My Must Have Items During Pregnancy

The day you get pregnant, the talk begins about about what you should and shouldn’t do, how often you should sleep, what to name your baby, and what kind of car seat to buy. You know you need good nutrition, vitamins, rest and exercise. You need clothes for the baby, a sleeping arrangement and a good pediatrician. You need a swing and diapers. Those things are all (obviously) very important and necessary. But, what about the items or products that you need during pregnancy? The clothes, the gear, the things while your pregnant?

Here are my must have items or products that I couldn’t have done without during my pregnancy.
Comfortable clothes.
A good pair of maternity pants that are cute, comfortable and make you feel good are a must have. I got my jeans from Gap and I loved them. I wore them almost every day the last couple months of my pregnancy. I also wore sweats quite a bit. A cute pair of comfy sweat pants is a necessity as well! My advice is to buy one pair of jeans that you love rather than a few pair of jeans that you don’t really love. My Gap jeans were more expensive ( I think they were around $50 on sale) but I definitely got my money out of them. The other pants that I had from other stores that were cheaper I hardly ever wore because they weren’t cute and comfortable for me.
A good pillow.
When you’re the size of an elephant like I was, sleeping isn’t easy. All you want to do is sleep but you feel so large and awkward that you can’t get comfortalbe! A pillow that is fit to your desired fluffiness or stiffness is a must have. You will become best friends with this pillow, using it to sleep on, under your hips, in between your legs, under your head and anywhere else that’s comfortable. You can usually get a decent body pillow at any of your local stores.
An awesome pregnancy book.
You will indeed read quite a bit of pregnancy books. If you’re like me anyways, you’ll read a lot. A book that has good pictures of your baby developing, fun and accurate facts and a place to journal or write your thoughts is a great thing to have during your pregnancy. A fun book that I loved looking at every day was The Pregnancy Countdown book. It was so fun counting down to the end of my pregnancy!
A great novel or a non related pregnancy book.
As good as pregnancy books are, you also need something that isn’t pregnancy related. When I was pregnant (and still to this day!) I read a lot of pregnancy and baby books. It gets to a point where your mind just needs a break. Sometimes I had to force myself to read a book or a magazine about something other than pregnancy or parenting. It always felt good for me when I took a little break from pregnancy land and let my mind wander deep into the pages of a suspense novel or a magazine on running.
Prenatal Massage.
You are pregnant. You deserve to be pampered. If you can get your husband to rub your feet or give you a back massage, go that route and save yourself money at the salon. If that doesn’t work, ahem splurge and get a professional massage. I never got a massage when I was pregnant, and I really regret it. I think it would have helped my stress, my sore feet and my back aches tremendously. If you can’t get a massage, find something that will allow you to relax. A warm bath can work wonders!
We’ve already decided that stretch mark creams don’t work, but lotion on a stretched out dry belly still feels good. I personally liked the Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion. It was affordable, I could find it at any grocery store, it didn’t have a smell and it felt great on my stomach!

What are your favorite or must have products during pregnancy? If you’re pregnant right now what’s something you’re using that you absolutely love?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

12 thoughts on “My Must Have Items During Pregnancy

  1. Hi Samantha – I love your list of pregnancy “must-haves”, especially the pre-natal massage one. I had regular massages while pregnant and it really made a huge difference in my stress level. But I also needed it as physical therapy. I was in a car accident when I was 7 months pregnant and the weekly massage was part of the treatment for injuries to my hips. The rest of your list was great, too.

    I found your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to stop by and say welcome and congrats on your Premium membership. Please let us know how its working for you or if you have any questions!

    Holly (co-founder BlogFrog)

  2. Hey! I saw your comment on my sister's blog (Lori, who is leaving AK soon) and I love this post! I am brand-newly pregnant, so this list was great. I'm a Doula, so I know how to be semi-prepared, but that was great advice on the clothing and pillow. I've had a hard time deciding to spend money on clothes, but if I wear them everyday, I suppost it will be worth it. 🙂

  3. Tums! It was my “must have” during pregnancy. I had such bad heartburn it was crazy!
    A good computer and some video games were also a “must have” during my first pregnancy as I ended up on bedrest for 1.5 months!

  4. I think your list covers it well! I got a prenatal massage as a gift and it was the BEST. And I agree with Jamie–TUMS!! And slip on shoes are a must in the end months when you can't lean over.

  5. I am glad that everyone agrees these stretch creams don't work. I didn't invest in them, using coconut oil instead (the BEST moisturizer and lube ever and VERY natural and good for you), but I got them like my mother did. 😦

    For me, Bananas were the best for not getting nausous during my first trimester. I ate them when I started to feel sick, and then I felt fine. SuperMom vitamins were wonderful for energy, have great ingredients, and were gentle on my tummy. I still take them. They're the best! A library card supplied my reading list. I read tons. I never did massage (too bad), but I did go to the chiropractor once towards the end when my pelvis ached. He adjusted me (he was recommended by my midwife), and I felt horrible for a few hours, then I had no pain at all!

    Next pregnancy I am going to go crazy with pregnancy tea, maybe mixing up some of my own to make it cheaper. I had a 42 hour labor augmented with pitocin at the end (or who knows HOW long it would have been!). I really want my uterus to be more toned than it was! Also, I will be taking mineral and xylitol suppliments for my teeth. They took a beating during pregnancy, and I want to avoid that next time. Also, studies have shown that women who use xylitol during pregancy protect their unborn children's future teeth as well! Amazing! Anyway, that's just a bit.

    Mostly I needed my husband's support and love, a few extra tissues for the weepy times, lots of people to be happy with me, and lots of prayers. 🙂

    By the way, I do live in Anchorage, so if you have any questions about where to find a good midwife, a pediatric nurse practitioner, or who my local cloth diaper conact is, feel free to contact me. 🙂

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