you?

I have two blogs: Monkeys on the Bed! where i have a theme for every day but mainly allude to being a mama. My second blog, {life with} Cutie Face is our family blog and is pretty standard fare for family blogs. It keeps the grandparents happy, though, and serves as a great reminder of things we’ve done! I’m also on twitter!

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Mom Interview: Runs with Cutie Face

  1. I like the idea of being as laid back with #1 as you would be with #2. We're only planning on having one and we take on that philosophy as well and are pretty laid back. So is our daughter, which people comment on all the time 🙂

  2. I love life with cutie face…it is such a great blog! Love the interview and all the pics….

    I have 2 awards for you over at my place…I'd love to have you come by and snag them!

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