Moody Mamas Maternity Wardrobe Giveaway

Winner: Congratulations to #65- Leah!!  I hope you love your new clothes. Please contact me so we can get them to you! Thank you everyone for entering this giveaway! 

When I was pregnant, I had a really hard time finding clothes that were comfortable, cute and stylish. I only had one pair of jeans that I loved and a few tops. Everything else was comfortable, but not cute. Or, cute but not comfortable. I would have loved to find a better selection of clothes for my growing belly that made me feel good, were cute and were comfortable!

Moody Mamas has some adorable and gorgeous maternity clothes.  I have never worn these clothes, but they look really cute and comfortable, and they look like clothes I could definitely wear again! If I were pregnant, of course. Which I am not.  I love their dresses.  Love them. I want one for my non pregnant self!

Moody Mamas maternity is giving one of my sweet readers a wardrobe valued at $200! These are part of the Fierce Mama Collection, designed by Christian Siriano of Project Runway.  One reader will receive the following in their choice of size and color:

and a pair of these sexy mama undies. 
Aren’t they cute? One of you will get all four pieces. 
To enter: 
Just leave a comment telling me one thing you love about being pregnant and/or your favorite piece of clothing from Moody Mama.
If you’re a follower of this blog,  RSS subscriber or email reader you get an extra entry! ( 4 possible entries- please leave a separate comment for each entry.)
This giveaway ends next Tuesday. Good luck!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

99 thoughts on “Moody Mamas Maternity Wardrobe Giveaway

  1. I really liked the Long Sleeved V Neck dress in Black. My fav part of being pregnant is the reward at the end and that's it!!! I really had a hard time being preg. and was just happy that it was time to meet my little baby! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Brandi H

  2. I'm not currently pregnant, but I certainly know what it is like to desire cute AND comfortable at the same time. When I as pregnant with #4, I wore the same things over and over! What do I love? This may sound funny, but I love to think about going into labor. My last two births were really wonderful experiences!

  3. What a great contest! I love love love the denim leggings. Leggings were my favorite thing to wear when pregnant & hopefully it won't be too long before I get to use them again.

  4. We found out about 4 weeks ago that we're expecting baby #5! We're so very excited! I love just about everything about being pregnant. I love hearing the baby's heartbeat and feeling the baby move. I love holding my older children's hands to my belly so they can feel the baby move. I love going into labor and knowing that I'll get to meet the precious new life I've been carrying for 9 months.

    Leah ~ terrytribe AT gmail DOT com

  5. I love being pregnant because it is so fun to share this little secret between you and your growing baby. I feel like I have an insider's look into my kiddo for these 9-months and, as soon as she will be born, she'll be everyone else's, too…but for these 9-months, she is all mine! I love that!

  6. What cute Maternity clothes perfect for fall! that is exactly waht i need, fall maternity clothes 🙂 such a bummer my babys are on oposite seasons the clothes i wore last time are so spring and summery not fall.

    the best part of eing prego to me though are the baby kicks 🙂 i love laying there feeling my baby kick, guessing what way he is laying and if it was a hand, foot, elbow, knee, or butt that is jaming its way out of my stomach like a little alien. 🙂

    Also i am a follower 🙂

  7. Those things are so cute!!

    I would have to say I love feeling the baby move and kick. (But, I also love all the attention you get when you are pregnant!!)

    Great giveaway!

  8. Wow! What a great giveaway! I love that turtleneck shirt and I love just about everything about being pregnant- I know I'm totally blessed with healthy pregnancies, with very little discomfort at all, so I just love the whole time, well, except maybe the days past my due date- I always seem to go 'over'…

  9. We're expecting number three and these clothes would definitely be useful since alot of my maternity clothes got ruined when there was a leak in the basement!! 🙂

  10. I gave away all my maternity clothes too! I also gave away all my infant clothes, and my swing and bassinet, so if you are thinking about haveing any more give aways I have a few suggestions…
    I love being pregnant. Eating and feeling your baby move are awesome, but the best part comes at the end. When you finally get to hold your baby!


    I would love to win this!! I am pregnant with number three, a different season this time, so I have no winter maternity clothes! These are so cute, I love the turtleneck!!!

    A great part of being pregnant are the hiccups:) The baby's of course, not mine:) I just love to feel the little one moving inside, what a little miracle-ok big miracle!!!

    Courtney S. from NJ

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