Introducing the Extraordinary Life Network

I’m happy to introduce to you a new blog network that I’m a part of! Extraordinary Life Network is a network of five bloggers (myself and four others) who write about all aspects of life; parenting, marriage, money, living, and much more! We offer our advice and tips on taking your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here is a little bit of information about each of the bloggers!

1. My Super-Charged Life is written by Jeff Nickles. He is a husband and dad, and writes to help people find success and meaning in their life. He writes tips and advice on living life to help motivate you and live more fully. A personal article of his that I recently read and enjoyed is 5 Incredible Books that Changed My Life. I love books, so I’m always looking for new ones to read!

Here are few other articles of Jeff’s that you might enjoy:

2. Engaged Marriage is written by Dustin, a husband and dad to two young kids. He writes about marriage and relationship tips/advice to help you have a better and healthier marriage. I have learned a lot from his post and have even passed some on to my husband! A recent post that I really loved was How Does Natural Family Planning Benefit Marriage? I really saw a new perspective after this post!
Here are a few other articles from Engaged Marriage you might enjoy:
3. Enemy of Debt is written by Brad Chaffee. He writes about money management and offers tips and advice on financial discipline and staying away from Debt! I personally liked his article, Have You Ever Had a Debt FREE Christmas? This is a great reminder for all of us that Christmas is not for spending money you don’t have!
Here are a few other articles from Enemy of Debt you might enjoy:
4. The Wisdom Journal is written by Ron Haynes, a husband and wife to three children. He writes about achieving and maintaing a great relationship with your spouse and children, financial freedom and living a better life. He wants you to learn from what he has learned in life. I recently enjoyed his article 12 Great Father and Son/Daughter Outings for $50 or Less. Great ideas and tips for fun and cheap things to do with your kids!
Here are a few other articles from The Wisdom Journal you might enjoy:
5. My blog Mama Notes, wraps up this group of bloggers in this network. I started this blog at the end of December 2008 after I graduated college. My biggest interest and passions in life are children and health topics. I love learning and researching new things and writing about them! I also love sharing my life and experiences on being a mom and raising my son. My husband and I just moved from Oregon to Alaska which is a whole ‘nother experience in itself! You can find any of my articles by topic (all the topics are listed on my right sidebar) if you’re looking for something specific. A recent article of mine that you might like is You Know You’re a Mom When….
Here are a few other articles from Mama Notes you might enjoy:

I encourage you to subscribe to each of these blogs for all their current articles. You can also subscribe to the Extraordinary Life Network blog if you’d like to receive them all at once.
Thank you so much for reading! None of our blogs would be where they are today without your support! I hope my blog along with all the other blogs in this network can provide you with helpful, interesting, practical, fun and relevant advice, tips and experiences for living your life!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

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